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A Chimney in Texas

You have heard that Santa comes down a chimney. Well if you look at those stars over Texas, you will see a Great Square over your head and just to the west of the meridian. If you extend the sides of the Great Square up and down, the chimney comes into view. Now Princess, be careful of the skeptical little children who will tell you there are no lines in the sky. For if skeptics ever took a look through a microscope, they would find that there are no connections between any of the parts of our earthly existence. The microscope shows us that what appears to be solid is in fact just an arrangement of very very small items called atomic particles. Between these atomic particles is an empty space many many times greater than the space occupied by the particles. Everything in the universe is like the lines drawn on the sides of the Great Square, and appear to be something that is somehow connected as one larger being. The only things that are not connected in any way in this universe, are the tiny little minds of the skeptics who say they cannot see.

Look carefully and find the Great Square. Then let your eyes fill in the great spaces between the stars and find the chimney which comes down from the North Pole. See it? Isn't it beautiful? But in Texas, you may be able to see something more beautiful than Santa's chimney. People who live in big cities won't be able to see what the folks in Texas can see in God's country. If you can't see it in your back yard, then go to a deserted place where there are no lights and watch. There you will see our cosmic home, which we call the Milky Way.
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Chimney Smoke

See it in the chart above? That is it right on top of the chimney, like smoke running east and west. Here is an example of a line in the sky, which even the loneliest hearted skeptics can see. Yet, it is not a line at all. It is over a hundred billion stars. That is over one hundred billion celestial fire balls like our very own sun. So if Santa is going to come down that chimney, he will have to come from the Milky Way. But of course, we all came down from the Milky Way, didn't we? In fact, that chimney with the Milky Way on top sort of looks like a tree from Texas, doesn't it? Could it be that Santa's chimney and this Tree of Life are one and the same? Well Princess, that all depends upon whether we think that life is a gift from the heavens.

All the stars in the heavens are moving along the Milky Way, even the sun. In two hundred and twenty million years, the sun will travel all the way around the center of the Milky Way. That is a very long time. The center of the Milky Way is well below the west horizon in Texas on midwinter's eve. But we can clearly see the perimeter of the Milky Way. Look to the east of the chimney where the Milky Way thins out to practically nothing. That's it. That's the direction into "outer space." Beyond that point there are over one hundred billion Milky Ways, which we call galaxies. Goodness, that is a lot of stars. When we look with our telescopes, most of that space out there is empty. Yet, even skeptics see it as one whole universe. So do not be disturbed if at first you cannot see the connections between the stars. The connections are not there in reality, they are only there in the heavens if you take the time to look up. Oh, by the way Princess, the whole purpose of having stars in the first place is to get us to look up. Birds have been using the stars to navigate from the North Pole to the South Pole longer than it is possible to remember. If a bird can find those connections in the heavens, surely the minds of people can find something to look up to.
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Times and Places

Now there is a sky full of places and names. Those names written across the Texas sky were given to connections of stars thousands of years ago by wisemen, who recognized that the whole universe is following some kind of cosmic plan. These ancient star gazers connected the star dots like in a coloring book and divided the sky into sections which they named constellations. Constellation is a word made up of the words connection and stellar, which means star like. Princess Diana has a constellation that belongs to her now. Its name is Andromeda, and it is directly above Texas on midwinter's night. It is shown royal pink in the chart above. In fact, at the moment Diana died, the constellation of Andromeda was directly above the City of Lights where she died. For all eternity, she will be connected to that constellation, for she connected stellar performance in her life, and was rewarded an eternal place in the stars. Just like Andromeda, Diana will forever remain on the tree of life. There is no need to make her a saint, for she is there for us to remember every night.

That line that sweeps from the northeast to the southwest is the path of the sun as viewed from Earth, or the path of the Earth as viewed from the sun. Now if you feel a little skeptical about this, its because you cannot see from the sun. Never the less, there is a place which the sun could see, if it had eyes, that would mark the path of the Earth. As the Earth travels around the sun, it stays on a flat surface like a table, which is called the ecliptic. Ecliptic is a word which comes from eclipse. It is on this flat surface, or plane, that the moon blocks the sun and causes solar eclipses. The best way to remember the plane of the ecliptic is to call it celestial Earth, for it represents the place where the Earth runs around the sun. If the Earth were not running around the sun, there would not be any eclipses of the sun, or the moon. When the moon is eclipsed, the Earth blocks the light of the sun, and its shadow falls across the moon.

