The following celestial locations represent the views up through the Entrance Passageway of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. They confirm the story of the Pyramids, told in the View Through the Grand Gallery.

The orientations for the northern star charts represents the same moment in time corresponding to star charts provided for the View Through the Grand Gallery. The perspectives are the one shown in the west looking view of the Great Pyramid cross-section shown below for the restoration of the King of Kings. Just imagine that you are in the subterranean chamber aligned to Geb-Sculptor waiting for the Phoenix to come out of the fire and rise back up to kingdom come with the guidance of the hawk of Horus to show the way back to the top of the Tree of Life.

Horus Returns to save the Kingdom of Heaven

The journey begins at the Pillars of Hercules. This is the time which Plato gives for the end of Atlantis. There are several good reasons for using this moment in time. First,  for the sake of a modern essay, the association of the Pillars of Hercules with Atlantis has gained substantial notoriety over the last two decades. We are beginning to realize that the peoples who inhabited the world before the Greeks had a more full appreciation of the gift of life, which the Greeks turned into a mockery of the heavens. A second reason, is that the message was given to Plato so that Western Civilization would remember the beginning of the fall of the sun into the abysmal sea. Thus, Atlantis was the earth which followed the solar deity into the depths of the Cosmic Sea. Plato's enigmatic expression is a statement about time. In particular, it marks the time when the north celestial pole last traveled between the Pillars of Hercules, and the eternal house of the King of Kings. The third and most pertinent reason to begin at the Pillars of Hercules, is because it parallels the legend of Osiris, for whom the pyramids were dedicated. When the falcon of Horus arrives at the alignment of the Grand Gallery, the north celestial pole will enter the House of Cepheus. Then for a period approaching sixty-eight hundred years, the whole earth will revolve about the house of the King of Kings. This eternal return to the house of the King of Kings begins when the meridian of the vernal equinox first encounters the asterism of the Water Carrier. Thus, the Great Pyramid announces the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the return of Horus to the Eternal Kingdom, and the first moment of the Rising Sun. It is all a scientific expression which tells the faithful that the dawn of life is coming, and the King of Kings will be restored to the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven, to rule the world in peace and harmony through his son, which is consciousness of the intent of the First Father.

Pillars of Hercules announce the fall of Atlantis.

The purple circle with the little arcing arrow shows the counterclockwise movement of the north celestial pole. This direction is also the direction of the apparent movement of the heavens, as the earth turns eastward every day. Thus, it is clear that the precession of the equinoxes is forward in time, as measured day by day. Around 10450 BC, the north pole was at the foot of Hercules under the Apples of the Hesperides by the Lyra. Try to imagine the view of the north pole when it was in the Pillars of Hercules. Every night, and every year, you could see that strong man running backwards as he was being whirled around by some cosmic force at his heels. In the South Pacific, the Native Peoples tell stories of the man who held up the world with his feet. In the view of the Grand Gallery, the crosshairs set between the shoulders of Orion and the head of Taurus. Thus, this would have been a time to associate with a perspective of a Minotaur; a man who was less than wholly human.

Notice the position of the head of Draco. Because the star charts are synchronized with the celestial events at the Grand Gallery which are aligned with Orion, the head of Draco will always be down in the north view. If we were to lay down on our back with our feet to the south, the Draco's head would be near the northern horizon beyond our head. This would also change the apparent motion of the stars from counterclockwise to clockwise. In the Egyptian scriptures, Osiris is pleaded with to turn himself around. When we lay with our feet to the north, like Hercules, we have our feet up and our head down. The perspective must be the other way around in order to align ourselves with the story in the stars. Orientation is key to any communication. When we choose our perspective alone, we are like Hercules and the Minotaur, more brute than intelligence. In some cultures, the constellation Draco represents the dragon of the years. This is the Great White Dragon, and should not be confused with the Great Red Dragon of the Book of Revelation. The Great Red Dragon corresponds to the compulsive power of our visceral desires. That dragon will be shown later as the pillar of the earth moves around the Great White Dragon.

Atlas holds up the world.

In 5950 BC, the north pole was above the head of Bootes. This constellation was also known as Atlas. It is clear to see why, for when the pillars of Bootes held the north celestial axis, people saw a man holding the eternal heavens above his head. North was up and south was down. Osiris had turned himself around. This was also the time when the Grand Gallery focused on the belt of Orion. What we see in this polar chart is the position of Osiris when he taught the world about agriculture, and overcame the brutish world of Hercules and the Minotaur which caused the loss of the kingdom of Atlantis. A thin red line is balanced at the hand of Bootes, where it is equidistant between the top of the ecliptic, and the top of the galaxy. This hand of Osiris-Bootes was drawn holding up the leashes of the Hunting Dogs as they wandered the fields of the highest heavens, in the Golden Age of Osiris-Bootes. These two companions are also to be found behind Osiris-Orion, where he was taken down by Seth-Lepus. They are recognized there as the two dogs Canis Major and Canis Minor. These were the birth houses of Isis and Nephthys, the wife-sister and sister of Osiris-Orion.

