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Subj: Re: Alignment with Sirius , Sun & Earth ?
Date: 10/11/02

In a message dated 10/11/02 6:02:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Hello, you may be able to help me .   My name is Tony . I am not normally astrologically minded , but for about a year my attention has been drawn to the constellation Orion and the star Sirius (just the star). I don't know why but it just keeps coming to mind as if there is some sort of answer there ? When this started in me I did not even know there names .  I kept getting the feeling that there was some sort of alignment going to happen and for some reason Orion was pointing to Sirius .     To cut a long story short .  All this with me now suggests an alignment of Earth , the Sun and Sirius is about to happen . If this is so  , could you tell me when and what the significance of this event could be .

As a side note:    Part of what I have found seems to suggest that the Earth (once upon a time ,I don't Know when) spun in the opposite direction . This I am getting from a massive geological configuration that I have 
noticed here in Australia .       Anyway . THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME .     

Hello Tony:

I can confirm the Sirius-Orion alignment with the earth. The details of your personal Parousia I do not know. However, it might be of some value to you in your own search to realize several things.

0) Astrology is not the process that is in action. The action is that of Parousia.
1. Advent
2. Platonism, the presence in any thing of the idea after which it was formed.

1) Sirius is the brightest star outside our solar system, and it is speaking by the shear intensity of its light as a guide along the Way of the Dead.

2) The sidereal cycle of Sirius is 365.2500 days. This means that it is synchronized to the Julian leap year calendar. Thus, it was not an accident that Sirius represented the Great Provider of Egypt. The Parousia of Sirius is that the brightest light in the distant sky comes in four cycles. The four cycles are the four elements of the soul, and coming into light is the fifth aspect of being.

3) Yesterday, October 10, 2002, I discovered an alignment of the Great Pyramid that has been forgotten for thousands of years. The alignment has to do with Sirius, and the Great Pyramid is a symbol of the eastern star in Orion's belt, Alnitak. The Great Pyramid has two channels on the south side that were designed to point to the stars when the pyramid was constructed. The channel coming off the Queen's Chamber pointed to the star Sirius. The channel coming off the King's Chamber pointed to the star Alnitak. These were the temporal alignments between heaven and earth at the time the pyramid was constructed. My discovery was that they spoke of a fundamental alignment of the earth. So, your question was not directed haphazardly, it was following the path of Cosmic Intent, which I will now attempt to explain at full length. Please be patient in letting the stars speak, and you will have the meaning of the Parousia you seek, and I will record the meaning of the "Alignment with Sirius, Sun and Earth."

4) Just last week I was informed that the Fox live program showing the robot crawling up the Queen's Chamber channel had taken a picture of the end of the channel. There was a copper hieroglyph on the "door" at the end of both of the Queen's channels, north and south. The hieroglyph, which is the only hieroglyph found on the Great Pyramid was the sA. This is two flag poles with a ball on the top. The hieroglyph means perception, intuition, beyond the door, and Magical Wisdom of God. The Queen's channels do not go outside the pyramid, and yet the message enters the pyramid through the intuitive channels. This is the essence of Sirius and intuition. It is light that shines in darkness. We receive it without warning or intent. This is the Immaculate Conception and gestation of the Virgin Birth.

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5) With the newly acquired knowledge that the only hieroglyph in the Great Pyramid was the sA, I realized that the northern channels were not pointing to the stars at the time of the construction of the pyramid. The northern skies are the imperishable  heavens. Thus, the northern channels point to the moment in time that is being memorialized. The moment is called Sep Tepi, and it means the Moment of the First Occasion. Of what? Western civilization!

6) Since the pyramid complex is drawing the stars of Orion, the Egyptian Osiris, we must listen to the imperishable message that was heard in the stars of Orion. The message revealed is that Osiris-Orion will rise again.

As a result of the sA writing on the Great Pyramid we can confirm the arrival of Horus as Orion becomes sA-Hu..

Returning to the east view we see Horus leaving the nest as the next cycle begins, again.

The star Phact represents the Eye of Horus that is the guide for the ancient Shemsu Hor.

See New Giza for developmental work on the Grand Gallery and Entrance Passage details.

7) So, I turned the heavens over until the star Alnitak sat precisely upon the summer solstice meridian where Horus flew down the Grand Gallery and reflected up to the face of the King of Kings.

8) Then I turned north at the Giza site and looked through the north channel of the King's Chamber. This means I looked exactly 31 degrees above the horizon for a star that culminated at that angle. The star that aligned precisely at 31 degrees above the horizon when Alnitak was on the summer solstice meridian was our very own Polaris.

9) But, this star sat above the house of the King of Kings, Cepheus. The constellation of Cepheus is the head of a King sitting on top of a pole above the Great Square. The alignment of the Great Pyramid when the message is scientific present reality has an additional alignment that is the most profound intent of the Great Pyramid. The asterism of the Great Square will pass over the pyramid at such orientation that the entrance on the north side of the pyramid on earth will exactly align with the same relative position on the north side of the Great Square. The Great Square should be visualized from under the pyramid as a vanishing shadow as one rises up through the pyramid. At the top apex of the pyramid, the connection between Heaven and Earth is the Parousia of the Egyptians, for then, "as above, so below" will be sensible fact.

10) This verifies the Parousia of Osiris and thus your spirit of Orion is to acquire a head in the stars, for Orion has no head. Orion was the headless king, who regains his head when he acknowledges the meaning of the Moment of the First Occasion. To understand Sirius, we must acknowledge the intuitive and substantive aspects of the soul. The channels of the Queen's Chamber are the ones upon which the only hieroglyph in the Great Pyramid was established. The hieroglyph means perceptive intuition of the Magical Wisdom of God. In other words, the acceptance of the miracle of life, the Virgin Birth. Your anima has accepted the Divine Inspiration, and your body is now germinating the Divine Child. You will know the meaning of Magical Wisdom of God if you do not abort the gestation of the Divine Soul. That is why you contacted me. But, there is another side of this process that you may not be aware of. Why was I contacted by you at this particular time? The following is my understanding of the second question, which should answer all of the questions you have posed.

11) The Parousia of Robert Bauval is the key to the Gateway of men. In the celestial Rostau stands three stars in a box. The sides of the box form the sacred sA of Egypt. It is this sA that was placed on the "doors" in the channels rising from the Queen's Chamber. These are pathways to the sacred Book of Q that is the celestial Word of God as interpreted through the eyes of Great Men. Across the body of the Greatest Man in the sky is the Path of the Flight of Isis. She was converted from a Righteous Queen into a Sacred Cow so that she could become the Queen of Heaven, after the loss of the Black Land that was Kemet, or celestial Egypt. The Black Land was and is the starless sky. The lights within the darkness are the Eyes of the Gods. Those eyes are the eyes of men if they can see the light in the darkness. Giza was established to draw attention to the gateway of Men so that the darkness would never be lost again. This truth is in the Rock Art of the Aborigine all over the world.

12) It is only the people who live in the Kingdom of Byblos that cannot comprehend this fundamental truth. To people in the Kingdom of Byblos, the Written Word is the source and beginning of all rationalizations. In reality the stars are the source and destinations of Kings and Queens, for they are the Word of God to peoples who succeed in the divination of the principles of life. Choose to go Beyond the Door (sA) and you will know the mystery that is written across the body of Orion.

