ON DECEMBER 21, 2012 AT 10:18:13 PM CAIRO TIME

The following is a copy of an email circulated to various individuals with interest in the Cosmogenesis of 2012. If the Ambilac analysis discussed proves to be correct, then the idea of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 has to be expanded to Cosmogenesis 2012, without distinction of region, hemisphere, latitude, or time. If the Ambilac analysis is not materially accurate, the same expansion must inevitably occur in spite of its inaccuracies.

Subj: Dec. 21, 2012 22:18:13, Maya First Fire Ceremony and Resurrection of Osiris
Date: 12/7/99 9:00:47 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Siloamnet
To: ambilac@pangea.ca


I find the following comment at your Ambilac web news page quite fascinating (http://www.pangea.ca/~ambilac/news/newsmain.html).

"The date of alignment as laid out on the plateau occurs on December 21, 2012 at almost precisely 2200 hours, 18 minutes, and approximately 13 seconds. "

I have done some work on interpretation of the information in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, which might be of interest to you. The essays and charts are available at http://www.siloam.net/jenkins/.

I am adding a third appendix which includes star charts drawn for Mexico City and Giza at the precise time you have provided above. At Mexico City, the zenith meridian is directly on the Pleiades. This location may not be the right location, nor the right time. But, the coincidence sure looks like a "First Fire Ceremony" marker in heavens.

When I took the same sighting at Giza I came up with a remarkable piece of information. The zenith meridian at Giza runs through Jupiter at the Hyades in Taurus. The metaphor for this alignment is that the kingdom (Jupiter) will be restored to Egypt (Taurus) at that precise moment. Thus, Osiris, the Bull of Egypt, will return from the dead at 22:18:13 on December 21, 2012. If these calculations can be backed up, you have fulfilled the ancient prophecy. It will also prove that the Hall of Records is the stars. Remember one simple fact. Everything we are and everything we can know, is within the stars. That was the fundamental synoptic meaning of the Giza complex.

These alignments are too perfect to be ignored. Can you provide evidence that supports the logic which led you to the December 21, 2012, 22:18:13 time?


Rush Allen


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Here are the star charts for December 21, 2012 22:18:13 at Mexico City.

Mexico City 2012/12/21 22:18:13, LST: 03:46

Close Up of the Pleiades, Tail of Quetzalcoatl

Here are the star charts for December 21, 2012 22:18:13 at Giza.

Giza Plateau 2012/12/21 22:18:13, LST: 04:26

Close Up of Jupiter in the Hyades

One point is clear in these star charts. The meridian of the caiman's tail of Quetzalcoatl, and the crocodile's tail of Tauret is located at the time indicated by the Ambilac study. Mexico City is at the lower back foot of Perseus, and Giza is at the upper front foot of Perseus. The locations show two different local star times, 03:46 for Mexico City and 04:26 for Giza. The difference results from International Time Zones. Clearly, the Giza pyramids were not designed to include the modern time zones. The most likely coordination would have been with local stellar time. The implication is quite clear, the 13 Baktun date for the end of the Age of the Fifth sun was known at the time of the construction of the Giza pyramid complex. The ritual of the First Fire ceremony in Mesoamerica tells us that the local star time represents the moment when a man crosses the cosmic sea and ascends into the "heavens above." A more ritualistically pure location for commemorating the birth of the new precessional cycle is not possible.

All of this information is preliminary. Anyone who has ventured into these correspondences understands fully the meaning of the "Tricksters in Xibalba," and the usurping brother, Seth, in Egypt. All we can say for sure at the present, is that the stars and the modern analytical procedures have come together in a remarkable correspondence. So, before we go the way of Osiris and Hanahpu, we should look for Seven Macaw and his cohorts, One Death and Seven Death. Once they have been tricked into disclosing their faces, we can win the current round of the cosmic ball game, and join the heavens in declaring the dawn of the New Platonic Year. That was the essential message in the legends of the great pyramid builders, all around the world. All they ask is that we honor them for telling us where and when to look for the new beginning.


