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It was mentioned in the body of the essay that Saturn defined the moment of the Coming of Santa Claus and the New Cosmic Year. This was a referral to the long standing perception that Saturn marked time in the Cosmos, because it has the longest cycle of all the visible wandering stars. A materialistic skeptic might say that metaphysics, astrology, psychology, and theology tend to make up correspondences as part of a presentation, just to fit the imagined meaning or metaphor. Such correspondences may have no basis beyond the subjective rights of the practitioner. In many respects, they would be right. Freedom to divine meaning is one of the great privileges of having a free will. Scientists do the same thing when they hypothesize the existence of some universal law, such as gravity or relativity. They then attempt to find data to support their hypothesis as they proceed to apply the scientific method. But scientific methods can be applied to all manner of thought, even dreams and deductions of correspondences. If Santa Claus is coming tonight, then non-subjective data are needed to substantiate the claim. That is the essence of the scientific method. Applying it to mental and spiritual experiences is tenuous in most situations because mental and spiritual experiences are not physical or material, but created in the image of being. However, on this particular subject, a measurable correspondence exists which is not contrived, but a transparent reading of the detailed material celestial alignments.

It is possible to show Saturn speaking directly through the heavens without inventing a fantasy about the correspondence to Christmas. On December 9, 1997 between 06:05 and 06:41 Universal Time (UT), that is London time, the moon passed directly between Saturn and the Earth and blocked the view of Saturn from the Earth. This is called an occultation. This occultation occurred while Saturn was in retrograde motion, which is westward relative to the stars, and forward  in ancient Cosmic time.  At the ground position  on  Earth, the moon and Saturn coincided at the zenith. As shown in the star chart above. During 1997, the moon passed close in front of Saturn every month and caused Saturn to be blocked from view on several occasions. On December 9, the occultation was 43 arcminutes east of the galactic meridian. All of the other occultations in 1997 occurred when Saturn was further east of the galactic meridian. The last occultation occurred on January 5, 1998 with Saturn moving away from the galactic meridian. At 06:11 on December 9, 1997, the galactic meridian crossed the zenith meridian at the ground position for the star chart above. At 06:14, the Moon and Saturn passed the ground meridian directly at the zenith. Thus, Saturn was occulted while the galactic meridian and the planet passed over the ground position. This quadruple conjunction (Earth, Moon, Saturn, Galaxy) is an extremely unusual occurrence, but it is not the most powerful correspondence to Christmas.

Approximately midway between Los Angeles, California and Brisbane, Australia is a small group of islands at the ground position of the Saturn occultation on December 9, 1997 (UT). These Islands once owned by Great Britain and the United States are the Christmas Islands. They are part of the Christmas Island Ridge of sea mounts and atolls once used for nuclear testing. This quintuple occultation unambiguously declares the power of Christmas.

This is scientific data which can be evaluated by any accurate astronomical program, such as Redshift 2, or The Sky 4. All that is required to perceive the relationship of the occultation of Saturn on December 9 with the Christmas story are the identities of the stellar and ground positions where the occultation occurred. The celestial story of Santa Claus coming down the chimney at the galactic meridian occurred when Saturn, a.k.a. the Ancient of Days, Cronos, and Father Time, was aligned with the Christmas Isles on planet Earth. As it is above, so it is below. It does not take a leap in imagination to recognize the terrestrial and celestial markers corresponding to the coming of Christmas. Either this was a colossal coincidence, or there is a Cosmic plan, which includes explicit messages that describe the Cosmic cycles, as well as the coming of Santa Claus. Even so, this is still not the clearest correspondence to Christmas.

Our ancient ancestors acknowledged that the Cosmos itself would tell the Christmas story through the stars of the heavens, for their way of seeing the Cosmos revealed the potential for two way communication. If we are to have any respect for our ancestors, and thus ourselves, then we need to acknowledge that their system of divination is the basis for the modern scientific method. If we choose to change the meaning of scientific basis, or the practice of the scientific method, in order to protect our mathematical  rationalizations, then it is we who are superstitious, not the Ancients. It is scientific superstition to believe that numerical principles supersede conscious relationships. Five centuries before Christ, Pythagoras taught that the universe was a manifestation of various mathematical ratios. Modern science, an extension of Pythagorean dogma, implies that other manifestations are impossible. That is how Modern Science became religious dogma with the same recalcitrant behavior as Modern Religion. Truth does not have to follow a mathematical equation to be good science. Nor does revelatory theology have to follow dogma. When dogma has lost its connections to the Cosmic experience, it is no longer in the process of religamenting generations of initiates to the Cosmic experience. Instead, it breeds egocentric science and egocentric religion.