13) Bauval and Gantenbrink saw the sA at the end of the south channel in 1993 in the camera of a robot called Upuat, and the sA at the north channel was captured in the Pyramid Rover in 2002. Between those two dates the moment of the Opening of the Mouth occurred in the heavens around October 23, 1998 when the summer solstice crossed the plane of the Milky Way. This is the meaning of Parousia, because it is "the presence in any thing of the idea after which it was formed." In other words, when modern civilization first discovered the only hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid, the heavens passed through the very essence for which the hieroglyph was drawn. This is the "Magical Wisdom of God." It tells those who have ears that can hear and eyes that can see that the Universe is unfolding in accordance with a plan that was conceived at the Moment of the First Occasion. Avoid attempting to grasp this concept in the smallness of the human mind. Rather let the consciousness expand to the possibilities implied by the events on earth and in heaven. If these events are simply accepted as possibilities, then the journey of a Great Man can begin again within yourself as the reincarnated Sahu- Orion. Sahu is the incorruptible spiritual body of man that could dwell in the heavens, appearing from the physical body after the judgment of the dead was passed (if successful) with all of the mental and spiritual abilities of a living body. In other words, Sahu is a process of reincarnating Cosmic Truth into a living human being. Passing through the Door Beyond the Dream, which is the sA, results in the uniting of the Sahu and the Body. The dream and the Great Man become One.

14) That is the essence of the sA. It is the doorway through which a man-child can begin to fathom the unfathomable. I say man-child because the man is the metaphor for the mind, or the dream. The woman-child is the motivation for the dream and is the emoting force that results in the dream. This emoting force is the Flight of Isis. It is drawn in the heavens between Sirius and Aldebaran across the body of the Great Man, Orion. When we take away the Great Man we see seven stars that compose the sA and the three aspects of consciousness, Father, Mother, Child, or Super Ego, Id, Ego, or Father, Holy Ghost, and Son, or Osiris, Isis, Horus. It is mandatory that the body experience the Rational Recording of the Emoting Forces before Comprehension of Father Sky and Mother Earth can occur. If the ego, which is the self perceived greatness, overwhelms this experience, then comprehension is self created and the journey is an ego trip rather than a voyage n the Sun Boat of reality.

15) When a man-child, whether in male or female body, realizes that these three entities make up the structures of the mind, the potential for rational-emotional-comprehension of cosmic communication begins. The Moment of the First Occasion of rational-emotional-comprehension of cosmic communication gives birth to the ideal and the mundane as the organism which houses the functioning consciousness steps through the sA and passes beyond the confines of the mortal mind. In the cosmogony of Egypt, these entities are named Shu for rational, Tefnut for emotional, Ra for comprehension, Nut for ideal and Geb for mundane. This quintet represent the Cosmic creation, with comprehension, Ra, being the Creator, or Demiurge. We do not control, nor can we change these entities, and we are subject to them completely. Only the Creator can change these entities, and the power to change them is dramatically limited if Free Will is to be given to any part of the subjective creation. To understand this, it is mandatory to accept it and then let it speak by virtue of experiences. If the Great Man interferes with the experiences, then the Cosmic Truth will be distorted by the Free Will. When the Free Will distorts the Creator's Will the Cosmos goes unstable and chaos engenders compulsive desires. These compulsive desires are the Eater of the Dead. That is to say that comprehension dies and the functions of the organism overwhelm the conscious perception, e.g., drug addiction, alcoholism, financial greed, mental arrogance, etc.

16) We cannot share control at the final stages of the Theogony until we pass through the Judgment Hall of Osiris, where Common Sense is weighed with the heart of our desires to determine if a balance can be struck. If a balance is struck, then the Eater of the Dead is not fed. But, first we must pass through the birth canal of the human deities that establish the Judgment Hall.

17) Nut and Geb, Ideal and Mundane, gave birth to the human gods in the order Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, and Nephthys. At this stage the human comprehension is that of a child who "Watches." Thus, this stage of comprehension is an inactive witness whose works will yield results in a later period of reincarnation. This is the stage of Horus the Elder, which implies prior, rather than more wise. Horus the Elder is a preconscious form of witnessing before capacity for judgment comes. Osiris, which is the spirit of human experience of the Cosmic Deities, is the metaphor representing instincts and traditions passed on through the genes and the prior experiences of the Ka, or substance soul. Seth is the adolescent consciousness that creates Self Identity by rationalizing perceptions within a chaotic existence. Seth is often associated with chaos, but it is important to realize that any attempt to rationalize chaos will cause chaos to dominate the consciousness. The compulsion to associate Seth with evil must be avoided, or the state of balance for the coming consciousness will be upset. Since Horus the Elder is just a witness there is no comprehension of this chaotic process until after the rationalizations begin to be tested at the balance. Isis is the emotional aspects connected to the body and to the Cosmic Spirit. Because of this, she can work magical spells on the rationalizing mind by providing emotional support. She is in essence the "sense of righteousness" that comes with all Parousia events. "It feels right," "it is deja vu all over again," is the message that comes through Isis, and her hieroglyph is, therefore, a throne. This intuitive process is the "flight of Isis." She can give birth without ever having a rational thought, or metaphorically, knowing a man. This Mother of God is capable of "Virgin Birth" and is, therefore, the "Great Provider." Without intuition, the sA cannot open, and the Sahu cannot join the body. Nephthys is the actual sensation of material existence, and her hieroglyph is a house. The hieroglyph of Osiris is an eye over a throne indicating that Osiris is the vision of righteousness that rests upon the experience of righteous feelings, i.e., instincts. The union of instincts and feelings give birth to comprehension without rational intervention. This is the magical process by which Isis gives birth to the son of Osiris, who is Horus. This Horus is all three Horus entities of comprehension, the creative, the witness, and the restorer. Human comprehension of creation requires that the three hawks of Horus be united as one. When this is done the four sons of Horus sit upon the Lotus of Creation. The four sons of Horus are the reincarnation of Osiris, Seth, Isis, Nephthys, who were the spiritual regeneration of Shu, Tefnut, Nut, and Geb comprehended by Ra at the Moment of the First Occasion of Comprehension. 

18) In the previous paragraph, I presented the testimony of the Hunefer Papyrus shown above. When an individual can get beyond the Great Man in Orion and see the Seven Star in the Gateway of Men they will be at the sA doorway. The sA hieroglyph can be seen in the papyrus reproduction as the split pillars on the sides of the Great Square where Osiris sits. The individual Great Man is led into the Judgment Hall by Anubis, the neter of material being. The individual is the self identity, or the Seth aspect within consciousness. In other words, "that's me on trial." The "me" that is on trial will be tested as the "heart" on the balance with the Maat, the "feather of truth," by the neter of material being. The judgment of "me" will be lost is it is simply the irrational composition of the "Eater of the Dead," Amemet. This beast is part hippopotamus, jungle cat, and crocodile, representing a chaotic identity. If rational balance with Maat is found it can be recorded, which is the function of Thoth, and then the conscious comprehension of truth, Horus, can guide the "me" to the Hall of Records, or the memories of the past and the prophesies of the future, Osiris and his sisters, and the four sons of Horus. Once the "me" is in the Great Hall between the pillars of the sA it can rise to the upper level where the fruits of a life well lived are placed before the Creator as the price paid to enter the realm of the Great Ones. For a detailed analysis of the journey through the Judgment Hall presented at the University of Virginia in 1998, see "The Scientific Method as Presented in the Hunefer Papyrus of the XIX Dynasty of ancient Egypt."

19) The Earth and all life in the Solar System began to pass through the Open Door that was the sacred passageway of the Ancients known as the Pillars of Orion, the sA of the Sahu, in late 1998 AD. This Flight of Isis is still underway, and the Father-Mother-Child
(Osiris, Isis, Horus) of the Sahu of Orion is in the process of its resurrection to life. This is the essence of your question. The Pillars of Ophiuchus began to fall from the summer solstice approximately 13,000 years earlier. It was at this time that Ophiuchus and Hercules sat upon the summer solstice. The journey in the stars has been recorded in the myths of the world as the journey of a Great Man. The Great Man is One in the collective consciousness of humanity, and in fact, human consciousness is that Great Man. To understand this, it is important to let the stars have a degree of flexibility that we do not allow dictionary bound words to have. Thus, Orion, Hercules, Bootes, Ophiuchus, Sculptor, Aquarius, Antinous, Perseus, and Auriga are all the same Great Man. Think in terms of the Greek myth of Hercules, the Hebrew myth of Samson, the Christian myth of Christ, or the Muslim myth of Muhammad for echoes of the journey of the human comprehension of the Cosmic Intent as recorded in the annals of Western Civilization. But, there are many more that were spun off on all the continents where the Followers of Horus that spawned the Egyptians have had a great influence.  The Egyptian story is derived from prior Aborigine stories, but it was only during the Egyptian Old Kingdom Dynasties that a truly global effort was attempted in consolidating the heavens and the consciousness of man in a material form with Giza as the Pope of Pyramids. This consolidation went haywire during the time of Pharaoh Akhenaten (1370 BC) and the result is the decimated cultures of the present Western World. The Egyptians restored the Aboriginal Wisdom and removed the reign of the Heretics from the annals of the Kings of Egypt. They restored the Sahu of the Shemsu Hor using the concept of Judgment Day, which they experienced first hand when the Hunefer Papyrus was prepared to restore the Body of Osiris.