Seth takes the lead.

Around 2540 BC, the Egyptians constructed the Great Pyramids. The purpose was to record the revelation in the great cosmic mystery written in the stars; to unite the two lands, heaven and earth, in the minds of men. At that time, the North Pole crossed the tail of Draco on its journey with the Big Dipper. At that time the people would have watched the dance of the two dippers, as the Big Dipper scooped water from the horizon and then rose over the pole to dump the contents into the Little Dipper. The Big Dipper was known as Seven Macaw to the Mesoamericans. This arrogant bird was defeated by Hunahpu and Xbalanque on their quest to restore their father and uncle, Hun Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu, to their rightful place in the ballcourt lands above Xibalba. The Egyptians and the Mesoamericans saw the Little Dipper as the instrument of a New Age. In the age after the Iron Age of the Big Dipper, sensitivity for the cosmic messengers would be restored to humans who had suffered the loss of their First Father to the Lords of the Underworld. This is the purpose for which the pyramids were constructed; the restoration of the seeds of civilization.

Horus announces the New Kingdom.

In 2545 AD, Horus arrives to give his eye to Osiris on the southern meridian. At the northern meridian, the north pole enters the house of the King, Cepheus, just after it leaves the adze of the Little Dipper which was used for the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony. The handle of the Little Dipper contains the only bright star which resides on the path of the North Celestial Pole. During the time preceding 2545 AD, this star called Polaris, announced the coming of morning to the sleeping man on earth, as the sun began to rise along the galactic road in October 1998. The house of Cepheus reaches all the way from the top of his hat to border right next to the star called Polaris. From 2200 AD until 8800 AD, which is over 25% of cycle of the Eternal Return, the axis of the earth will be a pillar in the house of the King of Byblos. Earthly Byblos was famous for the cedars of Lebanon, while celestial Byblos has been forgotten as the location of the Tree of Life, and the mansion of the King of Kings.

The days of the Kingdom are numbered.

The days of the Pillars of Cepheus are numbered. When the Grand Gallery points to the house of Seth-Lepus, the north pole will be at the chin of the king, whose beard is the Milky Way. He will be circling around the top of the world by his neck, as Seth begins to catch up to Horus in the race across the southern meridian. But, for as long as Horus leads the race in the south, the north pole will be a Pillar of a Kingdom. Then Osiris will regain the throne of Upper Egypt.

Osiris Regains Swan Lake

The belt of Osiris-Orion regains the crosshairs of the Grand Gallery in 10,690 AD, as the North Pole acts as the axis of the cosmic Swan Lake. At this time, the Northern Cross will circle around the pole, like a beautiful swan flying on top of the world. Horus will return his kingdom to the First Father of Ancient Egypt without letting Seth gain the lead in the race across the southern meridian at the Grand Gallery, and his song will be sung by the Lyra as the Grand Gallery crosshairs race toward his shoulders. This is the fundamental message of the epic tale of the Eternal Return. The great king that initiates the civilizations of mankind will be restored by the son who realizes that time and seasons are circles which return along the course which gave them their most Golden Ages. From here back to the beginning of the journey is the Swan Song of Cygnus and Lyra. It is a song written about, and by, and in the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the end of reign of Atlantis, for the Pillars of Hercules follow, and Atlantis will descend again to the cosmic sea below.

John 1:1-5
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

The Eternal Return

After the Swan Song is finished, the Pillars of Hercules will again identify the axis of the earth. The question which needed to be resolved during the ages since Hercules last held the Pillars of Heaven, was whether humanity would come to understand the meaning of the Eternal Return, again. Clearly, the Pyramid Builders had found meaning in the movement of the heavens. In their stories, whether in Egypt, or Mesoamerican, or the South Pacific, all declared that the coming of the Son of a First Father would right the world after experiencing the loss of the memories of the ancestors.

We still live under the reign of Seth, the usurping uncle, and we look to our ancestors as if they were superstitious savages. And yet, in our wildest imaginations, we could never see fit to tell a story that would last for eternity. The ancient peoples did not journey through the Valley of Death in Pisces with us. During that time period, the most profound of all Cosmic Truth was lost to the lust for personal survival. But, they "knew" that the heavens declared that they would be forgotten. They also "knew" that the stars would tell us when it was time to reconsider our perceptions of their ignorance. That is what the stars are telling us in these final days before the Eternal Return of Aquarius.

