At the beginning of this search into Australia's past Siloam.Net's fundamental comment is that published information available on Aborigine Dreamtime stories demonstrates a clear bias against ancient wisdom in Australia. This bias is inherited from the misleading European idea of discovery. When the Europeans left Europe on their voyages of discovery, they declared themselves to be the first world travelers. That is a complete load of ancient Taurus. It is intuition of a virgin people, who forgot the meaning of Sagittarius, on the way through Pisces. To unravel this celestial metaphor, identify the Europeans with the arrogance of Aries, the "I Am," as they strive for Cosmic Wisdom. This the goal of Sagittarius, the "I See," but the Europeans stumbled in disbelief and belief in Pisces, the "I Believe" house. In Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the concept of self aggrandizement was well defined in their myths. The Europeans who came out of the dark ages believed they were passing through a world where no one had ever gone before. These European cultures were the direct result of the genocide which the Romans and the Barbarian hordes accomplished. There is absolutely no doubt that the European Age of Discovery came after the demise of several profound Classic Cultures. These European peoples were the resurrected sons and daughters of those Classic Cultures, without knowledge of their origins. These European peoples believed their ancestors to be ignorant savages, long before Darwin gave them a scientific structure for their own conceit.

I have set up the site at Index of /mossman/gifs to present on going evaluations of ancient Australian art and celestial myths. As the work continues, the directory will be open, so that any file within it can be read. As work reaches completion at any stage, stories that have definite correspondences will be given their own pages. This is a development site.

The files abrigne1.gif and abrigne2.gif were scanned from star chart information provided by Bruce L. Raphael. There are some very interesting points on the star chart. But, before I discuss them, let me suggest that a better representation of the skies be obtained. The star chart does not retain star brightness (magnitude) information properly. has posted abrigne3.gif, abrigne4.gif, and abrigne5.gif in the directory for reference purposes. The file abrigne3.gif is a close approximation to the abrigne2.gif star chart. A quick comparison suggests that the aborigine star chart was hand drawn, with a significant set of the actual stars similar to planispheres (celestial slide rules) used by amateur astronomers. This is fine for story telling. However, it leads to much confusion when we attempt to unravel the stories. The planetarium software available on the market is far superior. and it keeps the magnitude information intact. The story telling aborigine star chart is for complete novices, who would find proper star representations too confusing because of all the information on them. There is one fundamental truth regarding ancient myths to keep in mind. They only make sense when the complete picture is visible. The prime example is the Denderah zodiac. Because the artwork used to depict the heavens is usually presented in mandala format, the potential for information overload is obvious. Most novices become overwhelmed and quit the search. Like any adventure in life, what is received from it depends upon what is put into it.

With that in mind, it is best to assume that the whole of the heavens were deciphered and recorded in the myths of the Aborigine. This assumption will prove valuable whether it is true or not. By making the assumption, it puts the research into the proper state of mind to uncover any intentional intelligence which is recorded in the myths, and avoids the arrogance which has blocked the Europeans from understanding Native Cultures. This may lead to unintentional intelligence, but quitting for lack of patience within any labyrinth is no way out of the labyrinth. The following interpretation is provided as an example of the way stars and stories are associated to reveal "hidden intelligence." If the recovered intelligence is sufficiently profound, it is undoubtedly intentional intelligence, whether intended by the mortal soul or the Immortal Soul is another question.



On abrigne1.gif the statement is made; "The Old People live in the Magellanic Clouds in the Southern Sky and catch their fish and collect lily bulbs from the Milky Way." This statement is associated with "Old People" sitting by a campfire. The location of that campfire and the Old People is in the triangle of Alpha-Beta-Gamma Hydrus. Those three stars make up the Ben-Ben Stone of Ancient Egypt. The abrigne2.gif image shows two stars by the Old Person to the right. Those stars are Alpha Hydrus and Alpha Eridanus (Achernar, End of the River). So, it would immediately be apparent that the location of the Old People corresponds to the location of the Phoenix and the Fountain of Youth. By the way, Achernar is the Pool of Siloam. This is where all "good souls" reside while they wait to return to life. Also, Alpha Hydrus, the apex of the Ben-Ben Stone, represents the location of the south celestial pole between 3400 and 2400 B.C.E. So, these "Old People" are properly placed on the celestial clock.

The catching of fish has direct correspondence to the location and asterism of Sculptor "above" Achernar under the Whale (Cetus), the Southern Fish (Pisces Australis), and the zodiac house Pisces, on the opposite side of the sky. In the Bird Man myth of Easter Island, this is the place where the King goes into the water, and the birds copulate with the fishes. It is a metaphorical place where rationalizations (birds-man) get mixed up and descend to the emotions (fish-woman), to give birth to myths (fire-offspring). The Phoenix sits on the apex of the Ben-Ben Stone and the campfire of the "Old People." The potential connection of Easter Island myths to Australian myths represents an opportunity to unravel Aborigine myth, since the Easter Island myth was recorded on the yet undeciphered Rongo-Rongo script on the Santiago Staff left by the people of Easter Island. This staff is symbolically and astronomically associated with the "fishing pole" of Sculptor. The Rongo-Rongo script retains a male-female-son relationship in triple glyph arrangements. The "son" and the "fire" are to be associated with the hidden enlightenment in nearly all ancient myths. Thus, the campfire of the "Old People" is a genesis location on the side looking toward the top of heaven from Down Under.

