Chart 0: Australia sites for subsequent star charts.
Australian Galactic References

This diagram shows Australia with a zenith grid laid upon it. The red diagonal lines show the two passings of the plane of the Milky Way as it would project down onto the continent when it is at the zenith along the 29 degree 5 minute south latitude line running across Australia north of Sidney and Perth. The two diagonal green lines show the plane of the Milky Way as it would project onto the land when it is at its closest and farthest angular positions from the celestial poles. Knowledge of these lines can allow for determination of approximate dates for monuments, urban grids, and "energy lines" across the continent. The ancient people used these lines to help them to align themselves to the "stationary" heavens. They can be very easily determined by two people facing each other at a good distance (100 feet, or more, for greater accuracy). When the Milky Way crosses the zenith, the two people would signal each other to align with the Milky Way directly behind each of them. Stakes driven into the ground at each position would then mark a reference line for cosmic alignment, until the precession of equinoxes, caused by the 26,000 years wobble of the earth's spin axis, "moved" the galaxy off this reference line. This slow movement became the fundamental message of the heavens. It told the ancient seers what to expect in the future. How much a seer could divine from the celestial alignment is directly proportional to how much the seer knew or could intuit from the observations of the heavens and the earth below.

This was the beginning of the scientific method. It was hallowed by the defining of all the constellations and asterisms which carry the heavenly messages of cosmogenesis. To the ancient peoples, the question of teleology never occurred. They had always read the Creator's intentional design in everything they did. It wasn't until human's began to worship the "names of gods," that the ancient teleology lost its bearings. Then mankind forgot where the stories that generated the names came from. Eventually, the British Empire established a penal colony on the land down under. Now, the ancients are rising from their graves to demonstrate that the land down under marks the place where the relationship between man and the cosmos was first established in the primordial garden. Cosmogenesis in Australia is the celestial genesis location corresponding to the relationship which has subsequently come to be known as the "Word of God" to cultures around the earth.

Land Below The Land Above Australia
Chart 1:
This is a zenith chart at 29 degrees 5 minutes south latitude. This chart shows the heavens looking in the general direction toward the bottom of the galactic axis. The horizon is surrounded by the Milky Way.

Australia Above the Land Below the Land
Chart 2:
This is a mirror image of the zenith chart at 29 degrees 5 minutes south latitude. This chart shows the heavens looking up through the bottom of the galactic axis toward Australia, which, from there is the Land Up Above.

Australia Below the Land Above
Chart 3:
This mirror image zenith chart shows the meridian of the top of the galaxy. This is the view from above and beyond Virgo, Hydra and Centaurus looking down toward Australia, which, from there is the Land Down Under.

Australia Below Galactic Center
Chart 4:
This is a mirror image zenith chart centered on the center of the galaxy. This is the view from beyond the galactic center back toward Australia in the Land In Between. This is Haviki i taputapuatea seen from through the Cosmic Womb. Note the angle made by the plane of the Milky Way with the zenith meridian (~32 degrees). This plane projects onto Australia as shown in the map above. 

Galactic Center Above Australia
Chart 5:
This is a direct image zenith chart centered on the center of the galaxy. This is the view from Australia toward the galactic womb, to which all the visible stars cling. Note the angle made by the plane of the Milky Way with the zenith meridian (~32 degrees). This plane is inverted on the continent.

Australia Below Argo Navis
Chart 6:
This is a mirror image zenith chart of the galaxy crossing the zenith at Argo Navis. This is the view from beyond Argo Navis back toward Australia. Here the occupants beyond the the Solar Barque look for land in the Cosmic Sea. This view could easily be a metaphor for panspermia, or the adventure of Noah. Note the angle made by the plane of the Milky Way with the zenith meridian (~332 degrees). This plane projects onto Australia.