Subj: Response
Date: 12/8/99 9:02:37 AM PST
From: ambilac@escape.ca (Ambilac)
To: Siloamnet@aol.com

Thank you for mail.Please address any further mail to me at

More understanding than people are ready for,How far would you like to

Subj: Re: Response
Date: 12/8/99 9:39:28 AM PST
From: Siloamnet
To: ambilac@escape.ca
CC: Siloamnet

The site linked to Ambilac has been set up at Maya-Giza Ambilac Link (http://www.siloam.net/jenkins/ambilac.html).
Take the time to read the essay "Why the Stars Really Matter," linked to this site.

Also, how do I get the "proof" that the December 12, 2012 22:18:13 time is not just a construct of the creative imagination of your efforts? You did not provide me with a clue to the answer in the question I asked in my email.

These alignments are too perfect to be ignored. Can you provide evidence that supports the logic which led you to the December 21, 2012, 22:18:13 time?


Subj: Re: ResponseAmbilac Autocad Drawing
Date: 12/8/99 10:00:41 AM PST
From: ambilac@escape.ca (Ambilac)
To: Siloamnet@aol.com

File: STEP 18.dwg (252629 bytes)
DL Time (21600 bps): <3 minutes

What do you make of this DWG.

Subj: Re:Response
Date: 12/8/99 10:20:15 AM PST
From: ambilac@escape.ca (Ambilac)
To: Siloamnet@aol.com (Rush)

Here are a few sites that you may wish to view prior to getting into
the rest. It took a long time to get to this juncture, and now we are
preparing to give the hard physics.



Subj: Re: Response
Date: 12/9/99 10:31:02 AM PST
From: Siloamnet
To: ambilac@escape.ca
CC: Siloamnet

In a message dated 12/8/99 10:00:41 AM Pacific Standard Time, ambilac@escape.ca writes:

<< Subj: Rush
What do you make of this DWG.


I see a person who has learned how to draw lines using Autocad.

But, the darker side of the DWG is that it represents a hoax.
I asked for information that could show why Ambilac chose December 21, 2012 22:18:13 as a precise moment for the opening of the Hall of Records. What I have received is a clear indication that Ambilac is a hoax.

The date and time you have chosen is based upon an esoteric desire, and a little knowledge about astrology. The pyramid construction site is irrelevant to the choice. That does not mean that you are wrong, just that you cannot back up your assertions with information that can be shown to be ancient.

Thanks, but no thanks. The ancients knew what they were doing, and it was not the smoke and mirrors of technical expertise used to baffle the uninitiated.

I will post your idea to my web site. Maybe some of my associates can help me through this quandary of light.


Subj: Re: Response
Date: 12/9/99 12:04:07 PM PST
From: ambilac@escape.ca (Ambilac)
To: Siloamnet@aol.com

YOU must do as your SPIRIT wills you to do.
- - -
YOU look but see very little,I wish you a fruitful journey....MY path is
set (sorry that it does not meld well with your schedule....)
ALL events will UNFOLD as they are supposed to.
Peace throughout your JOURNEY to DISCOVERY


As I mentioned above, any endeavor to communicate with others, needs to be aware of the potential tricksters. This should not be taken as a slander against James Michael Wilkie. He is absolutely correct when he says, "YOU must do as your SPIRIT wills you to do." The tricksters are the coincidences that occur in the communication. Unless the "Hard Physics" that Ambilac is promising is indeed repeatable by others, we must take the Ambilac information regarding the date December 21, 2012 at 22:18:13 as the moment aligning with the Hall of Records as self inspired, or fall out of a complex of misapplied algorithms.

This does not mean Wilkie is wrong. The "real" celestial conditions accurately align with the event and the location of the Hall of Records, as he suggests. The star charts can be checked out by using any astronomical planetarium program. My charts are taken from three planetarium programs; The Sky IV, Sky Globe, and Redshift. The modern "scientific method" is the objective application and verification of hypothesis such that any pursuer can and will come up with the same information. As to the meaning of any information, that is purely subjective. Adding meaning to the method is the "sacred science" of the ancients, if the meaning desired is cosmic truth, rather than self truth.

Watch for the Fancy BirdThat is the "trickster." When we view information, its meaning will be modified by the position of the viewer, materially, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the "hard physics" of the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty being applied to the subjective world of mind and soul. Before the Popol Vuh presents the story of the death of One Hanahpu and Seven Hanahpu, and the birth of their sons Hanahpu and Xbalanque, it presents the battle against Seven Macaw by the Hero Twins, Hanahpu and Xbalanque. This adds emphasis to the Seven Macaw story. The emphasis acts as a warning that things are not always as they seem. After the battle was won by the Hero Twins, Hanahpu held up the body of Seven Macaw for the next generation to see. The adversary of the twins was made an eternal guiding light, at the Big and Little Dippers.

