On Apr 27, 2000 12:58 PDT, Michael Lawrence Morton posted some interesting calculations regarding the Earth Grid Coordinates of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt at the Topica Email List Directory in the Mission-Ignition group. (See Michael Lawrence Morton on Pyramids at the solstice if you are not a member.) The following is a response to MLM's post that presents some incredible new facts about the purpose of the whole pyramid complex in northern Egypt.

Posted Response by Rush Allen on May 1, 2000

Great Pyramid Alignment

Michael brought up a very interesting point with regard to the alignment of Alnitak and the Great (Khufu) Pyramid at Giza.

The idea of Rostau is inherent in the location, and the traditional celestial relationship is a dance with the heavens at Alnitak when the "Son of Man," which in Egypt was Osiris, ascends into heaven. So, I took the time to plot the sky at the precise moment when Alnitak and Khufu's pyramid coincide with the summer solstice. This time would have to have the "Son of Man" at its highest, meaning that Orion would be farthest from the horizon. The Bauval/Gilbert scenario is that the summer solstice of 10,500 BC is the date for Sep Tepi, or the "Moment of the First Occasion."

When we look toward the heavens above Orion on the summer solstice of 1998, we find that the sun sits precisely on the plane of the Milky Way above the outstretched east arm of Orion. The following link will display John Walker's planetarium page at the appropriate moment.
Summer Solstice 1998

The following link will display the sky in 2379 AD when the summer solstice will be aligned with Alnitak and the Great Pyramid at the same time.
Summer Solstice 2379

Hear is the same Dance of the Gods from Siloam.net's perspective.

Gateway of Men

In the latter two charts, the star Alnitak and the Great Pyramid align with the summer solstice, or the 6th hour of right ascension. The sun sits between Orion and Auriga. Auriga is the charioteer. Thus, the journey is one from below the Milky Way at Orion, to above the Milky Way at Auriga. That is a very nice metaphor, for it says that the pyramid and Alnitak defines the place and time when the Chariot of the Gods will arrive at Giza, Egypt to take the trip from the Duat to the Elysian Fields. This alignment puts Alnitak, the eastern star in Orion's belt precisely on the summer solstice. Thus, Alnitak reaches the highest position relative to the horizon at Giza. This also means that the Son of Man will be fully risen from the dead.

But, look closer, and find out that the zenith at the Great Pyramid will be directly on the plane of the Milky Way. That means that a person standing south of Khufu's pyramid would be in the Duat, for south would be below the plane of the Milky Way. A person standing on the north side of the pyramid would be above the plane of the Milky Way. In the celestial realm, the latter person north of the pyramid would be in Upper Celestial Egypt, while the prior person south of the pyramid would be in Lower Celestial Egypt.

Shades of Heaven's Gate. When the year 2379 comes, people will flock to the Great Pyramid so they can cross the Gateway of Men and enter the heavens above. In fact, a person could run the circuit around the Great Pyramid of Khufu and cycle from the Heavens Above to the Heavens Below, at will!

But, that is not all. When that moment arrives with the alignment to Alnitak, the story of the pyramid complex will be a measurable fact on Earth, as well as in the heavens. The plane of the Milky Way will split the pyramid of Khufu so that the King's chamber will be to the south, the Queen's chamber directly on the plane, the Grand Gallery will be on the north side of the plane, in the Upper World. Simultaneously, the tomb under the pyramid slightly to the south will be connected via the "descending" passageway back up to the entrance on the north side. At the same moment, the north pole will be in the constellation of the king, Cepheus. Thus, the king will return to rule the earth, precisely as forecast in the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day.

Osiris Returns to the Elysian Fields

Here is the view looking west through the pyramid to the west. The "air channels" point to the constellations which were the traditional celestial houses of Osiris, Isis, and Seth in the south, with the channel in the subterranean chamber pointing toward the constellation Sculptor, which was the celestial house of Geb. Between the projection of the descending chamber from the entrance, and the subterranean chamber channel are the Ben-Ben and the Phoenix. These are clear indications that the pyramids were designed to reflect the returning king from the land of the dead.

On the eastern side, one of the channels point to Draco, the Egyptian house of Tauret, the cosmic mother of the earth. Also, the queen's chamber points toward the Little Dipper, an obvious metaphor for a child, since the Big Dipper pours its imaginary milky star dust into it.The most powerful star lines are those which connect the constellation of Seth (Lepus) to the constellation of the King of Kings (Cepheus). The intersection of the Grand Gallery and the entrance chamber are exactly opposite in elevation. A light descending from either side would reflect off a pool of water and ascend directly up the other side. This is a reflection metaphor that says, "I want to be a living King, again." But, these are the setting alignments of the stars around 2450 BC, when the Great Pyramid was constructed. These people must have had an incredible love of life that motivated  them to record this message on the ground, as it is in the heavens.