Agro Navis Above Australia
Chart 7:
This is a direct image zenith chart of the galaxy crossing the zenith at Argo Navis. This is the view from Australia toward Argo Navis. This is the view looking back in time toward the Arc of Creation, and recreation metaphor of the Ark of Noah. The Ark of Noah can be seen as Argo Navis with the ecliptic as the Arc of Creation being a bow stretching above the cosmic horizons of the galactic plane. Note the angle made by the plane of the Milky Way with the zenith meridian (~332 degrees). This plane is inverted on the continent.

The Revelation From Below to Above
Chart 8:
Within two centuries of the conquest of Persia by Alexander, a new religion came out of Persia which applied the message of Alexander the Great's conquests to the more ancient Persian religion of Mithra, whose earthly king he destroyed. In the ancient religion, the god Ahriman was known as the "bull slayer." In the new religion, Mithras is shown at the conquest of the bull. The bull was an ancient symbol of the kings of the Orient which Alexander conquered, and the god El. Alexander brought the "face of God" to the tyrannical Zoroastrians. They responded with the new religion, Mithraism.

Mithras Moment
Chart 9:
The Mithras moment is defined by the conquest of Taurus by Orion, Perseus, and Auriga. In the lower world, Orion is sent down the river, Eridanus, by his brother Seth to Sculptor, where he will be resurrected from the dead, symbolizing defeat in the material world, and success in the eternal world. Mithras conquers the bull and the material world by bagging the Medusa's head and crossing the opening in the Milky Way above the Pleiades as Perseus. When he rises to the top of the mountain above the waters as Auriga, his face is aglow with revelation, for he has come into the promised land, by personal responsibility and elimination of the "bull" of the underworld. In the Tauroctony scene of Mithras, the bull is shown with its head to the right. Thus, it is a picture of Taurus from beyond the galaxy. This is the essence of the "bull" of the heavens being perceptions on earth of grander vistas in other worlds. The metaphor is that the light before the face is reality. See it, and salvation will be at hand. This was the path chosen by the "men" of Western Civilization. But, the power of the conquest is in the vision of the "bull of my mother," which is cosmic intuition. 

A legend is born!
Chart 10:
This metaphor is confirmed by looking directly toward the constellation Leo. Here is where the Crow, the Scorpion, the Serpent (Hydra), and the Little Dog (Canis Minor) can be seen under Leo. At the right front paw of Leo is the star Regulus, meaning Little King. The Tauroctony is showing Regulus at the right front paw of the Bull. Thus, though it appears to be the bull, Taurus, all the signs tells us that the bull is really the lion, Leo. And when the initiate sees the lion above as Leo, and the bull below as Taurus, the initiate sees the face of God, and is a reincarnation of Mithras.

The antiquity of the lion, Leo, as the kingdom of heaven is extremely ancient. This star chart is for the causeway of Stonehenge, when it was first conceived around 2850 BCE. The face of a man on a lion's body is a declaration that rational being is the master of the kingdom of heaven. The Great Sphinx is another representation of that metaphor. The cow horns of Hathor and Isis are a metaphor that intuitive being is the "bull of my mother," which is capable of raising the dead.

Uniting the Two Lands
Chart 11:
The idea of heaven above is a direct relationship between human spirits and celestial perceptions. When the "as above, so below" adage is fully appreciated, an initiate to life learns what the goals and aspirations of the kingdoms of the world are all about. In the Egyptian vignette of Nut and Geb, she is shown as the heavenly spirit held up by the sun bearing Shu, the Egyptian neter for rational archetypes. Geb is shown reaching for his mother, Tefnut-Neith, who wears the double crown. This crown symbolizes the joining of the "two lands" under one ruler. Thus, the material rational ideals of Geb, Shu, and Nut, are searching for the arms of Neith, the cosmic mother. She is shown with only her shoulders above the watery abyss. The victory of life is the success one achieves in acquiring the crown of the two lands worn by the Cosmic Mother. The Maya symbolize this conquest in the highest rank of their shamans as Mother-Fathers.