20) This is the story in all rock art that depicts the great mill of the heavens known as the precession of the equinoxes. The precession of the equinoxes is the effect we see in the movement of the seasons "forward" along the ecliptic. The Journeys of Great Men throughout the ages and on every continent all speak to the same actions depicted in the stories of Adam, Noah, Jonah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. However, the gross intolerance derived from the Flight of Isis caused the monotheists to destroy the original path through the sA doorway. Now that the television cameras on the Gantenbrink robots have shown the sA hieroglyphs off the Queen's Chamber, we are capable of putting the decimated body of Osiris back together again. In doing so, we will take Western Civilization through the sA back to the memories of who we were before we forgot who we are. That is the ultimate goal of all archeological undertakings; to raise the Body of Osiris into the Light of Day. Now let us take the Flight of Isis and confirm this intuition as an appropriate orientation for the Earth as we attempt to realign human consciousness with its primordial path.

21) The southern channel of the Queen's Chamber aligned with Sirius when the pyramid was constructed. However, the imperishable message of the Queen is Motherhood, not rational perception, i.e., getting the body oriented properly, getting the head on straight. So, just yesterday I said to my self, "What is She saying?" Knowing the echo of the words "Bull of My Mother," it came back to me that Isis-Sirius had released Seth-Lepus (rational self identity - ego) after Horus (truth conforming consciousness) had bound him in the earthly struggle between self identity and divine identity. As a consequence of Isis releasing adolescent selfishness upon the world, Horus cut off the head of Isis, which is to say that the son denied the mother. Thoth, the wise one, knew the world could not survive without an instinctive Teacher of Righteousness and he knew that the world could not maintain the peace with the Righteous Indignation of Horus, either. So Thoth gave Isis the head of a cow. This righteousness is the Bull of My Mother. She straightens out the child's errant ways as she provides for the child's substantive needs. She is the Sacred Cow of the imperishable stars that changes perceptions on the righteous journey on the Sun Boat of comprehension.

22) With this awareness I rolled the heavens so that the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran, sat precisely on the Summer Solstice. There we see that the mouth of the crooked serpent receives the solstice meridian from the beak of Horus that carries the branch from the Tree of Life. A symbolic metaphor is that the spirit of wisdom is passed on to the next generation as the Sons of Darkness receive the evidence of life from the Sons of Light in the Bosom of the Mother of God. Intuition carries the message of Horus, which is comprehension of the process called life.

23) Then I turned to the north to see what star aligned with the northern channel of the Queen's Chamber.
Before leaving this vision examine the subtle differences. In both cases the star Polaris announces the coming of the King, for the relationship between Polaris and Cepheus is fixed by the stars. Polaris announces the coming of the King of Kings. Yet, in the second coming, it is the alignment of the Eye of the Bull that declares the King. Additionally, the King's Head has risen above the horizon of the earth and rests on the Milky Way, or the Way of the Dead. Further, the top of the earth which is the north pole or spin axis of the planet acquires a different star as its identity returns. The star Errai on the top of the hat of the King will be the new pole star. Thus, Mother Earth will select the King of Kings to be the Ruler of the Earth when the Eye of the Bull is at its highest position relative to the seasons. This is the Bull of My Mother written in the stars. It says, Mother Earth makes the final decision as to who will rule and who will submit. Aldebaran means Follower in Arabic, but Aldebaran means Bull of My Mother in Egyptian celestial correspondence. The bull is the bullae of the Second Coming resting at the Eye of Taurus. The Hall of Bulls in Lascaux, France was composed by the Magdalenians over 17,000 years ago. The bulls were actually aurochs, and they represented the whole set of  constellations along the path of the zodiac. Only Taurus survived the destruction of the celestial composition as the Great Man rewrote the Graven Images of the heavens. Yet, to this very day, Taurus is considered to be feminine. Thus, Taurus is the Bull of My Mother, and Egypt is her home on the grand path of the Sun Boat.

24) Now we can check the alignment of the Great Square one more time to see if anything significant occurs when the Eye of the Bull is at the summer solstice.

25) Is it significant that the alignment of the Great Pyramid is central to the alignment of the Great Square? First, to believe that this is magical coincidence is pure folly. This was the intent of the pyramid construction. The Queen's Chamber is equal distant from the five apexes of the pyramid. It was constructed with only one written word, the sA, which means doorway to the Magical Wisdom of God. The Egyptian kings were telling the whole world that the Parousia they saw was Eternal Divine Intent, the Word of God. Look carefully at the central alignment of Great Square and the zenith axis of the Great Pyramid in the previous image and realize that there are two poles made of stars on either side of the Great Square. Those two poles are surmounted by the head of a King on the right (Cepheus) and the throne of the queen on the left (Cassiopeia). These two poles represent the sA, or Magical Wisdom of God, and the royalty are the magistrates of the Kingdom of Heaven. They say, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else shall follow." The Great Square sits between the two poles and is the inspiration of the Ark of the Covenant carried out of Egypt by the Israelites during the Exodus led by Moses. The religion of Moses and the religion of Osiris both describe the journey of the Great Man. However, the religion of Moses kills the Caretaker of Egypt and forbids the construction of any graven images within the heavens above, or below, or in between. Was this done to destroy Egypt, or was it done to assure that Egypt would rise again after the Sun Boat passed through the Valley of Death and Resurrection associated with Pisces and the Great Square she contains? If destruction was the purpose for the Exodus, the perdition is the destiny of human consciousness. If reincarnation was the purpose of the Exodus, then the time of the Messiah of the Israelites is at hand as the summer solstice passes through the sA at Orion and the vernal equinox passes through the meridian of the Great Square and approaches the Eye of the Bull. When the summer solstice reaches the Eye of the Bull the earth will be surmounted by the King of Kings and the vernal equinox will have entered the house of the Mother's Favorite Son, Aquarius.

26) That, my inquiring friend, is the reason why you have been confronted by Sirius and Orion. Their story is that we must overcome the territorial desires of the Bull of Heaven in order to comprehend the benevolent Cow of Heaven. When we get our heads on straight, it will become clear that analysis of the heavens is not astrology. It is perception of the Divine Order within cosmic reality. The stars have written all the greatest books and monuments known to man. They do this by the process of Parousia which overwhelms the selfish soul with Cosmic Light and makes it a House of the Eternal and Divine Sahu. Your visionary experiences are simply a benevolent request for you to come home to that place where you first began. Sirius is the spiritual aspect of your own anima. Orion is the spiritual aspect of your own animus. These dual pillars become the pillars of Hercules and Samson when the Sacred Cow is denied her say. She desires to live in the house of a king who resides within the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what righteousness is all about. In your case, she may have acted without letting you experience the flail. Though I know nothing of the pains inflicted upon your soul, I doubt that you can be an asset in the Kingdom of Heaven if you have not been given the experience of the flail. In fact, it is my suspicion that the flail has stimulated the anima within you to restore the animus to the Elysian Fields in the tranquil dream they were in when they were first entered by Isis and Osiris (Sirius and Orion).
The Judgment Hall scene with Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and the Four Sons of Horus shows Osiris with a flail and a crook. The flail is symbolic of the painful experience of a life lived before the journey through the sA. The crook is symbolic of the rational experience of a shepherd who shows the way to the Elysian Fields. I am not that shepherd, but it would appear that you hold the flail and the crook in your arms. I am just the echo of light that once was and will be again as you mount the throne of the ancients you seek.