The mother of the Hero Twins, Blood Moon, told the story of the death of their father, and how she was impregnated by One Hanahpu's words from the gourd that had once been his head. In other words, truth can be passed on in ways that the rational mind could never imagine. In this case, the truth of their fathers' deaths guided Hanahpu and Seven Hanahpu to leave a reminder of the challenges they personally overcame in the place where the sacrificers in the Ball Court played the eternal game. Twice, we are told in the Popol Vuh that ancestors have gone "our way" before us. We are told twice in order to impress upon us the danger and the need for caution. Dedicated ancestors gave their own physical sacrifice in the Ball Court, so that their descendants would be able to go farther than they had gone. This is the "JOURNEY to DISCOVERY" of JAMES MICHAEL WILKIE stretched into eternity. Whether he is one of the Hero Twins, or Seven Macaw depends upon the mental and spiritual position of the traveler. Ambilac tells a fascinating story about archaeology with a good dose of fiction, esprit, and science. If his goal is to entertain, and the browsers in his world want to be entertained, then the reality he presents is as good as any other reality, for "YOU must do as your SPIRIT wills you to do."

At Siloam.Net, we have a different goal. Presently, our goal is established way off the path of the modern herd. It has the specific objective of giving the dead a place to tell their story. Thus, we cannot accept the undeclared means by which Ambilac has "discovered" ancient truths. Ambilac leaves no echoes which could guide us through the Ball Court. Remember, the ancient truths are not time sensitive. Only, ancient lives were time sensitive. The Popol Vuh is a clear expression of ancient truths. The Maya medium of scriptural metaphor carries the ancient truth. That truth says that ancestors will strive to better the lives of descendants. It is not for altruistic reasons, but for a pure selfish reason of the love of self; the first great cosmic truth. In my own "JOURNEY to DISCOVERY," I am fascinated that it is possible to hear the ancients speak through the stars and through their scriptures. This journey does not serve the lives of the ancestors, but it does provide a means for their souls to remain among the living. That is the ultimate goal of life; to achieve an eternal presence among the living.

The presentation of 22:18:13 on December 21, 2012 as an ancient record, was part of the developing journey at Ambilac. That journey does not focus on the wisdom of the ancients, it focuses on entertainment of the living. This desire to entertain is self born, as a reincarnated spirit. Certainly the ancients felt the desire to entertain. But, most important, as children we are awestruck by quality entertainers. In fact, the fundamental reason for using myth to keep the ancient truths alive is because it works. Myths are remembered. Science is forgotten. If this were not true, then we would not be looking for the secrets of the ancient science. Our ancestors fully understood that a good story is only good for as long as it lasts. For a story to last, it must catch the attention of the listener. It must be simple. It must be profound mystery. And it must promise great reward to those who find the secret Hall of Records.

Ambilac carries on the myth that the Hall of Records is under the paws of the Great Sphinx. This was a famous prophecy statement made by Edgar Cayce. This "seer" saw visions which carried truth. The mystery is how did he do that. The answer is quite simple. He believed in the intuition and the eternal nature of cosmic spirits. He rode the "Chariot of the Gods." Belief is the great chariot that carries eternal stories. But, given that the information transfers through intuition and spiritual perception, that does not mean that all such information is interpreted as intended. Ambilac ties the Hall of Records to the intuitive revelations which John Major Jenkins presented in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. Cayce and Jenkins are not ancient sources.

First, the date December 21, 2012 has been well established for some time, and John Major Jenkins's book adds "authority" to the date. As for the time, we need look no farther than Jupiter. The fact that Jupiter aligns with the time 22:18:13 on December 21, 2012 could easily have been determined without going through the geometrical gyrations that Ambilac has supposedly gone through. The sources for the information could all be New Age intuitive metaphysics. Again, I need to make it clear that the question is not whether Wilkie has found the proper information. The question is whether it was written at the paws of the Great Sphinx in the layout of the Giza plateau.

