ON AUGUST 11, 1999


Path of a Total Solar Eclipse   The Sky V5.0

Path of the solar eclipse on August 11, 1999.

Sunrise south of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Greatest eclipse between Belgrade, Yugoslavia

and Bucharest, Romania.

Sunset east of Nagpur, India.

First land fall at Cornwall, England with detail charts above.

Prophecy of the Osiris chapel ceiling star chart at Denderah temple to Hathor fulfilled by the eclipse of August 11, 1999.



\/ Temple to Hathor in Denderah. (Scroll by hand) \/

Denderah Temple to Hathor|



\/ Mandala from the ceiling of the Osiris chapel at the Temple to Hathor in Denderah. (Scroll by hand) \/
Denderah Zodiac, Louvre MuseumThe temple to Hathor at Denderah, Egypt was constructed as a monument and a learning venue for Motherhood. The design of the monument carries the celestial theme throughout its grand architecture. Within each chamber and hall are magnificent and profound works of art which glorify the qualities of benevolent motherhood. In the entrance areas are fully inscribed columns with the Nile Lotus replaced by the head of Hathor wearing her traditional wig over cow ears. The temple is the product of the Hellenistic Period after the conquests of Alexander the Great during the Ptolemaic Dynasties, just prior to, and overlapping the initiation of the Christian era..

Denderah Columns with Hathor CapitalsComa Berenices and the Flower on Top of the World   Redshift 3The Nile Lotus and the Wig of Hathor are both symbols of the object held in the hand of the constellation Virgo. Modern astronomers recognize the wig as Coma Berenices; the wig of Berenices. However it should be self evident that the stars at the top of the axis of the galactic sphere can be connected to look like a sprig of wheat, an ear of corn, a Red Pandanus, a Nile Lotus, an Indus Lotus, or any fertile flower. The essence of a fertile flower is the theme of the temple to Hathor, and the essence of benevolent motherhood. This essence is drawn directly from the positions of the stars at the top axis of the galactic plane of the Milky Way, perceived from earth.

In the ceiling of the Osiris chamber the architects installed a cosmic story about the deflowering of motherhood. The story was told as a prophecy, and an example teleology; the belief that design and purpose are apparent in nature. It is derived from the Egyptian record of the experiences of life, and their recorded knowledge of the most ancient traditions of the whole world. It is the quintessential document which relates to the conversation between the Egyptian priest and Solon in Plato's dialogue by Critias. For the monument reads like a history book, in which the clock of the heavens defines the space-time frame, and the rhythm of Plato's Dance of the Gods. Besides a history of the ancient world, the monument tells a story about the maturation cycle of human souls in the whole of Western Civilization for an additional 8600 years to come. The solar eclipse of August 1999 demonstrates that the great accuracy of the celestial knowledge of the temple architects included dramatic teleological aspects. Within the presentation of their material science, the spiritual message of the Egyptian priests and priestesses is clearly visible. It is a story about love and reason, arrogance and wisdom, banishment and salvation. Most of all, it is a story about a man child (Horus) and his mother (Hathor), and the dialog of mankind with the Creator.

This is the Greatest Story Ever Told. It has been told around the world. In Polynesian traditions it is the legend of the Land Under the Land, where a disenchanted wife meets a stranger and goes to the Land of Shadows to have her husband's child before returning to the top of the world with peace in her heart, and a Red Pandanus in her hand. In Mesoamerica it is the legend of Hanahpu and his brother Xbalanque. In Mesopotamia it is the legend of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, among many others. In India it is the dance of Shiva. In China and east Asia, it is the dance of the Sun Dragon. The Bible tells the same story with many different players, including Adam and Eve, Isaac and Ishmael, Aaron and Moses, John and Jesus, and the Child of the Madonna. On August 11, 1999, the sun winked as it entered into the Kingdom of Heaven. To let this incredibly important moment pass without recognition of its historical value would be a sacrilege against all that has been sacred since the beginning of the dialogue between man and Creator. For, to be silent is repression. Thus, this story is being told in the hopes that a modern world is not so cosmically deaf that it has lost all value in its ancient sacred meaning.


The reason why so many of the world's sacred myths have a familiar ring to them is the fact that they were all taken from the same patterns in the stars. To say that the stars contain Plato's Lost Island of Atlantis would not be an exaggeration, for the stars contain all the lost legends of our past. The legends are all testaments to the observational brilliance that accumulated at the predawn and early dawn of civilization. They are the foundations of our modern Jungian archetypes. Within these great legends is an unmistakable common belief in the benevolence of Mother Nature. It is the trust and faith that humans gave to Mother Nature that caused her to be deflowered as Western Civilization became a domain of the rule of law. Civilization is not to blame for her being deflowered. It is a process which humanity must pass through. Mother Nature deflowered herself so that the man child could grow to full maturity. The stranger she had come to know was the rationalizing husband and the immature son that she loved so dearly. They had forgotten her value as the vessel of life. In her own words, as spoken through her son, we find the echo of all the great legends.