27) Today we are under the threat of a War of the Heavens by virtue of the terrorist acts that are threatening the peace of the Earth. We cannot find a solution on earth, because this is a war coming down from heaven. The animus of the terrorists is driven by the repression of the anima within the terrorists. These Great Men are simply tools in the Hand of God. So, we must look to a higher vision to understand the answer to the question, "Why?"

28) The image of King Scorpion has been repeated to remind you of the Moment of the First Occasion when Dynasty 00 was formed in Egypt. See the sA hieroglyph? See the scorpion before the face of the King of Upper Egypt? See the flower with seven petals that is a symbol of a heavenly field of seven spirits known as Seventh Heaven? When did this happen?

29) This is the sacred place where a man takes control of the serpent within his bosom and places it in the field of the Virgin. She is more than the constellation Virgo. For, within her stars is a field of galaxies known as the Virgo Cluster. Our galaxy, the Milky Way is one of many galaxies in her bosom surrounding a dark celestial earth some four million light years in diameter. Thus, for all practical reasons within our galaxy, she is the Mother of All Living. We cannot even hope to communicate with life in the nearest galaxy system called the Andromeda Galaxy that is opposite the center of the Virgo cluster of local galaxies, sitting 2.2 million light years away from the Sun. We cannot even maintain the vision of the Moment of the First Occasion as it was written on the mace head of King Scorpion five thousand years ago. By the time life in another galaxy hears from us, we will be more than a two million years gone on the journey along the Way of the Dead, our galaxy. By the time they send a response back, we will be more than five million years gone. The asterisms of the constellations only last for fifty to one hundred millennia. We could not tell them where we are, nor when we were because the memory of the positions of the stars would not be sensible when an attempt came to look for where we are. So, Sirius and Orion are telling us that we are here if we can communicate with the stars, even though we cannot communicate with life between the stars. The stars of the Virgin have given us a place to thrive. That is the eternal desire of the heavens; that we accept the Kingdom of Heaven as our pasture. The Queen of Heaven has given us the planet earth. Cherish her until you join Cepheus and all who desire to be with the King of Kings on the pathway known as the Way of the Dead. You are not destined to die unless you declare it to be your way. Like the great Pharaohs and Prophets of Old, you can make a name for yourself if your name leads others through Sirius and Orion into the Kingdom of Heaven. All the profound rock art of the ancients carries that fundamental message; Remember when?

30) The Moment of the First Occasion has been memorialized in many religions of the world. They all use the stars to mark time. Time is an essence that has no substance. Yet, for us, it derives its essence from the changing substance in Virgo's Womb. The great monuments of mankind all mark time, because time cannot be placed in a bottle, or even in the rational mind. We sense time by virtue of the sA, which is our door of intuition. Once we choose to believe in time, we cross the boundary of the living and the dead. Whatever form our vision of time takes, it will be finite in the human mind. Because the mind is finite, it is just a memory of how things used to be, or it is a prophesy of how things will become. But, the present time has the unique value of zero  whether in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, Platonic Years, or Cosmic Voyage on the Sun Boat of a Million Years. No matter how long the units of time are, now has the magnitude of nothing. To hang on to now is to hang on to nothing. What you sense in Sirius and Orion is the same Parousia all people have sensed, the passing of time. So, let it go. It will come again, and again, and again. When times come again, you will remember when. That is the purpose for which you have been made conscious of Sirius and Orion. They are asking you, "Do you remember when we were in your mind?"

31) Today is the year 5762 of a calendar that has its Moment of the First Occasion aligned to the days when Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden. I would submit that the date shown for the entrance of King Scorpion 5200 years ago is none other than the same moment in cosmic time. The 3200 BC date was an alignment chosen to represent the autumnal equinox encounter with Antares in Scorpio. But, the man is shown with a Scorpion ahead of him, and the flower of Seventh Heaven beyond that. The man is shown walking upon the waterway of the fallen ones. Thus, the man called King Scorpion is none other than Adam entering the Garden of Eden.

32) Today is the year 2002 of the calendar that has as its Moment of the First Occasion aligned to the days when the Son of God came down to earth. Who was the Son of God? Was he the man walking on the waters? Was he the King of the Jews? Was he the one who communed with Moses and said that we must raise up the serpent in the wilderness? Or was he the child on the wings of the eagle with the tail of the serpent that crosses through the man walking on the cosmic waters and ascending to the flowering field of his mother? The truth is this. In the years that never were, 0 BC and 0 AD, an apparition came down to its lowest position relative to the equator of planet earth. That apparition contains a child at the eye and talons of the eagle (Altair) lying in a cosmic manger (Milky Way) with straw upon its axis (Coma Berenices, Bethlehem, NGP). The child wears a crown of thorns and has a flail in its up raised arm. The man who walks upon the waters lifts up the serpent spirit of this child over
the cave of the dead beneath the Scorpion and transfers child on the wings of a Great Eagle to the man (blue, Bootes) walking his dogs and stepping over a rock on his way to the heavenly field above his wife's outstretched hand (Vindemiatrix). This calendar that counts 2002 was triggered at the "Wall of the Ruler" when the vernal equinox crossed the asterism of the east line of the fish of Pisces as all the peoples of the world became "Fishers of Men," and the King of the Jews from the house of the sacred Ram was nailed to the cross at Golgotha, waiting for the days of the Mother's Favorite Son and the Life Giving Waters of Aquarius.

33) Today is 1380 years after the Night Journey of Muhammad during which he stepped upon a rock in Jerusalem and ascended to Seventh Heaven in the hand of Angel Gabriel. The year when the Islamic calendar began is marked by the west line of the fish in Pisces. But, like the other three great celestial time keeping systems of the Egyptians, the Jews, and the Christians, the moment of the first occasion is just a marker for where the head of a king certifies a new beginning. The present war of the heavens fought by the Followers of Muhammad is whether the Greater Light or the Lesser Light should mark time on the journey of the Sun Boat. If the Earth succumbs to the Lunacy of the Lesser Light, then the Earth will wander in the shadow of its own celestial offspring. If the Earth succumbs to the tyranny of Sol Invictus, then the Earth will conform to the seasons as the stability in the heavens continues to fade from our Western collective unconscious. But, if the Earth restores the journey of Isis and Orion, then both the Lion and the Lamb will make it to Seventh Heaven with Gabriel and Muhammad, where they all will be greeted by the Meek Ancestors of Aboriginal Man who have inherited the earth as the soils of their own reincarnation. It is time to let the stars shine again.

34) Ten years from today we will be in the last days of the Maya, 2012. The Maya chose the last days to memorialize rather than the Moment of the First Occasion. Why? I would suggest that the Moment of the First Occasion is one we tend to forget. But, the Moment of the Last Occasion is the most important to each one of us. If we do not prepare for that moment, then when it comes we will go into perdition and all our efforts forgotten. That is to say we will have lived a forgetful life. The way to prepare for the moment when memories are no longer generated in the flesh is to hold sacred every moment in life, and of particular importance, though not unique, is the magical moment we call now. That is the Moment of the First Occasion of our next moment, and we need to prepare for its coming by keeping all the past moments out of the abyss of a chaotic perception. This is the sA and the magical Wisdom of God. It is the capacity to read the signs of the times.