The ancient system of mapping the stars to embroider a spiritual story line derived from those mappings opened a door of communication, through which all but the most incurable skeptics can stride. The system did not exclusively define a Cosmic Creator giving commandments and directions, as would befit the Creator of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac and Ishmael, nor did it exclude such divinity. It identified the Cosmic Will through the free will of mortals choosing to share messages which could be understood by appropriate correspondences. Simply put, they communicated with their environment. Something that modern theologians and scientists seem very reluctant to do outside the realm of their own proficiencies. Modern wise men are specialists to the extreme, who often do not see the forest for the trees.

Communication with cosmic principles fails when the individual is intimidated by a lack of knowledge and understanding. Intimidation is the root of the problem, and the original sin, which becomes a barrier to fulfillment and enlightenment. An obvious universal principle is the fact that living organisms do not choose where they are going to be born. Birth is given to non-existent souls through the loving care of existent souls. To become intimidated by this Cosmic benevolence is an instinctive form of fallacious superstition calcified in the bosom by fear.

Through the gift of imagination, we can see complete novels of characters and principles in the celestial stories. Some are meant to cheer. Some to instruct. Some to illustrate dread. Many are just nursery rhymes. It is the inability of adults to see the nursery rhymes in the sky that steals their youth away. Looking at the path of the moon on the previous star chart we can see that the occultation of the star Aldebaron occurred just three days after the occultation of Saturn. Aldebaron is the mythological eye of the last bull of the ancient heavens. Aldebaron means follower. And Taurus was the last bull (#18) in the sequence climbing the celestial mountain toward the Cancer-Leo Boundary, where the Magdalenians drew the entrance to heaven at the Leo bull (#9) in the Hall of Bulls cave at Lascaux, France 15,000 years before the first modern Christmas. This occultation preceded a period for which Aldebaron will pass over the moon between 1997 and 2001. Then the moon will again pass over Aldebaron. This cyclical event has been handed down in a nursery rhyme, utilizing the constellations of Leo, Lyra, Taurus, Canis Minor, Gemini, and the galactic dish; as illustrated on the star chart for the Saturn occultation, above.

Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon.

Through mythological science, sages enriched the heart of childhood for untold thousands of years. Is it superior intellectually to deny the joy and moral in the myths for the sake of serious enterprise, or is it stubborn self-centeredness? We look back through our televisions, automobiles, toasters, microwave ovens, and a plethora of technological gadgets and widgets and conclude that the Ancients had a hard life with relentless labor and constant subsistence pressure to find food and shelter. In fact, the essence of their mythological science proves the contrary. A purely subsistence culture could never accomplish the organizing of the heavens that they accomplished. By comparison, we are a bull in a china shop, looking for proof that we are the greatest, and following our rationalizations of self worth in a Cosmos that cannot communicate with us, except as puppets. Pinocchio, too, has celestial correspondence demonstrating that  bovine and asinine behavior cause us to subsist at a lower level than ancient sages.

The Hebrews defined 3561 BC as the beginning of their calendar. (See next chart.) When the moon occulted Saturn on December 9, 1997, the Sun rested on the location of the autumn equinox in 3561 BC, corresponding to the beginning of their biblical calendar. Saturn finished its retrograde motion on December 17, 1997 less than 3 arcminutes east of the galactic meridian, while the Sun rested on the boundary between Sagittarius and Ophiuchus. The Egyptians defined 4241 BC as the beginning of their calendar, and it corresponded to the time when the autumn equinox rested at that constellation boundary. On December 21, 1997, the Sun passed the intersection of the Milky Way and the ecliptic at the winter solstice. This is the moment spiritual cosmic appraisals correspond with the Alpha-Omega of the Platonic Year; two millennia into the Christian era, and six and a half millennia after the Earth rose above the galactic floodplain. At the same moment, the moon was in the constellation of Cancer, where the emotional flood began. It is as if the Cosmos was acknowledging the beginning of the new cosmic cycle which the galactic meridian defines.  

The star chart above represents the view from Saturn, as it was being occulted by the moon. Above the still waters in the galactic dish at the east horizon was Gemini, as if the twins were wishing to return to the heather at the top of the world.  The Earth was held close to the heart in the asterism of Virgo, directly in line with the House of Bread, at 7:14 pm December 8, 1997 in the Christmas Isles. Virgo was clothed with the inner solar system, with Venus, Mercury, and the Sun drawing a line along her back. Mars was in the Virgin’s birth canal, suggesting the rebirth of rational Cosmic intelligence. Jupiter and Pluto balanced at Libra, carrying a message of final judgment to the kings of the planetary system. Uranus and Neptune waited in Sagittarius, below the western horizon, as if they were the gifts of wise men for a king. At the western horizon was the serpent’s tail in the right hand of Ophiuchus, touching the wing of Aquila the eagle who is carrying Antinous, the once and future king, on his back. In this way, a new cosmic cycle was conceived by Cronos with the Earth in the bosom of the celestial mother at Bethlehem, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. That image needs no further amplification. It is the Christmas story.