On the back of Nut, we are shown this transcendence by Thoth, the recorder of the heavens. His consort, Maat, gives him the messages from her intuition, because she "faces her lord." The lord is Ra, riding in the sun barque which symbolizes the precession of the heavens by virtue of its direction of sail. Since the heavens are the big picture, the barque is going where the Creator decides. Any who would desire to receive the wisdom of Thoth are advised to pay attention to that intuition which comes through the Eye of Ra as the truth of Maat. Note Thoth bent over the helm in the watery night behind Nut's legs, While Maat has a great dream, shown as a large feather, which she "sees" in the eye of Ra. After crossing over Nut's back, Maat's feather is deflated to a more "realistic" size. Thoth has the "dream feather" guiding the helm, as he sits back with an ankh and a scepter upon his knees. All three occupants have the same size ankh, indicating that Ra, Maat, and Thoth see life in equal proportions. Ra's solar disc is discriminated from the Uraeus serpent, and the serpent wears a crown. Maat's feather may not be so realistic in the final analysis, for she could be intuiting a new dream. The ship sails on to the net of Neith, and the arms of the Cosmic Mother, leaving us all to wonder, "What will the next dream produce?" 

Land ABove the Land
Chart 12:
When we align the heavens so that the top of the galaxy is on the meridian and the galactic plane is a straight line, we see Nut as Virgo who marks the ecliptic in the direction of precession. This is the Arc of Creation.

Land Below the Land
Chart 13:
When we align the heavens so that the bottom of the galaxy is on the meridian and the galactic plane is a straight line, we see Geb as he comes up  from below the south horizon, with his head in the direction of precession. This is the transition from the death of Osiris to the return of Geb. Osiris-Geb is under a great celestial tree, precisely as told in the Egyptian myth of Osiris and Isis. This tree became a pillar in a new kingdom called Byblos. On a metaphorical basis, the story in the heavens became the "Word of God" on earth, and the Bible of Western Culture.

The ecliptic path under the galactic plane is the Arc of the Covenant. This arc carries the message of compassion at Aquarius. But, look closely at the pillar above Geb and below the King (Cepheus). The asterism of the Tree of Life is a palanquin like the one the Israelites used to carry the Arc of the Covenant through the wilderness, and the ones used to ferry the Pharaohs of Egypt on their ritual journeys around their palatial kingdoms. Two cherubims, Taurus and Sagittarius, guard the palanquin and the Tree of Life. Taurus is the symbol of intuitive wisdom, while Sagittarius is the symbol of rational wisdom. Until one passes these two cherubims in the journey of life, the purpose of the Arc of the Covenant, and the place of the Tree of Life are invisible. Passing Taurus is the "aha" of cognition, and the "cogito ergo sum" of Descartes leads to Aries. Taurus is saying, "Go back children. Mama sees danger ahead." Sagittarius passes through the danger with an eye on the center of the cosmos striving for Cosmic Wisdom. But, should the individual return pass over the pool of Siloam, where Geb rises, then the blindness which came at birth will be overcome by the light from the heavens. There, at the roots of the celstial tree is Jacob lying amung the brimstone dreaming of angels ascending and descending a ladder reaching to the heavens. The ladder is the palanquin upon which all the Kingdoms of the World can be seen in a moment in time.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, we all live within the stars. Some are up. Some are down. If we rise up, it is a result of our own creation. If we fall into the bottomless pit and are saved by what we see in the darkness below, it is a result of cosmic creation and the ancient covenant between mortal and immortal being. We can learn of material existence by overcoming the "bull of my mother," Taurus, which is the intuitions we conceive in our virgin cognitions. We can learn of prior esoteric existence by overcoming the mysterious rationalizations of past metaphors of wisdom at Sagittarius. When these two cheribum are passed on the way to Pisces, the tower of Babel (Babe El) comes into view. At the top of the tower are the King and Queen of the Heavens. To the left is Auriga carrying the lost sheep back to the ancient Promised Land. To the right is Aquila carrying the reborn king, Antinous, forward to the virgin Promised Land. Regardless of which way a traveler chooses, from the brimstone of the cosmic campfire, all paths go upward. If we go in the precessional direction, we move toward the future away from the past. If we go in the planetary direction, we move back to the past away from the future. But, the ancient Way of the Dead reveals one awesome fact. No matter where we go, we came from the stars, and they will always be the heavens for us.