35) You said, "All this with me now suggests an alignment of Earth, the Sun and Sirius is about to happen." You have perceived correctly. "Mother Mary says to me, 'There will come an answer. Let it be. Let it be.'" Do not shake it loose, or your will not know who, nor what, nor where you are. You are a child of the universe. Nothing can change that except the denial of who, what, and where. When the denials cease, you will know the Why? The soul has five parts, like the apexes of a pyramid. We begin under the face of the Shadow Soul where light is missing in the midst of earth and water at the submerged pyramid known as the delta of de- Nile. The objective of the True Life is to eliminate the Shadow of the pyramid of our soul. We come from the Ka Soul of our ancestors that is the instinctive records of the DNA of our genes. The Ka, when united with Life Giving Waters, gives birth to the Body Soul that is the organism in which we thrive. The Body transforms experience as the consequence of naming all the animals in our garden. The Name Soul is that identity which can be given imperishable status if we can inscribe a record of what we do. These four aspects of the soul are all influences by the Ba Soul which is the spirit of what crosses our horizons. If we can merge the five living aspects of Ka, Body, Name, and Ba, we can eliminate the shadow as we rise above the substance of creation into the Light of the Magic Wisdom of God. Shadows are not defined by the self identity of what they are. All shadows are defined by what they are not. Thus, the Shadow Soul tells us to turn ourselves over and go into the Light. God is the Hidden Light which our Shadow casts beneath us in the duat of the Sahu. The purpose of conscious life is to eliminate the shadows of the created world. It is not the acquisition of wisdom, it is the comprehension of Parousia that tells us, the presence in any thing of the idea after which it was formed. Communication is a process, and the Word of God is its record in the Father Image of all souls. That record is before an open door of Mother Substance through which anyone who gives up the pains of selfish childhood can pass after the Son of Man ceases to cast an ego's shadow upon the way of the Son of God. This is the Way of the Dead because they have given us a record to follow. They said, "Listen to Sirius and Follow Orion to Aldebaran," whose name means "Follower." Let it be. There will come an answer. When it does, follow it to your dream. There Orion will be transformed as his bands are broken and the serpent in his bosom binds the tent posts of Abraham and Sarah in a place flowing with Milk and Honey known as Bethlehem and Seventh Heaven and the Elysian Fields of Osiris.

36) Tony, a Great Spirit is knocking at your door. Let the spirit in and the Sun will shine as your ego shadow withers in the light and you become One with the Earth and the Heavens. Restrain the body's quest to survive while thanking the autoimmune system for carrying your unconscious load. It has the purpose of acting upon the fear that it perceives. But, fear is simply a misunderstood form of the Magical Wisdom of God brought to the rational man by a Help Meet wrapped in a serpent of desire. Tell the autoimmune system to stand down until the cause of imminent danger is at hand. Then strike down real danger with full consciousness of the meaning of life and you will convert repression of EVIL into intent to  LIVE. Evolution is just a microcosmic perception of macrocosmic truth. Seek the real truth, and it will become clear that survival of the fittest is not the process of life. Life is the process of Living Intent. Everything else is just a bull snorting in a field.

37) Finally, I hope the length of this response has not deterred your search. It is not an all seeing answer to your question. But, it is the most famous answer received by those who asked before us. You are unique. You let the question stand. Most men simply wipe it out of their minds. Truth is what we see when we know enough to ask a question. We do not want an answer. We want confirmation that only comes through Parousia at the door to the Magical Wisdom of God. Sirius is one great white star. Orion is an asterism dominated by Seven Stars with time associated to the east star on its belt that tells us where to find the opening to the Doorway of Heaven. Earth is the metaphysical and material aspect of our abundant benevolence, for we do not live on the Moon, Mars, or Venus. When the aspects requested---of Sirius being a guiding star, of Orion becoming the Sun, and of the Earth's alignments to come---are placed in the mind of one who denies the shadows outside of immaculate conceptions the Cosmic Light begins to shine as a new day dawns. The alignment of which you seek is no other than the beginning of the cycle of time. "Now" is "Forever" the Moment of the First Occasion coming again. Revel in it. Reveal it. Live it. Prepare to die with it in your heart. Judgment Day opens your door, now cease to judge and begin to choose the way you live. Instincts have brought you far. Now you can leave the nest, but never go above the sky. As fear of the unknown wells up from within, just let it be, and you will comprehend that which is within, for fear is just love turned in.

Tune in, turn on, and the light you see will reveal the
Alignment with Sirius , Sun & Earth to be A second coming of the sA-Hu.

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A Wheel within a Wheel

On November 1, 2002, I was led to the Hubble Space Telescope page where an image of Hoag's Object was presented. Here is the image I received.

A nearly perfect ring of hot, blue stars pinwheels about the yellow nucleus of an unusual galaxy known as Hoag's Object. This image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures a face-on view of the galaxy's ring of stars, revealing more detail than any existing photo of this object. The image may help astronomers unravel clues on how such strange objects form.

The entire galaxy is about 120,000 light-years wide, which is slightly larger than our Milky Way Galaxy. The blue ring, which is dominated by clusters of young, massive stars, contrasts sharply with the yellow nucleus of mostly older stars. What appears to be a "gap" separating the two stellar populations may actually contain some star clusters that are almost too faint to see. Curiously, an object that bears an uncanny resemblance to Hoag's Object can be seen in the gap at the one o'clock position. The object is probably a background ring galaxy.

Ring-shaped galaxies can form in several different ways. One possible scenario is through a collision with another galaxy. Sometimes the second galaxy speeds through the first, leaving a "splash" of star formation. But in Hoag's Object there is no sign of the second galaxy, which leads to the suspicion that the blue ring of stars may be the shredded remains of a galaxy that passed nearby. Some astronomers estimate that the encounter occurred about 2 to 3 billion years ago.

This unusual galaxy was discovered in 1950 by astronomer Art Hoag. Hoag thought the smoke-ring-like object resembled a planetary nebula, the glowing remains of a Sun-like star. But he quickly discounted that possibility, suggesting that the mysterious object was most likely a galaxy. Observations in the 1970s confirmed this prediction, though many of the details of Hoag's galaxy remain a mystery.

The galaxy is 600 million light-years away in the constellation Serpens. The Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 took this image on July 9, 2001.

Upon further research I found the coordinates for Hoag's Object posted to the Internet by Mark G.Birkmann. This search was initiated by a discussion on the Egypt and the Pyramids Forum at Atlantis Rising that led me to

Introduction to the world of Hado

" Hado creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature.
Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature.

Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe "

by Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto has claimed scientific evidence that conceptualizations of the mind can produce order and chaos in the material world. He "proves" his thesis using frozen microcrystals of water.

Hado: The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.

A rapid understanding of Hado quickly spread throughout Japan as Dr. Emoto's theory gained ground. The word subsequently became part of daily language. "The Hado of this place is really low. Let's leave." "That person has a really powerful Hado." "Let's change the Hado of this environment." Conversational pieces such as this now abound in Japan and it is largely due to his revolutionary photographs of water crystals under high magnification. Frozen crystals of water? Yes, like this..

"Arigatou" -Thank you in Japanese

This is not just any crystallized molecule of water however. What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront of the Hado phenomenon is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect PHYSICAL reality. By producing different Hado through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting it to the SAME water samples, the water appears to "change its expression". The exquisite beauty of the above crystal of frozen tap water is clearly the result of Hado being projected at it. The expression of human gratitude (arigatou) is thus immediately reflected in water. Well, if this appears to be the case then let's see what other 'expressions' water may have...

The arigatou crystal is truly a powerful development. It is to be associated with the smallest of the small, and the largest of the large in the material creation. But, as Emoto implies, it goes beyond the created world, for it is evidence of Creative Intent before all substance began. The crystal grows when harmonious actions and thought allow order to evolve rather than chaos. This is the essence the Egyptians called Ra. The demiurge of Egypt created Itself out of the dark abysmal waters of the Nu or Nun. The first action after Self Creation of the measure of Time was the ejaculation of the Word in the form of air with the name Shu. Then Ra went back into himself and emoted the waters of Tefnut. In these two entities, Ra reinitiated the primordial Father and Mother of the Cosmic Mind. These children, who were the reinitiated parents of the Creator took the Eye of Ra, which is harmonious creativity, and they went forth and gave birth to their parents, whom they called Geb and Nut, the mundane and the ideal, earth and fire. These two generations explained the whole creation of the One Universal God in three generations of the Primordial Conscious.