The ecliptic is a very special place in the sky. We can watch the sun and moon, and eight planets move along the ecliptic. Four planets are shown in the star chart above for 7:15 pm on December 21, 1997 around Dallas, Texas; Saturn - S, Jupiter - J, Venus - V, and Mars -M. They all move within that background of stars from right to left. Jupiter moves completely around the sky in about twelve years. Because of this, Jupiter is in one constellation along the ecliptic for about a whole year. There are thirteen constellations on the ecliptic, but twelve of them mark the months. Astrologers use them to tell fortunes or read mysteries about a person's life based upon where the sun was when the person was born. They call these constellations the zodiac, which is a Greek word meaning "circle of animals." Six zodiac constellations can be seen over the Texas sky in the star chart above, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricornus. Two others are just beyond the horizons, Cancer to the east, and Sagittarius to the west.

Can you see why they called it a circle of animals in the star chart below? Look closely at Gemini in the east, and find where the sun was when Princess Diana was born (D). Then look right on the meridian and find the place in Andromeda which was directly above Paris when the Princess of Wales was taken to heaven. That's why she will be the Princess of the World forever, she has gone to her celestial home on the World Tree. When she died, the axis of the galaxy was directly above her, and on midwinter's eve, Saturn, the planet that represented the Ancient of Days, Chronos, and Father Time, will be on the axis of the galaxy, also. That is how we know that Christmas 1997 is the year that Santa Claus is coming tonight. He is bringing the beginning of a brand new cosmic cycle.
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Tabernacle of the Sun

Planet means wanderer, and the ecliptic can fool a person who watches the wandering stars. Their motion implies that the future is to the east, for tomorrow they will be a little further east than they were today. But don't be fooled by appearances. Time is measured toward the west in the heavens, as a whole, as assuredly as the sun rises in the east in the morning and sets in the west in the evening. The reason for this is the wobble of the Earth mentioned before. On the star chart at the ecliptic are little blue crosses which show where the sun rose on the first day of spring throughout the movement of the heavens caused by the wobble of the Earth. On this special day the sun rises on a plane which is in the same plane as the middle of the Earth, which we call the equator. Because of that it rises due east everywhere on Earth, and the daylight period is exactly twelve hours. Thus the length of night and day are equal on the first day of spring, and the sun rests at a place called the vernal equinox, meaning spring day of equal night. With our present calendars the day of the vernal equinox is March 20 or 21, depending upon minor variances in the seasonal calendar. Look at the star chart above and find the location of the vernal equinox in the constellation of Pisces in 1997. Look eastward to the date 30 AD, which marks the time for the death of Christ. Look west to the date 3000 AD in the constellation of Aquarius. Now you can see the meaning of the words of the song, "this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius." Even so, the vernal equinox won't be in Aquarius for another four to five hundred years. But when you consider that the length of the cycle of the equinoxes is nearly 26,000 years, we can say that the twilight before dawn is about us. We are to the Age of Aquarius what tomorrow morning is at forty five minutes before sunrise. We can see the glimmer of light on the eastern horizon forty five minutes before sunrise, when it is not quite yet dawn. And we can certainly be aware that sunrise is coming.

Maturity and wisdom are achieved with understanding that universal time is measured by the place of the vernal equinox, as proclaimed in the wonderful Christmas song; "We three Kings of Orient are; Bearing gifts we traverse afar, Field and fountain, moor and mountain, following yonder star. O star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright, Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to thy perfect light." We are searching for the field and fountain, moor and mountain. They are the ultimate extremes of the universal home, but time is recorded by the place where the spring sun rises. It is a tabernacle of the sun, which rejoices to run a race like a bridegroom in his coming out. Following its westward movement will cause us to see.

While we are on this measure of time called the Precession of the Equinoxes, look to the north pole in the sky chart. The dates 1997, and 3000 are shown in a circle of blue crosses. Between those dates is the year 2257. At about that date, the North Pole will move into a constellation called Cepheus. Cepheus is the king that lives near the North Pole. From 2257 until the year 9060, the North Pole will be in the constellation of the king, Cepheus. Well then, this is a man who reigns over the whole region around the North Pole, do you suppose that he could be none other than that fabulous elf who comes down the chimney every year at Christmas time? Look  below at Cepheus sitting on the top west side of the chimney which includes the Great Square, and see if you can find Mrs. Santa Claus, too? Her name is Cassiopeia, and she sits on the top east side of the chimney
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A Great Northern King and His Court