In Old People and Kings, we reminisce about the way it was. The Aborigine lily bulbs are another form of Lotus, or pandanus flower. The Lotus is an ancient symbol which represents the holistic aspect of life. The metaphor is taken from the constellation Coma Berenices, which represented the flower floating on top of the Cosmic Waters. The trip to the lotus and the lily bulbs from the brimstone and the campfire symbolizes rising from the dead along the axis of the galaxy. In the Polynesian legend of Hawaii, the flower at the top of the world was brought to Hawaii, which lies at the top of the celestial world, in travelling from the Land Under the Land. Coma Berenices sits close to the top of abrigne2.gif. Thus, the smoke of the campfire rises through the smoke ring of the Milky Way and ascends into the highest heavens. This is the ancient legend which spread all around Oceania.

This may not seem so profound, but the orientation of the Aborigine was that Coma Berenices was up. That is about as good a correlation as we can expect in a first try. It exactly duplicates all the other celestial myths, and ties the Aborigine to Oceania. Siloam.Net does not know the source of the Aborigine star chart, nor how many others there are. But, if we are going to begin with a chart, it is a good idea to begin with the chart which associates the heavens with the concept of creation. From the east southeast on abrigne2.gif and abrigne3.gif we begin with the galactic center near the tail of Scorpio, at the Maya cosmic cervix. On January 1, 2000, the Arc of Creation rises from Mercury through Venus and the Moon to Virgo. The Arc of Creation then passes through the Kingdom of Heaven at Leo and descends through Cancer, and Gemini to Orion. In the center is the Solar Barque, Argo Navis. Thus, we are looking into Genesis at the six days of creation and at the Ark of Noah. This is the celestial Arc of Creation and Recreation in the myths of Western Civilization. This is the Arc of Havaiki i ruga in the land above for Oceania. It would appear that the same meaning of the depicted region of the heavens had occurred to the Aborigine. The nature of the Aborigine images suggest more time distant origins are involved.

Look closely at the Crow in abrigne2.gif, and then find Columba in abrigne5.gif and abrigne3.gif. Columba was the dove which Noah set free from his ark. Also note the prominence of Corvus in abrigne2.gif. This is the Raven of the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh. The fact that the Aborigine Crow sits directly upon the constellation Columba suggests that the Euro-Asian ideas have substantially modified  the Aborigine skies. We know that the Epic of Gilgamesh predates the written Epic of Noah by at least a thousand years, and Noah released a raven before he released a dove. The raven never came back. Could it be that the raven found refuge in the Land Down Under?

Finally, the Aborigine idea of the crocodile near Scorpio, the Caiman of Quetzalcoatl in Mesoamerica, and the Crocodile Cloak of Tauret in Egypt are related visions of the heavens. They occupy the same section of the sky. Whether the Aborigine crocodile carries the same mythological message is still to be determined. But, it is clear that the crocodile represented rebirth and recreation to the Maya and the Egyptians. Does it carry a similar meaning in Aborigine myths? The Aborigine Dreamtime star chart clearly suggests that it does.

Finally, as in the beginning, there is the echo of up and down. Why did the smoke from the fire of the "Old People" rise up toward Virgo and Coma Berenices? Answering this simple question may be the action that causes the door to the ancient Aborigine intelligence to fly wide open. If the Aborigine recognized Virgo as up and Sculptor as down, then they brought the wisdom of the heaven to the Land Down Under. If this scenario proves to be factual, then the Sword Excalibur from England's Camelot has been fetched from the bottom of the cosmic sea where it went after it was grasped in the heavenly lake of the vision of King Author. On the other hand, if it is proven that the Australian Aborigine originated the "cogito ergo sum" spirit at the campfire of the "Old People," then Excalibur was the cutting edge of human intelligence at the Eden in the Land Down Under, and the English penal colony was a return to ancestral lands of disenchanted people from the Land Above. In either case, it is clear that we are on a path to discovering what we have long forgotten. We are the Philistines searching for the lost kingdom of Dagon (fish god) in a land of Nogod (science).


It is hoped that this gets the recovery of Eden in Australia started in the right direction regarding Aborigine star myths. We are all born in the stars. The post Dark Age Europeans seem to have believed that the "Old People" never saw the stars. But, we must not lose sight of the fact that the Dark Ages descended upon the Europeans, while the rest of the world was living under the heavenly lights. Since the time Socrates founded the schools of philosophy (love of wisdom) in Greece, our heritage has been arrogant science, rather than sacred science. We must be aware of this inherited tendency to look down the long sophisticated nose of Socratic sciences (Nogod) to see the savage wisdom of a more ancient people (Dagon). This is not meant on the individual level, but on the collective conscious/unconscious level of dogmatic academia and establishment archaeological science. Our Age of Discovery was, in fact, a continuation of the Age of Genocide which began at the end of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. The quest for enlightenment, which is the goal of the Age of the 5th Sun, is a very competitive race. Whoever wins that race will gain eternal life, all the rest will go the way of the Titans into a dark hole of forgotten memories. To assure that we win that race, we lied to ourselves and to our children. Now we have to go back and defeat that Taurus at our own ancient campfires. But, of course that is why the King falls in the water, so the birds can copulate with the fishes. A dream wet with emotion is a living dream, no matter when the Dreamtime. We are now just a Phoenix with perfume on our feathers. But, the perfume is just a cover up, and we are becoming aware of the folly of covering up the past. It is time for the Europeans to join the Phoenix in the fire. If we are lucky, the worm will turn, and a new Phoenix will rise from our ashes. Then we will become the "Old People" catching fish and collecting lily bulbs from the Milky Way. For all its apparent lack of truth, the ancient skies show us just how insane we can become. Reincarnation of ancient souls was the goal of all the myths. The ancient souls knew that the Golden Age was the time when the fountain of youth prevailed Down Under the great cosmic tree. That, of course, is written on the Arc of the Covenant, which is under the land for which the star chart abrigne2.gif is the Arc of Creation. This is fact. Now we need proof that the facts of life were understood long long long ago.

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