All we have to do to restore the greatest loss to mankind is to accept that collectively they understood more of their Cosmic World than we do of our own. We have all the accumulated knowledge of the millennia, but we no longer have a system which allows us to understand that the heavens can guide us on our daily path. Because they kept heaven's door open, it was always possible for the dreams of kings to be reincarnated from generation to generation. So let us look for where they found Heaven's Door, and see if it can be opened again.

An obelisk points to the star at the top of the world, when the sun begins to rise.

The asterism of the Great Square crosses the zenith of the Great Pyramid with the zenith axis passing through the location of the projected northern entrance of the monument. This is a memorial for the return of the rising sun, as Horus descends the Grand Gallery to be reflected to the top of the King's Obelisk. There sits the King of Kings on top of the World Tree.

The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life can be found when the asterism of the House of Horus touches the crosshairs of the Grand Gallery on the summer solstice. At that same moment, the third star of Orion's belt, Mintaka, will reside on the solstice, as Orion-Osiris will have risen to his highest position relative to the earth at the Summer Solstice (06h). At the Vernal Equinox (00h), the top of the King's hat will mark the meridian. While the heads of the strong man, Hercules and First Father, Ophiuchus, will mark the Winter Solstice meridian (18h).

Opposite the Tree of Life, the meridian of the Autumn Equinox will be under the tail of the lion, Leo. Since the planet earth is located at the position of the autumn equinox when the sun is at the vernal equinox, this moment marks the return of the planet earth to the constellation of the Kingdom of Heaven. So that which is apparent at the north pole as the head of a king begins its reign as the Pillar of the Earth, also occurs at the autumn equinox which carries the planet earth into the Kingdom of Heaven. The dream of mankind, which is symbolised by the head of a king on top of a tree, is joined with the King of Beasts to make a sphinx. This is another metaphor suggesting that life is more effective, when we get our head on right. These two kingdoms are bound in the image of the Great Sphinx to enhance the story of those great pyramid builders who looked to the east to watch the progress of the Barque of the Sun as it rose from the horizon. They looked to the south to measure the temporal world and  the rising up of the great Osiris-Orion, and his son, the Prince of Peace, Horus-Columba. They looked to the north to see the head of the King of Kings align to the Pillar of the World. And they looked to the west to see the end of time and the restoration of the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is Restored

In 2545 AD, the meridian of the vernal equinox will touch the waters pouring from the cup of Aquarius. The meridian will strike the head of the man sleeping at the bottom of the galaxy, and the spirit of his dream will be revived. As the meridian passes over the Great Pyramid, a spiritual door will be opened for all believers who desire to understand the meaning of the Eternal Return, so they can climb Jacob's Ladder pass through Heaven's Door into the house of the King of Kings, at the top of the Tree of Life. The Chariot of the Gods will carry the She-goat and her kids at the Gateway of Men, and the reborn king will ride the wings of an eagle to the Land Above the Land. The strong man, Hercules, will put his head together with that of First Father, Ophiuchus, as the Father grapples with the spirit of a New Aeon. Out of sight below the horizon, the dream of the Virgin will be fulfilled, as Mother Earth rests within the house of the Sphinx of Heaven. 

The Eternal Return and the Empty Tomb

    And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

No more tears.The whole purpose of the pyramid monuments was to help children cross through the Hall of the Double Maati. It is in that hall that the throne of Osiris resides. The throne is the conscious experience of life. When the day of the personal last judgment has passed, an individual will live in accord with "she who faces her lord." She is Maat. Her feather is the cosmic truth. The eye of Horus, which represents the conscious vision of one's personal journey within the Cosmic One, transforms the Utchat with the tears of first and final impressions, into the Winged Utchat, and carries the instrument of shadows away with the symbol of eternity with in its grasp. This is how the Egyptians believed life was meant to be lived; shed the tears of human experience, and accept the cosmic perception of Maat. Then the individual "knows" from experience how to fly, and can be an eternal light within the shadows of creation. This event occurs when the Eye of Horus (conscious revelation) and the Eye of Osiris (unconscious habits) are united in the goal to live, after abandoning the goal to prevent evil, which is just the desire to live backward.