John 14:1-3
1   Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
2   In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.
     I go to prepare a place for you.

3  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself;
    that where I am, there ye may be also


Deflowering of SeshatThe deflowering of motherhood is the essential path which all children must follow, sooner or later. For you see, it is not the mother's body that is deflowered, it is the ideal of the goddess she represented when we were young. Our rational mind searches for scientific truth, in the hope that one day we can be independent of the myths we learned within the mothering bonds that we hold in the memories of our youth. When we finally reach the end of our adolescent umbilical cord, it breaks, and we search for the mothering bonds to find out what went wrong. As we turn back, we can become a "pillar of salt" and lose all emotional bondage, or we can shed the tears of our temporal identity and be grateful that the Cosmos was willing to give us mothering when it was needed. After the bond is broken, it can be restored again by the simple grace of gratitude. Then we become wise and are capable of passing on to those who follow us, the stories we once believed to be the material and maternal facts of life. At the end of our mother's cord we learn that she had prepared us to break the bondage of the rational umbilical cord, which was our dream of her divine nature. A few years wandering in the wilderness is all that any rational person needs to recognize that we do not live in a world dominated by the rational ideas of men, we live in a world bound to the breast of Mother Nature. We cannot break that bondage by death. We can only stress and distort it by denial during life.

Hidden behind the logic of this microscopic maturation cycle of a single human soul is the macroscopic maturation cycle of civilizations. Like individuals, civilizations strive to break the umbilical bondage. And like individuals, health is restored when a civilization recognizes that Mother Nature knows only Tough Love. She gives us a scepter of flint as proof that we are capable of self inspiration when we walk in the pits of our emotions. She gives us a flail as proof that we can overcome physical stress. She gives us a crook as proof that we can lead others to the Promised Land. And last, she gives us a door through which we can pass a material record of our lives on to her children who come after us. In Egypt the door was Rostau, where Osiris ascended to Orion, and the Great Pyramids promised his return. It is through that door that the present essay will lead. The metaphor of the way of the door has been fabricated many times and in many ways. The ceiling monument in the chapel to Osiris is a detail of Mother Nature's passages through the cosmic door into the mystery of the heavens.|


Man Child Discovering TruthHathor is clearly shown in her aspect as Mother Earth in the vignette above. With a trained eye one can see the Land Below the Land and the flowers in the Elysian Fields above. There is a bovine image at the boundary where the two lands meet in the sky. Most often the bovine is recognized as the bull Taurus. In the Mithraic Mysteries, the sun god Mithras realizes that the heavenly bull is the "tough love" of Mother Nature. As Mithras realizes this cosmic truth, his face glows with the rays of heavenly light, and he ascends into the heavens above, where Virgo awaits with her flower. In the heavens, Taurus is next to Gemini and Orion under the charioteer, Auriga. Mithras passes over the bull through the seven sisters of the Pleiades, to be taken up on the chariot. His journey is that of Perseus sacrificing the head of the Medusa. It is also the journey of Elijah.

At the center of the Hathor vignette and the Denderah zodiac is the image of Tauret. She is a pregnant hippopotamus who wears cow horns and a crocodile skin cloak. In the heavens, she is the Sun Dragon, Draco, which marks the north axis of the ecliptic plane. The cloak around Draco is the Milky Way. The crocodile can be seen in the Milky She protects her children within her mouth.Way with an open mouth through which the swan Cygnus, the fox Vulpecula, and the Eagle Aquila are moving. Coming out of the mouth of the crocodile is the end of the tail  of Serpens. Also, within the mouth is the child Antinous, or Horus the son of Isis and Osiris. Like a river crocodile, Tauret protects the young within the cage of her teeth. (See the Valley of Kings for details.) 

As a metaphor and an image of the view of the heavens, Tauret says that the solar system is covered by the Milky Way. The child on the eagle's wings sits at the door to the upper world in Tauret's mouth, waiting for the father to open the ways. It is the Sky Father who must open the ways to the top axis of the Milky Way and the flower in the hand of the Virgin. The underside of the galaxy is entered through Taurus. This man and bull is the ancient god El. Mithras strives backward in time in a vain attempt to defeat the bull, only to realize at the last minute that he has been fighting the bull of Mother Nature, for the sake of the Kingdom og Heaven. That revelation is the ultimate objective of all the great cosmic legends. They all say that we can overcome our struggle with Mother Nature, when we accept her benevolence and protection in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Hathor vignette demonstrates a budding djed pillar of Osiris in front of Tauret's pedestal. Beyond the budding djed pillar is a still budding djed pillar under a table overflowing with abundance. The purpose of Hathor as Mother Nature is to provide the budding life with an opportunity for receiving abundance. When the process of life is complete the vignette illustrates that recognition for spiritual (scepter of flint), physical (flail), and mental (crook) accomplishments is the reward for the good life. The neter standing in the door under the head of the hawk of Horus and his seven spirits is Osiris-Seker. This is the constellation Sculptor at the bottom of the axis of the galaxy. The cycle of life is demonstrated by the repetition of an empty door in the Land Under the Land, also known as the Land of Shadows, Xibalba, and Hades. At the bottom of the Cosmos there is a great door in the Wall of the Ruler at the asterism of the Great Square of Pegasus. By listening with an eye to the heavens, it is possible to hear the ancients describing the vision which will be before the face when truth overcomes the arrogance which attempts the deflowering of Mother Nature. No matter how great our scientific knowledge will become, it will always be subject to the will of the cosmos. That is the message written in the Denderah monument, the vignette to Hathor, and the Tauroctony of Mithras. Finding the truth in that message is the method of the sacred sciences. We can search throughout the whole universe for truth. But, when it comes, it will come from the same places where it had come before. When we listen to the Fables of the Ancients, the future will unfold as a resurrection of the past. That is the mystery of teleology.