Lets look at the ancient method in greater detail.
Here is information which can be retrieved from any astrology program, without celestial accuracy.

The following chart is a Tropical Zodiac chart which put the 1st of Aries
at the vernal equinox, which is approaching Aquarius.
Jupiter sits precisely at the zenith position in Gemini .
The time is accurate, but the placement in the stars is considerably in error.
Without the proper placement in the stars, the ancient perspective will be distorted,
even though the actual timing can be replicated based upon planetary cycles.
Our ancestors used the background stars to create navigational myths.
They used these myths to navigate their physical and spiritual souls.
Tropical astrology uses the solar system to navigate the rational soul.
The cosmic materiality contains the planetary materiality, but not vice versa.

The planets are left in the same positions, but the heavens are rotated to
coincide with the "real" cosmic presence in the following chart.
Jupiter sits precisely at the zenith position in Taurus .
In the cosmically correct presentation, Jupiter is in Taurus, rather than Gemini.
In this way, the Bull of Heaven, which to Egypt was living Osiris,
accepts the second eye of the king planet. This happens when the cosmic celestial cycle
begins it next revolution. Thus, Osiris is presented when the "Sun begins to Rise."
Ra is headed for the sun boat, Argo Navis, and enlightenment will bring in the day.
This message can be directly read in the asterisms of the cosmos,
but is entirely hidden in rationalizations of tropical astrology.

In its supposed position at 8 degrees 43 minutes in Gemini, the planet Jupiter gives a reading very similar to the gnosis expressed by Jim Wilkie. In fact, one would almost be inclined to suggest that the nature of Jupiter is the spirit of the Ambilac publications and their quest. So, who chose the time of 22:18:13, Wilkie by analysis, or Jupiter by cosmic divine ordination?

Tropical astrology adopted it rules during the days when Babylonian/Chaldean astrologers and Zoroastrian Magi calculated the heavens. The fundamental technology was once a "real" connection to the cosmos. Now it is a "true" connection to the cosmos. The truth is rational psychological truth, and tropical astrology is a Sol Invictus rationalization, which kept the old cosmic rules but denied the supreme nature of the cosmos. Because of the complexity of actually looking at the heavens to see where the solar system resides, the Sol Invictus conquest just denied the stars their voice. Like any divination system, the Cosmic Divine has a hand in it. So it is with Wilkie's method. They both believe that "wisdom by insight and understanding is a very free spirit."

Freedom is good. Alexander the Great attempted to break the strangle hold of the Asiatic astrologers, by wiping them off the face of the earth. The result he almost achieved was the wiping of his name from the Hall of Records. The Asiatics established the cult of Mithras as a deification of the Persian spirit of Alexander. The Egyptians established the Ptolemaic dynasty of God-Kings with Alexander as the principle savior and Son of Amun. The Book of Revelation describes the final battle at the "end times," when that great city of Babylon met its end. However, Revelation indicates that it would take two millennia to complete the purification, before the Sun would rise again. When the sun begins to rise, enlightenment comes with it in the form of spiritual intuition. This is the fundamental change which the earth is undergoing as the new millennium dawns. Wilkie has found a nitch to feed the hungry masses the intuitive spirit they desire in the guise of science they can accept. His intuition is bolstered by the goddesses of unintentional intelligent design. Intuition is the passive feminine process of creation which has provided "all" truth. But, when the gyrations at Ambilac show the complex rationalizations of the pyramid plateau design, they are not presenting "intentional intelligent design." If the truth comes through in Ambilac's complex algorithms, it is because Wilkie has direct contact with the goddesses through is powers of intuition. The Ambilac algorithms found what was being sought, and what was intended, but not by the method intended by the designers. This is a common path to truth, but it is the Path of Seven Macaw.

The quest at Siloam.net is bound by a material and spiritual bondage which requires that the freedom of the analyst be confined to the analysis procedures, and not to the messages being read. In other words, "listen while others speak." The Siloam.net objective is to obtain evidence of intentional intelligent design. By intelligent is meant that the design communicates a message of ancient and timeless truth. By intentional is meant the message must be expressed in such form that chance can be ruled out in the meaning perceived, and the meaning was intentionally put into the form discovered by the analysis process. In other words, the ancient builders of the Giza complex were as the gods and the resulting pyramid complex is a human form of teleology, e.g. the Bible. When the analysis defines a desired result, the "listen while others speak" process is violated, and Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty becomes most relevant. Then psychic energy going to the message from the receiver of the message, makes the meaning of the message uncertain. Precisely analogous to atomic speed and placement analyses from which Heisenberg's principle is derived. Communication is a two way street. If we talk, we cannot listen, without modifying the meaningful intent of others who are speaking.