The example is most profound, and no wisdom or knowledge can exceed the depth of the profundity that a Creator takes from Itself that which is its Cause and its Destiny. The relationship between potential energy and kinetic energy is the essence of time; Here and Now, as well as, Everywhere for all Time. Potential Energy of the Father in the past becomes the Living Energy of the Mother in the present that gives life to the Potential Energy of the Son in the future. As time marches on, the mother never dies, but the Son becomes the Father and then it is the Son that returns as the Father comes again. Science knows only this law. This is the Law of Ra and Hado. The message is "be fruitful and multiply."

In the image of Hoag's Object we see a Wheel Within A Wheel. But, more importantly, we see the Eye Of Ra. This is in perfect alignment with the genesis of the primordial neters of Egypt and the order of the sublime waters of Masaru Emoto. From the smallest of the small to the largest of the large we are told of one fundamental process that cycles over and over and over and . . .

If this thesis is indeed the Will of Ra, then the message of the Wheel Within A Wheel must be written upon the Cosmic Wall. Where would the message be written? There can be only one place where the message can be written to carry the fact that Conception Upon The Waters will raise up the serpent of time and initiate a Good Shepherd to do the Works of Ra. That place has to be where the Egyptians claimed Ra first conceived the Word that became all that can be perceived. The Eye of Ra was the Uraeus, or raised up serpent. The Denderah Zodiac shows Ra at his throne above the constellation Libra. The depiction is that of the Judgment Hall before Ra, where Saturn stands as the symbol for the End of Time. On the balance is the Son of Man. Above the balance are the possible outcomes. The jackal is the icon of Anubis, which is derived from the constellation of Lupus that stands above the dark rift under Scorpio known as the Cave of Hades, where poor judgment sends the untrue heart into the mouth of the Eater of the Dead. This is the path of material science along the Way of the Dead in the mouth of Sobek, the male caiman on the Milky Way under Virgo and above Argo Navis. Above the Jackal and the Son of Man is a man-child on a throne with a flail. This is the result when the Son of Man appears as the Son of Ra. Thus, the outcome of the Judgment Hall, where time, Saturn, and desire, Scorpio, sit upon the plates of the balance, is determined by the alignment of the Son of Man to the material existence and the primordial urge that resulted in the creation of Shu and Tefnut, and Geb and Nut. If the Son of Man chooses desire for substance of the earth, the balance will swing toward the jackal and the Mundane Earth, Geb, in the Black Land of First Father, below. If the Son of Man should emulate the higher dream of the grandparents of Ra, then the balance will swing toward Virgo (Nut), as time marches on in the Pasture of the Queen of Heaven above.

The Denderah Zodiac shows the Son of Man sitting upon the back of the Leo in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the Virgin's Dream. Leo and Hydra march toward Horus on his reed as the Son of Man faces Khephera across the Leo-Cancer boundary. This boundary has the words "I Will that I Feel." Thus, as Masaru Emoto demonstrated that feelings dictate the order of microscopic waters, so the Egyptians demonstrated from Giza to Denderah that feelings dictate the order of cosmic waters. Cancer is not shown in its position at the face of the Lion, as it is in the stars. Cancer is shown at the position of Khephera above the Cosmic Waters. Standing on the head of Virgo with a staff of wisdom on the right arm of the Crab is Mercury showing the Son of Man what he is to seek. To the left rear of the Beetle From Above, Jupiter stands his scepter to show that the result of paying attention to Cosmic Feelings is the right to rule within the Solar System below the Beetle From Above.

The reason why this addition has been placed on this web page is because of the Wheel Within The Wheel as represented by Hoag's Object having its "seed within itself." If this is all a game of connect the dots, then would the Master of the Game reveal where the symbol of Ra, that is a dot within a circle, or a wheel within a wheel, should be place on the Denderah Zodiac and in the heavens above? See for yourself where Hoag's Object is, and then decide whether Masaru Emoto's thesis applies to the cosmic, as well as, the microcosmic.

Hoag's Object sits above the Balance of Libra to the right of the Ureaus that is Serpens Caput, or the Serpent's Head that symbolizes and abuts the Eye of Ra. It is beneath the laurel wreath that crowned the emperors of Rome, and the emperor of France, Napoleon. Napoleon is the one human being to whom we must credit the resurrection of Osiris in the modern age. To the right of Hoag's Object is the Good Shepherd and Angel Gabriel with the Crook of Osiris in his hand stepping upon the Rock in Jerusalem as he entered the Land of 72 Virgins that are the count of the "times" known all around Seventh Heaven. Ptolemy used the word times in place of the word degrees. On degree of precession of the equinoxes required approximately 72 years when Islam broke away from Byzantine. A full encirclement of the field of Seventh Heaven is 360 times requiring 72 virgin years to complete, or 25, 920 years. The symbol of the Eye of Ra is duplicated at many locations in this region of the sky. That is why it is called the Gateway of the Gods. The message should be abundantly clear. We will enter Seventh Heaven when we are at the "upper" right hand of the Most High Father that inspired the Prodigal Son called Abraham, his son Ishmael born to the Hagar in the Black Land below to climb Jacob's Ladder to the place where 72 Virgins meant a long life. This simple harmony is the source of peace and strife.

Masaru Emoto has demonstrated the works upon the waters. The Giza Complex shows that the Sphinx sat in a sacred lake when the necropolis was operating with the prophesy that one day the Great Sphinx would be seen coming again from the womb of Nut. The message at Giza is that Hado is the Cosmic Plan. Within both plans we are given the freedom to judge. If we fail to accept the crook then we obtain the earth of Geb underneath the Way of the Dead, where the Scepter of Flint lays in the Black Lnad of the Furrow of Nut. If we accept the crook as the symbol of the shepherd's word of God, then we rise to the flower in the hand of Nut above the Way of the Dead. Emoto emotes the same music of the spheres as expressed when the people of the world put all their effort into a monument to remind the world that what we think, say, and feel, will determine the course of the stars and all of creation. We have the Eye of Ra, and we can do with it what we will. Yet, should we destroy oil wells in Kuwait, towers in New York, churches in Bethlehem, or minarets in Baghdad, the Eye of Ra will set beside the Right Hand of the Father for at least another billion years. The risk to God Almighty for the loss of the Third Rock From the Sun is less than a grain of sand on the beaches of our world, and more than we can ever hope to comprehend.

Today the dominance of the Son of Man has reached the threshold of the Kingdom of God. Within the next few hundred years the north pole will move off of Polaris as the prophesy of the Giza Complex becomes the reality of the King of Kings, again. But, if the words of the prodigal son named Abraham are not brought to the Right Hand of the Father, then the civilization we call Modern will drop into the Muddy Waters of Atlantis. There the Hado effect will prove disastrous to us all. We will cause the demise of the greatest dream there ever was, or ever could be. That dream was that the Creator could talk to an organism given free choice and asked to be fruitful and multiply.

What has happened since the south pole passed under the feet of the Dove some 13,000 years ago is a loss of consciousness in what is up above, and what is down below. The Egyptians went a long way in Uniting the Two Lands. But, the result of their perfection turned into righteousness indignation toward our fellow man. The heavens clearly show that Abraham destroyed the icons of his father that would have revealed the Hado Principle, that we reap what we sow. None of the followers of Abraham can read the Signs of the Times, for they have calendars and watches to count the days as the silent stars go by. Modern civilization live in a land ruled by "out of sight, out of mind." This is direct contradiction to the fathers of Abraham who lived in a land ruled by "as above, so below."

We lost the privilege of the garden, where the sweet waters still flow, when a heretic spoke sweet words and killed the Son of Man. Time has seen the inundation of the place where Abu Simbal once stood. But, the mountain of the truth of Osiris was raised above the lake that came to accomplish Nasar's dream to control the Nile. We did not forget what once was, we simply did what Abraham had done before. We denied the principles of our forefather's and became modern prodigal sons. The Hado Principle and the Giza Complex are united in meaning. The Son's of the Man of a Lie must go back into the mountain and ask the primordial questions, once again. IS IT WATER? IS IT FIRE?

