Scroll at each figure to examine details such as date, time and location. All times are Universal Time, and the solar eclipse is synchronized to 12:00 UT on June 21, 2001, 35 minutes (35 nautical miles) east of the Grenwich Meridian.. The position of the sun and the moon are shown for the specific location and time indicated. Read the caption with the mouse cursor over the image for a preview of the message. Read the figures in the icons of the heavens, or in the icons of the temples to achieve a correspondence which would have been understood by the ancient sacred sciences. Then click on the image for the next image. (Allow sufficient time for all images to load.)

Path of total eclipse for June 21, 2001.

Meridian of total eclipse June 21, 2001

Orion walks on water, and the wings of Horus.

The dream of Kingdom Come, fulfilled.

The earth sits at the right hand of the Father.

Mercury at Achilles Heal, Pluto in Bosom of Abraham

Another Maya prophecy fulfilled. 13 Baktun is announced.

Ascension Island, the first landfall. Saturn marks the time of ascension.

At the "Hole's Mouth.

The foot of the Son of Man has ascended over Ascension Island.

High noon on the wings of the Dove.

The messenger Dove brings the Shepherd's message of salvation.

Circumcision of the King, and the giving of the eye.

On the wings of a snow white dove, a chariot of fire.

Yodh is the tail of Seth!
Yodh is the tale of Seth!
Without Seth, there is chaos!
With Seth, Chaos has a name!
The Intent seems to be that Seth rules,
but, all Seth does is define chaos.
That is the power of the rational mind.
By definition, no less.

The Great Provider has come, and she has prepared a place for him.

June 21, 2001 is a statement echoed for more than 5,000 years in temples constructed around the world, and in myths carried on the lips of many ancestors. It marks the moment the solstice sun rises above the galactic plane, and human consciousness reflects with recognition on the coming kingdom.

Venus brings lunar darkness as the bright and Morning Star.

Perseus rises from the coils of the Crooked Serpent.

Horus and Set bring the light.

A vision of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Seth poles his way along, with a rational approach, but insufficient time.

When faith in ancetral wisdom inspires, time is no longer of the essence.

To be completed soon.


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