Land Above the Land
Chart 14:
This zenith view over El Amarna, Egypt, the ancient site of Akhetaten, lay directly on the north galactic axis, as seen today. Here we can see the first six days of creation. This is the Elysian Fields toward which all Zionist theologies rise. The Arc of Creation begins where the man lifts up the serpent in the wilderness. In the center, a woman ponders the serpent below and the flower above. At the end, male and female twins walk the cosmic beach, with their heads leaning toward the kingdom of heaven, and their feet taking them into the sea below.

Land Below the Land
Chart 15:
This nadir view below El Amarna, Egypt, the ancient site of Akhetaten, lay directly on the south galactic axis, as seen today. Here we can see the second six days of creation. This is the Tree of Life through which all Foundational theologies plan to pass after salvation and return to life. These six days were hidden in the Bible in Exodus 7:24-25 "And all the Egyptians digged round about the river for water to drink; for they could not drink of the water of the river. And seven days were fulfilled, after that the LORD had smitten the river." Taurus is the first Cherubim which guards the garden, and after Taurus the river is smitten by Perseus. The other days were lost forever, as the fourteen periods of the ancient fortnight were confined to seven days of the modern week. It is described in Exodus 16:25-27, "And Moses said, Eat that to day; for to day is a sabbath unto the LORD: to day ye shall not find it in the field. Six days ye shall gather it; but on the seventh day, which is the sabbath, in it there shall be none. And it came to pass, that there went out some of the people on the seventh day for to gather, and they found none." Thus, the Arc of the Covenant hid the resting place of Osiris. In the middle of the arc, a man smites a rock with a staff, and water flows from the great bucket in the hand of Aquarius, to revive a stricken man at the bottom of the world. Here is the eternal celestial abode of Osiris, and his usurper, Moses, a descendant of Seth.

This is the culmination of the journey began by the two children in the fields above. Today the cosmic clock places the northern vernal equinox precisely at the center of the "arc of the covenant." In October 1998, the northern vernal sun began to rise. To the ancients, this meant that the cosmic light would begin to come into day, and the death and darkness of the cosmic abyss would eventually give way, as the Elysian Fields, the Promised Land, and Haviki i ruga came into view.

So, we can see that the celestial version of the Garden of Eden is in the skies of Australia in the Land Down Under. Now it seems, we are beginning to find the hidden treasures which show the way back into the garden where the Tree of Life still grows. Like Mithras, we will not be shown this vision, unless we overcome the bull in the under world. If we can pass through the mysteries of superstition, then we will know that Australia is not located on an island continent down under the earth. Australia is located on a planet above the abyss of a bottomless pit, where all the great stories of cosmogenesis have placed their foundation stones as brimstones at the first campfire in creation. This should be enough to cause the descendants of a misnamed penal colony to reach for its destiny. The Australian skies are the symbol of cosmogenesis for the whole earth, and the Land Down Under is heading toward the top of the world, where the true land flows with milk and honey, until the twins show the way back down under, in the perpetual cycle of the heavens.

All of this is just a fantasy about reality. And that is the essence of a covenant between the mortal and the immortal. It is a metaphor known to those who were born blind, but went to the pool down under, and found a fountain of youth in the center of the cosmos, from which they came seeing. A continent above the fountain below has something in common with the whole cosmos. To come again seeing, ponder with the Lady Above, whether Alice Springs is a name of a city, or a metaphor written in the Land Down Under.



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