With this place in the stars, it is for sure that Santa Claus will fulfill the dreams of many children, just like Francis P. Church told Virginia O'Hanlon a hundred years ago in The New York Sun. No Santa Claus! Thank God, he lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood. The part about ten times ten thousand years is true Princess, it will take longer than that for the stars to move far enough that wisemen wont be able to see Santa and his chimney. During that time, Santa and his chimney will have been seen in the summer four times, and in the winter five times, counting today. Even so, Santa and his chimney will never come out in the day. The reason why is because the chimney is aligned with a place in the sky which has been called the night for as long as we can remember. That is why he soars off every year saying, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night." If the tree were in the day part of the sky, he would have to say, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Day." If he came in the day we would take him for granted, just like we take our parents and the whole Earth  for granted.

Ptah, an Egyptian Santa ClausHe was not always known as Santa Claus, for there once was a kingdom where he was known as the Great Potter. To see Santa Claus when he was known as the Great Potter we have to go back over five thousand years, before the start of Ancient Egypt. Even then there were many names given to the stars of Santa's chimney. Why it was also called the World Tree, the Cosmic Pillar, and even the wall from which the cosmic egg had fallen back down in the days of the Tower of Babel. The Egyptians and their ancestors called the person who fabricated the Cosmic Egg by the name Ptah. He is a predecessor of Santa Claus. They showed him standing by the pillar which was made up of the Great Square, or they showed him at the potter's wheel as he formed the egg that brought forth the whole galaxy. It is easy to see why they used these characters when we see the appropriate stars around the pillar.





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The Great Potter, Humpty Dumpty

At the very bottom of the chimney was an image of the man the Egyptians called Ptah. He holds a very special device in his hands, which they called a Scepter of Flint. This was a special wand which had a piece of flint on the top end and a two pronged tip on the bottom end. If you have ever seen a fireplace, the chances are that you have seen the pronged device. We call it a fireplace stoker, today. We also use matches instead of a flint stone to light a fireplace. Look at the feet of the man under the chimney and find the hearth for the fire. It has an eternal flame which nearly touches the foot of the man. This connection of stars we call Fornax, which means furnace. Today, we call the man Sculptor. When you consider that sculpting was invented thousands of years after the invention of pottery, it is clear why the earlier name for the man was the Great Potter. Most importantly, the bottom of the stoker in the Great Potter's hands marks the lowest spot in all the galaxy. If the galaxy were a plate like circus jugglers use to twirl on sticks, then the point near the end of the stoker would be at the bottom of the juggler's stick. Around this point, the whole disk of the galaxy spins, just like a potter's wheel, or a juggler's dish.

All of this wisdom about the central axis of the galaxy has been found and lost many times. What has happened over the last forty thousand years of history, for which we have archaeological records, is the cyclical rise and fall of civilization. Each time the cosmic egg was created, it was placed high upon the wall, or pillar of the galaxy, as a great ideal. But from this position great ideals can fall to the whims of skeptics and cynics. The legend of the creative rise and cynical fall of the cosmic wisdom has been recorded in a nursery rhyme about an egg. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again. Can you see Humpty Dumpty sitting on the great cosmic wall? He is Cepheus the king. He moves from the west to the east side of the wall as Cassiopeia, and falls to the bottom as Andromeda. Lying flat on his back, he is the Sculptor at the very bottom of the cosmos. And his future goose is cooked at the furnace.

Well that certainly would not be a good story to tell at Christmas time. Will Santa Claus be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again? If horses and king's men could not do it, maybe the wisdom of children can. Lets go looking for the story about Santa Claus, and see if we can put Humpty Dumpty together again with the help of Santa Claus.

QUIZ: Where is Santa Claus

(1) We need little girls and boys. (2) We need a sleigh and reindeer. (3) We need to see Santa checking out who's naughty and nice. (4) And don't forget Mrs. Claus. (5) Where does Santa come down the chimney, and how do the toys fit in the cosmic story? (6) What about milk and cookies or something for him to eat and drink as he rests by the fireplace after filling the stockings? (7) How does he get back to the cosmic roof top? (8) And last, what does he do until the next time he comes down the chimney? Can you find these parts of Santa's legend by yourself and put Santa back on top of the chimney? All the ingredients are in the next star chart. Just remember what it was like when you were younger, and believed in your dreams. Try your luck on the next star chart, before you find out what Santa Claus did by himself.

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Here comes Santa Claus

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