Look at the adjacent story of Abraham and Ishmael and realize that these are sons from hell. The fire in the mountain that gave Abraham the call was fear of Ignorance as well as the All. Above the burning mountain Abraham has a knife prepared to sacrifice the Son of the Man of a Lie. The son is given a choice. Place his hand on the pump, or let Abraham sacrifice the lamb in the hands of Gabriel, instead. The line coming from the left touches the mountain top of burning experiences in the past and promises to transfer the flaming image of past hell to the Son of the Man of a Lie, that is himself. If he places his hand upon the pump, he will cause his father's image to roast in the fires of hell. Abraham did the same to Terah when he abandoned his own father's dreams. A son must sacrifice the ego of the child and keep the fire from consuming the man in the mountain. Abraham listened to his own promise, and let hs father be damned. So it is that what goes around must come around. The the image says it is time to burn the Imam.

What is around the man in the cave? Is it water? Is it fire? The pump is an "air pump" that stokes the fires in the past. The memories of past injustices keep the fires burning, and future injustices increase the heat of the fire. Forgiveness is absent in this plan of righteous indignation. The ultimate injustice is to lose one's life in the hope that 50,000 years in the future there will be a Day of Judgment. The truth is that the 50,000 years of testing the temper of man has passed, for we are at the sA doorway on the third journey of the Rising Sun. 

Standing upon the dome of the air pump is the veiled Mistress of the Well. She is an echo of the Sabaian Queen of Sheba. Under the Dome of the Rock of Ages upon which the Mistress stands is the cube of the Ka'aba supported by a bridge between the mountain above and the flaming cave below. The alternative is to cremating the father's memory is to accept the Shepherd's Crook and rise to Nut's world of  Seventy Two Virgin's in Seventh Heaven. The Seventy Two Virgins are years per degree to cycle areound the Holy Ka'aba in the SKy. That decision is the one at hand today. Should we pump Nut's well to douse the angry man, tend to her sheep and sacrifice the "I Am", or stoke the fires of Islam to restore peace within Hathor's Mountain?

Given the terror that is now at hand, we must pump the well and douse the anger of the Mullahs and Imams before Krakatoa comes as a Super Nova in the Virgin's Furrow. Far away from Mecca a lady known as Pele has a sense of righteousness that says paradise must not be without water to cool the burning sand. Every years she creates new land in the Pacific Waters. If we do not put out the fire in the Black Land, bubbling crude will make all of the Father's Land a blazing inferno the likes of which no culture has ever survived. It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature, especially if you are an arrogant Man of a Lie. Where is the water in all of Islam? It is only used symbolically to cleans the feet when men enter the Holy Land. Without access to intuitive wisdom, Islam must continue in arrogant destruction of the Promised Land as the dreams of the Fathers are pumped to a scorching heat. The sons who sacrifice themselves for a chance at Seventh Heaven have lost all respect for the life that Mother Nature provides. This is just an Old Man burning in anger because of some perceived injustice that never happened. He desires total submission to his own desire, or he will destroy all of creation in a misguided attempt to claim heritage to the Promised Land. The Promised Land belongs to those who live, and not to those who would wait another 50,000 years for another 144 Virgins to come and go.

But, as this fear vibrates through our soul, it shows precisely what the Hado tells us we must do. If we do not restore the sweet waters of creation, we will burn in hell fires of our own making. The mountain that revealed the Dream of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the same as that given to Abraham and Ishmael by Gabriel. The angel that steps upon the rock at Jerusalem is Bootes, the Osiris at Abu Simbal. The dream that Ramsses II was preserving is the dream at Hoag's Object of a Wheel Within a Wheel, and a Son of the Sun. Wisdom is not the essence of the desert's hot air. Wisdom is the action that draws sweet water from the well to drench the furrow of Maat, as the man is born again.

The four giants of Ramesses II are the four children of Ra that were the parents of every all, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut. These are air, water, earth, and fire. When we can restore the sweet water to the earth, we will create the fertile mud in which life's gifts come forth from the Black Land in the Furrow of Nut.

We cannot stop with the Hidden One one of the Jews, for Solomon had a Son whose name leads to Aquarius. And one greater than Solomon is with the Earth today ready to proclaim, "It is the end of time."

Today the axis of the earth stands upon the sacred ground known to many as the End of Time. The Southern Cross marks the fallen Obelisk from Heaven, at the tail of the Crooked Serpent under the Barque of the Sun at the Place of the Skull. The question that is before the generation of Polaris and Crux is simple. Should we set Father Sky upon the Black Land? Can "as above, so below," ever come again? Can Nut and Geb meet upon the Phallus of Osiris so that Horus can restore the tranquil waters where the Crooked Serpent of the Leviathan dictates the journey of time? In other words, time when measured by seasons divides the north and south. When the pillars of the earth are used to sense the time of one's self, it matters not what hour of the day, or season of the year. The pillar of the Promised Land can get beyond the tragedy of every tear. If we follow it though the annals of history we can see the Wisdom of the Ages, and we will have our own place in that eternal mystery. That place is our Promised Land. To us it is now. To the ancients we were tomorrow. To the children of the next age we will be yesterday. It is time to stop the cycle of the seasons and restore the cycle of the Once and Future King. The End Times of "I am the only son" are upon us this day. If we listen to the Signs of the Times we can create a history to live in memoriam, rather than another Day of Infamy. The choice is our, to be, or not to, that is the question.

In the year when Angels duplicated the dance of Quaoar Giants and the People of the Earth, we need to understand that rejection of the Father's Word is the path to insanity and oblivion. Yet, it does not really matter whether the father's word was right, or not. What matters is whether we can see that a father spoke at all. If we can see the father behind the Man of a Lie, then we can pump the Mother's Well to put out the fire in the mountain that scorched the reservoir of his emotions. Love is the answer. Kind words, or thoughts, can do far more than heal a broken heart. They are the instruments of the Aquarius compassion that causes the Mother of All Living to let flow the Life Giving Waters that we want and need. Then all the crystals in the hearts of men will form the perfected arigatou that says Thank You from the Human Heart. This will set the balance as the path to the Lion's Lair opens to the mountain top, and the cave below. That which must end as we cross the sacred sA is the ingratitude for life that currently infects us all. We must remember to say, "Thank you, Ra and Amen." Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah have blinded the sons of Abraham. Now the blind are leading the blind. Ra and Amen were the light from heaven that guided us through the birthing inundation when Atlantis fell below as Western Civilization seized the Throne of God. It is time to restore the Mother of All Living and take the veil from her face. She is our Cosmic Mother, and we drink from her sweet embrace. Modern Science has walked in her foot steps long enough to realize where she is headed. If we use the Eye of Ra, we too can give birth to our parents and grandparents before we destroy the place of our children and grandchildren.

" Hado creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature.
Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature.
Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe "

Yes, Isis, and so is the Fire in the Eye of Ra.
For, at the hub of the frigid water wheel is the Wheel of Wheels,
that carries the Rising Sun to the top of the Tree of Life.

As it is in the small, so it is in the All.

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Casting the Bread Upon the Waters

With the Eye of Ra clearly visible where the metaphor in the stars says it should be, we are led back to the entrance passageway of the Great Pyramid. Within these passageways is the evidence that Abraham is the Man of a Lie, that has led to the wars between Ishmael and his half brother, Isaac. Before the pyramids were constructed the king of Egypt, Sneferu, told a story that the Asiatics would come to the Black Land and destroy what had been given to the peoples of the Two Lands. The Asiatics were the people who claim Semitic heritage, and specifically, decadency from Abraham. And, before a false cry of anti-Semitism fills the hallowed halls of Osiris-Sneferu, listen to the king. There is something about desert lands that is discomforting to the soul. Compare the peoples of the river valleys and the warm oceans waters. These people know paradise first hand. The people who wander the desert prepare themselves for a hard life. If the good life should come, they would have prepared for nothing, and they will react to goodness as if it were a sin. That is what Sneferu was talking about. People who are deprived of the love of Isis do not give love. Rather they fanaticize about gods that never were, and then accuse the people of the fertile valley of sins that never occurred. This is not the wisdom of submission to the Creator, it is usurpation of the gifts of Mother Nature. The Horizon of Khufu will demonstrate that we all live in a Sacred Lake where the Sphinx drinks the life giving waters in the Two Lands.