But, lo what light from the eastern window breaks?

My time has come!

In our eastern view, we see Osiris and Isis rising in the heavens with Seth, to begin the cosmic journey all over again. But, if we stop and think about what Michael said about the alignment of Alnitak and the summer solstice, we have to find a different perspective. The celestial houses of Isis and Osiris and Seth have risen during the last 4450 years since the pyramid was built. In 2379 AD, the Grand Gallery will point to a different constellation than Seth's. In fact, it will point to the constellation of Columba. Who is Columba? Columba is the Horus of Egypt. It will be the New Aeon when Horus will come down from the eternal heavens to repair all the damage done to Upper and Lower Egypt while Seth had overtaken Osiris.

Horus the Elder was the third son of Nut and GebMy time has come, again.. But, this Horus represented the learning state of consciousness. In 2379 AD, Osiris will return to his kingdom, and his son, Horus, will battle Seth for domination of the heavens and the earth. On the summer solstice that year, the meridian of the sun will align with the pyramid of Khufu, and Horus will descend the Grand Gallery to be reflected back up as the King of Heaven and Earth. On that date, the north pole will reside in the house of the king, Cepheus. The Celestial King will then descend from the highest heavens to the reflection pool created on the Giza plane to ascend through the Gateway of Men, as the reborn king and Son of God.

Not a particularly bad way of saying it. But, then, it is just the Greatest Story Ever Told. Why wouldn't the greatest culture the world had known up to that time dedicate its resources to guide the wayward children back to the heavens, from whence they came.

This view of the pyramids will see the reflection of the King Cepheus at the north pole in the upper world aligning with the bird between the Barque of the Sun and the great Serpent in the Under World. In other words, Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, the name sake of the Creator, Ra, will reflect upon the earth as a King of Kings. Sound familiar? Believe it or not, human beings created this moving tribute to the creation on a lonely planet is an arm of a lonely galaxy, to tell everyone who would look, that there is a plan for all the living. Their view of the plan is that men should care for their themselves, as Seth was famous for doing, and they should care for each other, as Osiris and Horus were once famous for doing.

The heavens declare the glory of God.

This is Rostau, the gateway of Men. Will it change the world? Will a New Age be brought upon the earth. Well, just remember the words of the song by the Fifth Dimension,

When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
then peace will rule the planets, and love will steer the stars.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

In 2379 AD, the vernal equinox will begin its transition into the constellation of Aquarius. By the time Mintaka, the third star in Orion's belt, and Menkaura's pyramid reach the summer solstice in 2550 AD, the Age of Aquarius will be in full swing, and the lost Age of Pisces will be just a memory of a time of wars and arrogance, as men attempted to control the stars, while beliving they still lived in the Age of Aries. The people who built the great pyramids were not slaves. They were those very souls who believed that love controls all life, and love does steer the stars. No matter what your paradigm is regarding life's mysteries, it will be many thousand of years before any people on this planet think as much about the future generations, as those craftsman who dedicated their lives to unite the two lands. After they went the Way of the Dead they left a message for us. The message clearly says, "I go to prepare a place for you, for where I go you shall follow." There is a gateway for anyone who chooses light rather than darkness, All you have to do is cross the plane of the Milky Way with the innate consciousness that you still have a living body at your command. If you cannot cross the boundary of denial and ignorance while the Gateway of Men is open to you, then you will have to return from the Land of the Dead through the Gateway of Gods, when you do not have a living body at your command.

Have a great crossing at either place. Oh, I forgot, if you want to stand with your head up in Upper Egypt, go to El Amarna. The Horizon of the Sun Disk is currently showing every day for the next few hundred years. If you want to have your head down in Lower Egypt, travel to Easter Island, where the Moai will be coming ashore for an equal amount of time. If you live in Australia, journey to Brisbane, and you can watch the whole of Lower Egypt Passover. Now wouldn't that be a switch on the Exodus!!

And Michael, this analysis confirms your contention that the pyramid of Khufu marks the reference point for the Earth Grid. Where else would they have put the reference point, except at the Gateway of Men, or at the Gateway of Gods. The Gateway of Gods was not built for an additional three thousand years, when Teotihuacan was laid out precisely on the other junction of the Milky Way. That gateway will open around 4400 AD when the Way of the Dead in the heavens aligns with the Way of the Dead built by the Toltecs. Your numbers support the great works of the pyramid builders. So, why not take a recommendation from them, and pass through their Gateway of Men on the Chariot of the Gods. It is a trip to live for! Or, go on the Wings of an Eagle through the Gateway of Gods. It is a trip to die for!

As it is above, so it is below.