Wilkie's presentation is his form of teleology, as was astrology after the end of the Age of Aries. The truths he presents are as timeless as astrology. But, the truths were "probably" not established by the human pyramid builders in the form Wilkie conjures and intuits. They were established by the forces of nature and by the method of analysis. His method of analysis substantially modifies the perception and introduces uncertainty as to the intentional intelligent design. This is a form of teleology which cannot be separated from a Supreme Being's edict, for the intelligence is living in synch with the edict. Synchronisity does not convince any accept those in synchronous formation.

God may speak directly to an individual, but whatever the individual perceives cannot be brought out to others, except as an expression of a memory. The synchronous formation is broken by the telling of the tale. This is also the form of the great eternal truths which are secured in the "Hall of Records." Because of this, the greatest stories ever told are synchronized with the stars. In this way, the message, the messenger, and the receiver can be synchronized without sharing the same moment in time. Like any science, it is magic to the uninitiated. To the initiated it is just common sense. Time is just the position of the keys on the piano, the stick on the drum, the slide of the bow on a violin. When properly synchronized, time is no longer relevant. The harmony of the cosmic sphere knows not time, for its rhythm is locked to the cycles of the heavens. The ancients perceived this eternal truth, and wrote their music to the drum beat of the stars.

Intuition is the flame in the Hall of RecordsThe technique employed by Wilkie, and metaphysics in general, bypasses the bondage of the material world to space, or the place called time. The truth is that intuition is the only way to acquire information, even when the symbols are found in dictionaries, because the dictionary only provides associations. Intuition provides the inspiration of a communication as a cosmic spirit. The information must pass through the sensory facilities of the body and the perception processes of the mind. The total power behind these facilities and processes is practically infinite. That is why intuition leads to "judgments" based upon faith and desire. The learned man sits in a cave protected from the past by material substance, and perceiving the world to come on a "JOURNEY to DISCOVERY." The ultimate discovery is the "last judgment."

When intuitive ingredients are added to the mixture of external archaeological substance, such as the positions of stones, it becomes difficult to separate the ancient message from the living perception because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. This principle employs tricksters like the arrogant enemy, Seven Macaw, and the caring mother, Blood Moon, working on the harmony of the subconscious mind. When we are influenced by the bright and noisy bird of Seven Macaw, we tend to see what we presently want to see. When we are influenced by a mother who cares for the past and the future we look to join the past and future in the present. As Seven Macaw, we communicate within ourselves and not with the external world in which we are fortunate to live. By creating the great monuments, the ancients kept themselves on our minds. They are in the feet made partly of iron and partly of miry clay.

That form of eternal life is open to all who can create a great mystery and tell a great story. Wilkie is a master at mixing many ingredients into an intuitively plausible account of what the ancients have said. The authors of the Maya Popol Vuh, the Egyptian Chapters of Coming Into Day, the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, and the Rig Veda, to name a few, have all taken the ride in that vehicle of inspiration.

The intuition that is associated with a new year, a new century, and new millennium, and now a new Platonic cycle, suggests that a great change is in the cosmic works. The change which will occur, whether we desire or perceive it to be happening, is that the cycle will renew itself. The change which is clearly written in the Hall of Records is that the ancient truths will be reborn on Friday, December 21, 2012 at approximately 10:18:13 pm local Cairo time, when Osiris rises from the grave. All we have to do is come to the realization that we are living within the Hall of Records. When the book cradled in the arms of the man with a feathered headdress sitting on a throne of water in a material cave is opened, the Hall of Records will be within each and ever soul that accepts its truth. Then the eternal flame will burst forth from that cave and change the man who cradles the book. As the man changes, so changes the earth. We occupy the ball court, today, and some of us will win the game, while others will lose their heads. But, one thing that will never change is that "JOURNEY to DISCOVERY" in the HALL OF RECORDS.

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