The entrance passageway of Khufu's Pyramid projects northward at an elevation of approximately 26.5 degrees above the north horizon. In fact, nearly all Egyptian pyramids have a north passageway with the same, or nearly the same elevation angle. So, lets take a look at Polaris, which was the pointer star for the King and Queen chambers, and see if anything occurs that looks like Ra-Heru-Khuti.
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Polaris aligns with Khufu's entrance passage way as Khufu's Horizon aligns with Ra-Tem-Heru-Khuti in 1481 AD.

Khufu's Horizon aligns with Ra-Tem-Heru-Khuti in 1481 AD as the Glory of the Lord shown round about.

Khufu's Horizon aligns with Ra-Tem-Heru-Khuti in 1481 AD above the Bottomless Pit.

Khufu's Horizon is a Swan's Song as the King is carried on the wings of a Great Eagle.

The Father accepts the man-child at the Gateway of Gods, as wisdom struggles in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Sun Boat leaves Sodom and Gomorrah with the Feather of Truth on the foredeck, and Isis before the prow.

Sahu rises with the Good Shepherd through the enlightened Gateway of Men, as the camel goes before the rich man.

The north entrance passageway is dependent upon the choice of the galactic plane, which has been estimated to be 25'4" south and 9'9" west of 31 Coma Berenices, where the bread was cast upon the waters.

At the north horizon of Akhetaten, the same angle exists for Polaris on the Horizon of the Aten.

The Six Days of the Original Creation and the Recreation after the Flood of Noah can be seen in the horizon of Yahweh. Both Arcs of Creation end in She and Him at the sA and the Gateway of Men. The Arc of Creation begins when the man-child on the eagle's wings receives the enlightenment of the Wisdom of the Ages, where wise men come bearing gifts for the Son of God at His Gateway.

Osiris is prevented from resurrection by the usurpation of Moses and the smiting of the rock in the Wilderness of Sin. But, the Bull of My Mother and the Wisdom of the Ages are two cherubim on the Arc of the Covenant. There the Tree of Life grows in the garden above the First Man. A "perfect fitting box" was prepared as a pillar and a vessel for the Ark of the Covenant. These are the Four Corners of the soul of Khufu's Pyramid when the star which it represents culminates at the high solstice in 2378 AD. The design of the Giza Complex tells us that our ancestors could talk to the Creator on the terms of Creation. Their most sacred science represented the balance of Common Sense and Common Knowledge, Thoth and Maat, journeyed on the Sun Boat and became the Followers of Horus through the Crooked Serpent below. Here in the Furrow of Maat the Ben-ben, Phoenix, and Seker-Asar tell us that the Arc of the Covenant has salvation written upon the path of the Wandering Stars. Those who live up north can read from left to right, while those who live Down Under must read from right to left. But, when the head of King Khufu represents the order of time above the Rock of Ages, all truth is right running in the direction of Cosmic Time.

Man is made to be a mundane image in his service to the Aten. Heroic male conditioning is banned in the utopia dream that peace will last for eternity, if Sodom and Gomorrah are not allowed to rise again. Seker-Asar is stricken from the path of the stars by the denial of the resurrection at the Phoenix. And the Son of Man is no longer created in the image of the Son of God. The Word of God had been made Flesh, but the Darkness comprehended it not.

The bondage to the Mother of All Living is declared by the union of the ecliptic and galactic polar meridians. The men of Gemini and the Fathers of Many Nations are at crossed purposes to the dreams of the Virgins. This means a War of the Worlds will take place. From this day forth, woman will be made subservient to man because she partook of the Forbidden Fruit, and believed in good and evil, as the Tree of Life withered in the Garden of Eden, and Atlantis sank into the Cosmic Sea.

The implication of the alignment of the entrance passages of the pyramids of Egypt is that man must not get caught in the folly of perfection. The monotheists destroyed Egypt in order to prove that their perception of the Creator was superior. This is the path of the Eighth King that came as prophesied before the Lamb was sacrificed. Thirty three hundred years would go by before the prophesy of the Aten would come to pass. In the meantime, the prophesy of Khufu, and the King of Kings, was forgotten. When the time came for the Horizon of the Aten to align with Akhetaten in 1998, there were no monuments still surviving because of the arrogance of the naive Mother's Son. The Flower Children left Egypt in an Exodus to be remembered, but they conspired to lie about why they did so.

The feared bondage to the King of Kings is the bondage to Time, for Khufu and all the King's of Egypt built temples as memorials of time. The first act of the Greeks was to destroy Chronos, and the first act of the Israelites was to destroy the caretaker of Egypt, who was Osiris and the Sahu of Ra-Tem. Since then, the signs of the times have been forgotten, as myths and fantasies overwhelm the soul of man in a Kingdom of Byblos. The very ignorance that was to be eliminated by the Five Byblos of Moses created an evil far greater than man had ever known. For he forgot who he was in the fear that time would run out before the desires of life could be fulfilled. The circumcision of Isaac is now the mockery of the promise to Abraham. The circumcision of Ishmael is a terrorist's delight. But, the Kings of Egypt knew what the mortal twins could not know. They knew that their monuments to time would report to the lost soul of Man that life is a gift from the heavens, and it would be wise to pass it on. The Asiatics feared by Sneferu came and destroyed all that Egypt was. But, as the high sun rises in Sahu, their prophesy has come true, just the same. There is more to the heavens than dots and embroidery. They are the Word of God in Father Sky, and his mouth has been opened again.

Common sense died when the Horizon of the Aten was planned by effeminate minded men, whose greatest mistakes were that they would not stand and fight for the right to live, nor would they put in the hard work to build temples to save the eternal soul of the King of Kings. The Egyptian wisdom is simple. Each individual has a certain responsibility for the Whole. When individuals do not carry that obligation well, the complete universe falls into perdition until some monument reminds the living that God had made a promise to those that would choose to stand by the Bread Cast Upon the Waters of Creation and raise up an arm to balance the Time and Eternity. For sure there are tempests in the Cosmic Sea, but in the mean, it is a fabulous place to be. There is nothing else like, nor can there ever be.

For a thousand years the Greeks and Persians fought for the Holy Land, as the Levites of the Jews created stories of the lost dreams of kings to touch the face of eternity. Accept for the fact that the Giza complex of pyramids still stands, we would never be able to separate the myth from the reality that is now buried in a pillar of books. The prophesy of the Great Pyramid Complex at Giza says that Father Time will rule the day, and it is a certainty that can not be changed. The Original Sin is the simple process of taking the gift of life for granted, or complaining that it needs to be better. These actions do nothing but destroy the Image of God that should be within the mortal man. But, can the soul of man rise up from the shadow of this guilt? Possibly, but the guilt must be accepted by those who caused the destruction of the temples to Father Sky. They are the Sons of Abraham. They hold the purse strings of the treasures of the God Kings, and if history has anything to say, they are not about to pay the price to redeem one lost soul. When the Queen of Sheba comes to test the New World Solomon, she will ask simple questions about Common Sense and the Common Knowledge there within. The sons of Abraham will go on claiming theirs is the Promised Land. But, it is clear from the design of the Horizons of Khufu and Aten that the Promised Land was never promised by the Creator to Abraham. All the Creator's promise says is, "I will be your Father in Heaven for eternity, my son. Treat your Mother on Earth with the respect she is due, and Join the Two Lands. Do this in remembrance of Me"

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It is the king.
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The posts are set up. 
There issued forth the sun.
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The royal magistrates watch from the cliffs of Rapa Nui.
A new birdman comes from the sea to occupy the cave with the cosmic egg.

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