The words from Psalm 23 Verse 2 are also clearly evident, “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.” Man began to write his story of green pastures in the Elysian Fields by recording celestial experiences on cave walls at least as old as the artwork in the Hall of Bulls of Lascaux, France dated to 15,000 B.C. No other procedure comes close to the astroarchaeological methods of the ancients for divining correspondences behind the messages given by Mother Nature or Father Time. Whether the asterisms are ancient or modern, they are heavenly spirits, and they speak of experiences to come.

Modern science fails completely in reading cosmic messages, since scientists are taught to ignore meaning for the sake of mathematical precision and instructional process. This is equivalent to measuring temperature in a forest fire amidst surrounding flames. In the case of H. A. Rey, it was a failure to see the heavens because of the stars. Theologians struggle to find meaning in scriptures, but reject the material sources of scriptures. This is following a map over the edge of a cliff to prove the map is valid. Lack of self perception has caused many gifted with consciousness of the Cosmos to lose the heavens in a celestial sea of fire, and the Earth in an arid field of materiality. Those ancient elements, water and fire, along with earth and air, describe today’s universe, just as they did in the time of Plato. We are physical, spiritual, material, and rational beings, after all.

Dickens wrote of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future to overcome the “bah humbug” attitude of the most famous Christmas skeptic of all times, Ebenezer Scrooge. These three spirits stem to us from the World Tree in the lands of Odin and Hertha, as maidens who lived beneath it, Urdi, Vedandi, and Skuld. They are also the Roman Mithras motto, Vini, Vidi, Vici. I came as Antinous; I saw as Sagittarius; I conquered as Ophiuchus. In Timaeus, Plato referred to these three muses as the internal triangles that hold the soul together. His wisdom was clearly affected by the great Egyptian priests, who perceived the triangle of the Ben-Ben stone under the Phoenix as the ultimate presence of Cosmic Soul. The Pyramids along the Nile from Nubia to the sea are a lasting testimony to the belief in a Trinitarian essence. That essence has transcended time through modern scriptures as the ingredients of the Cosmic Soul.  In the Christmas Story, Dickens spoke of the ancient Pagan principles,  common knowledge, common sense, and common awareness, without resorting to scientific or religious dogma. He proclaimed Cosmic rebirth through Ebenezer Scrooge, an egocentric introverted humbug, who needed to overcome his psychological hang-ups. When we limit our focus to rational intelligence, the fruits of our senses spoil on the celestial vine. Santa Claus and Christmas Trees remind us of why we want to be, and of the gifts which life’s work provides.

A partial bibliography in front of this essay has been provided for any that would search for the Cosmic meaning of Christmas. But the vital truth of Cosmic benevolence and Cosmic omniscience was rendered in a single sentence by Francis P. Church in his editorial on, September 21, 1897: In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge. Sixty-five hundred years ago, the rationalists began to take over the world. Roman conquests finally eradicated most of the ancient Pagan belief systems from the consciousness of Western Civilization. But no amount of tyranny can overthrow the values which these ancestors came to understand over a period that had to be on the order of hundreds of thousands of years. That is why scientists who have reached the top of the cosmic mountain today, are amazed to find theologians waiting for them. These theologians gather around the summits of material existence wondering why and how the ancient Pagans had embroidered the whole sphere of the heavens. If the Ancients were half as ignorant as the scientists and theologians claim, they never could have performed the organization of the heavens so superbly. The ancient Pagans understood what modern scientists and theologians fail to realize; that rational intelligence is the message in communication, when it is truth, but it is never the purpose of communication. It is, indeed, a miraculous asset to have in life, but it fades in a moor of recalcitrance compared to spiritual love. Spiritual love enchants the physical being of the young at heart, who eliminate “bah humbug” attitudes, and believe as little children. When rational intelligence and sensual perception are joined in fruitful union through belief in the life to come, Cosmic Will and free will are set upon the paths to eternity without boundaries on any belief.

We were all fabricated on the Great Potter’s mill. Time and understanding are not the measure of our capacity to be mature. Maturity is measured by the capacity to believe, whether it is in Santa Claus, or in any other personality of the Cosmic Will. A voice from the heavens has declared it; And said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Happy New Platonic Year!

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