Horus leads the way.
In the scene of the Last Judgment within the Hall of Double Truths, Seth walks in with Anubis from the left, indicating that rational-material perception must conform to the right running behavior of the heavens. The heart of Seth is weighed by the material being, and selfish desire is fed to the Eater of the Dead, Amemet, who is a symbol of schizophrenic compulsive neurosis, being a crocodile, jungle cat, and hippopotamus. The rational truth in the Self is documented by Thoth, the keeper of records. Then the Self is taken by the conforming conscious son, Horus, to the Great Square, where memories float on a throne of emotions, and feelings are combined with senses standing behind memories. The slope up to the throne floor and the floor are a hieroglyph which means truth. Thus, the Self can only enter the throne of heaven through the ramp of truth. This is the rational truth. The second truth was consumed by Amemet, for it was just the desires of the flesh. The reward for achieving the passage through the door of judgment is the four sons of Horus and the lifting off of the tears and the shadow of the soul. The four sons of Hours are the created aspects of the soul, while the shadow is the hidden truths which prevent the soul from achieving the passage through the Hall of the Double Truths. Seth is the neter of self identity, and is just the shadow which personal perceptions place between the light of truth and the rest of the soul.

Above the register, the Self is shown with life's offerings placed before Ra, Tem, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Horus the Elder, Isis, Nephthys, Perception, Utterance, the Western, Northern, and Southern Ways. This order is critical for recovering truthful consciousness in the Upper World. First comes the creator, Ra, and the fulfilled intent of the creator, Tem. Then comes Shu and Tefnut as cosmic rational and emotional being, air and water. He is the solar system, and she is the galaxy. Their children, Geb and Nut, are the constellations Sculptor and Virgo, which carry the axis of the Sun Disc, our Milky Way. In his celestial hand, he holds the Scepter of Flint, which carries the power of inspiration. In her celestial hand, she carries the lotus flower, or the grain of corn, which is the seed of the tree of Life. Horus the Elder follows these six neters, and he also has an Ankh on his knees. These seven neters represent the whole of creation; Future, Past, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Light. These entities are still echoed in astrology as Cardinal, Fixed, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Mutable aspects. The important point is that the order provided in the Hunefer Papyrus recommends the sequence for creation. At the moment of creation, the Future and the Past must be bound together as one entity, Ra-Heru Khuti-Tem, or creation cannot be effected. The future and the past are just the sequence, but creation must span the sequence, so that the future can become the past. If this is not done, then chaos will occur, and chaos is simply the lack of order, which is the absence of creation. The sequence of air, water, earth, fire are based upon the needs for rational perception being empowered by emotional force to raise mundane existence into the fulfillment of an ideal. These are the created soul of the whole cosmos. When these six steps are passed, then the light can come on in the conscious mind regarding the processes witin creation. This the divine eternal order. Until Horus learns to see the light, it is hidden in the body of Osiris, the forgotten dreams. By giving his eye to Osiris, Horus is relying upon memory of truth to see future truth.

When Horus receives the light, the immortal order begins with intuition which comes from the light and transitions to senses, which lead to perception of the light. The perception results in the power for utterance. These are the elements water, earth, fire, and air. They demonstrate the variance between cosmic creation and immortal revelation. After the revelation has reached the point of the "opening of the mouth" for an utterance, then the other three directions are opened to the Self. The eastern way is the way of right running, for the heavens come to us from the east, and that is the way into day. We cannot create the order, but we can effect and affect the order of creation. The upper register identifies the way to succeed in that accomplishment.

The Hunefer Papyrus was a powerful statement made by the priests of the early 19th Dynasty. The utterance was needed to set humanity free from non-psychotic catatonic schizophrenic compulsive neurotic tendencies which become the bondage of the soul. The ramp to the door of heaven is truth. Within the Great Square is the throne of all collective memories. They reside in the Cosmic Self, and can be brought to the conscious self by access to the Collective Unconscious, Osiris.

This perception was expressed by the Egyptians prior to setting up the culture that had the goal of Uniting the Two Lands, and again during the construction of the great pyramids at Giza, circa 3100-2400 BC. Following the debacle with the monotheists at the end of the 18th Dynasty, they reiterated this belief in the Judgment Day scene before Osiris on the Hunefer Papyrus, as Seti I took the throne, circa 1300 BC. The intent of the Atenists under the previous reign of Akhenaten and part of the reign of Tutankhamen had been to bring greater abundance to the sleeping civilization, by forcing rational conscious dreams to live in a creation without nonrational unconscious desires. The Atane compulsion toward righteousness was just over indulgence in the immortal self. The Aten was shown with the sole purpose of feeding truth and life to the immortal being. This righteousness resulted in the downfall of the greatest kingdom ever experienced by humanity. Our Biblical traditions are directly descended from this aborted attempt to bring righteousness to earth. Its failing was in the loss of perception of dissatisfaction, which came to be identified as evil. Human children are not capable of being born and bred without their dreams being shattered. Destruction of the cosmic myths by the monotheists, resulted in a total misunderstanding of the subliminal nature of life. This understanding was, and still is, the legacy of Osiris.

Rock of AgesWe must deal with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or we will not understand life at all. In the interim we deny the trauma and cope as best we can. Then we find the spark of life and shed the memories of the traumatic events of life as we achieve a more even keel with the heart and the truth coming into balance. This form of Judgment day was predicted to come to all of Egypt, when the Great Square crossed the zenith at the Great Pyramid, and Horus, the Son of Man through Osiris, and the Son of God through Ra, leads the souls lost in search of  personal self esteem back to the experience of history, circa 2000-2545 AD. The prediction was fully known before the Great Pyramids were constructed. It was known at the time of the expulsion of the Israelites. The end came when Caesar Augustus murdered Caesarean. The image of this last Pharoah of Egypt, who had been destined to be called the Son of God, was engraved on the side of the Temple to Hathor, along side his mother Cleopatra. In that temple the architects constructed a chapel to Osiris and placed the Book of Revelation on its ceiling as the famous Rock of Ages. This monument tells the whole story of Upper and Lower Egypt, and of all the peoples of the Earth. It describes the whole prophesy as being written upon the blackboard of the heavens by the hand of the Creator. The whole Egyptian perspective is summarized in the 19th Psalm in the modern Book of Seth (250 BC), before the Gospels had been completed and nailed to the Tree of Life, circa 300 AD.

The heavens declare the                  glory of God; and the
firmament  sheweth  his  handy          work. Day unto day uttereth
speech, and night unto night sheweth      knowledge.
 There  is  no  speech  
nor  language,  where  their  voice  is   not  heard.  Their  line  is  gone  out
through all the earth,  and their words to the end of the world.  In them
hath he set a  tabernacle for the sun,
which is  as a bridegroom
coming out of  his chamber,  and rejoiceth as  a strong
man  to  run  a race.
 His  going  forth  is  from
the end of the heaven, and his circuit
unto the ends of it: and there is
nothing  hid  from  the
heat   thereof.
Ps 19:1-

The circuit of Hercules is the route of the strong man. The tabernacle of the sun is the placement of the north pole, and all the heavens in the circuit of the precession around the ecliptic. Modern New Age authors would have us believe that the precession of the equinoxes defines the ancient perspective. But, we have just shown that the equinoxes and the solstices are just technicalities. The strong man, Hercules, runs a backward race at the top of the world. Osiris is restored. The Sun Boat, Argo Navis, rides the stormy cosmic sea in the direction of the precessional passages, while a serpent in the wilderness becomes a backward sacrifice so that the progress of the Sun Boat will not be taken for granted. Through the southern apparitions at the Grand Gallery we have watched as the Minotaur yields to the First Father, Osiris, who succumbs to the usurping donkey, Seth, who is overtaken by the nesting hawk, Horus. Horus is the fifth Son of God in the Egyptian tradition behind, Ra, Shu, Geb, and Osiris. In the heavens, the mind of God indicates that when Horus arrives at the Grand Gallery, the sun begins its rising perception in the galaxy for 13,000 years, as Osiris is restored to his throne. For the Egyptians, the celestial metaphor says that the return of Osiris to the Great Square will mark the moment when self consciousness perceptions in the minds of men become subordinate to cosmic consciousness, again.  

In their final act, these people, who loved life more than they feared death, recorded their adventure in the Gospels, so that all of mankind would one day come to realize that personal self esteem is folly compared to that esteem which comes from being One with the Great Spirit. In doing so, they assured that they would eternally rejoice in that Sed festival in which the earth completes its journeys around the Elysian Fields. There is no better time to rejoice, than when life's blood flows through the body Osiris, and we remember who we are. Those who would wait for the stars to align to the message of the Eternal Return have but to stay alert to the heavens for a single circuit of the heavens. Each and every year, is equivalent to 26,000 years, as the world travels from cosmic day above to cosmic night below and to cosmic day above again. For those who cannot wait 26,000 years, or 365 days, the same journey is taken ever twenty four hours. These are the four and twenty elders who open the door to heaven, which is the Great Square sitting upon the Great Pyramid when it is one with the Tree of Life. A more fantastic vision is of no cosmic value, because this is the way it is was, is now, and ever shall be. Time is a cycle which carries the message written in the white raiment of the stars.

Rev 4:1-4
After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

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