On August 11, 1999, the message of the Denderah Zodiac was displayed in the heavens, once more. This essay cannot possibly describe the complete holistic understanding which gave birth to the Denderah temple, so it will attempt to show the prophetic correspondence in one solar eclipse. Those who want to experience that which is before the face, will see the handwriting on the cosmic wall. Those who would rather protect their own mental treasures will not care to read what is before the face.

The Boundary Between Life and Death.When the sun went out during the day on August 11, 1999, it was at the boundary between Cancer and Leo. On the Denderah, that boundary is shown with Mercury standing on Virgo's light at the side of Cancer. This wisdom was directly repeated at the time of the eclipse, for Mercury came out of a retrograde loop in Cancer, as Virgo was holding the cosmic light on the eastern horizon.

The Denderah shows Cancer located on the boundary of a circuit of icons inside the circuit of icons which contains the Leo icon. That is because Cancer represented the transition from the material inner most circuit of icons to the physical inner circuit of zodiac icons that ends with Leo. Cancer, which corresponds to feelings, is identified with the transubstantiation of the senses. Life in all its forms begins its journey when feelings can be used to evaluate substance. Thus, the boundary at Cancer and Leo is to be associated with a new beginning of sensual life after the completion of the prior material and maternal cycle. To the ancients it meant that their wisdom would begin to make sense to an unfeeling world when Khephera (Cancer) carried the sun toward the Morning Star, Regulus, at the back front foot of Leo, as announced by the love in Venus. Which was implemented in the heavens by the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999.

On the back of the Leo icon rides a young prince who holds a flail in his hands. This is the Prince of Peace who has learned to master feelings in the cycle that begins in Cancer and ends in Leo in the direction of the precession of the equinoxes. This cycle is still stated in the Tropical Astrology of the West as the spirit names of the twelve zodiac constellations; I Feel, I Think, I Have, I Am, I Believe, I Know, I Use, I See, I Desire, I Balance, I Analyze, and I Will. The line of the first fish in Pisces is negative belief as the I Am attempts to get past the Wall of the Ruler. Reading these spirit names in the precessional order of the Denderah stone, it is clear that this is the cycle which goes from emotional birth (Cancer) to self will (Leo) and on toward physical abundance (Taurus). The messages contain Persian Zoroastrian wisdom in the icons of Egypt. The temple was reestablishing the Kingdom of Heaven after the defeat of the Zoroastrians.

To accomplish this metaphor on the monument, the positions of Cancer and Taurus are adjusted to cross the material-physical and the physical-rational boundaries. The bull of Taurus leaps across the boundary toward the adept man and Bastet at the east boundary of Pisces. Below the feet (outward radially) of Taurus is a man and a woman with a boar between them. These represent male and female intuition. Thus, they are the bull of each. Masculine intuition tends to be pointed in focus, as implied by a single star next to the man and the boar. A woman's intuition is multifaceted and strives for a consensus. Here we see seven stars for the woman's intuition, which is a clear symbol of the goddess Seshat, who is the mistress of measure. Since she is kneeling, she is obeisant to the rational deity identified as a stiffnecked ram. Thus, Seshat, and all the goddesses she served, was deflowered for the sake of single minded masculine intuition, better understood as submissive perception yielding to assertive perception. Above the boar are fourteen stars. These are the fourteen parts of the body of Osiris, the "Bull of My Mother." An indication that masculine intuition was immature in its single-mindedness. That theme is the essence of the passage through Aries and most of Pieces on the monument.

This maturation process is directly contrasted with the pathological paradigms of modern psychology, which stop at self identity, which is the spirit of I Am in Aries. Modern psychology cannot cross the ruling wall of the material domain. The fundamental difference is that the cosmology of the Denderah monument is totally subject to and obtained from observations of the life that pass before the face. Modern psychology, religion, and scientific approaches in general, deny the active participation of the Cosmos. In fact, it is a clear goal of practitioners of modern scientific methods and Western religions to eliminate any form of spirituality that cannot be managed by a rational paradigm arising from an assertive perception. We have learned to communicate with our paradigms and forgotten that our paradigms are just models of communications with our senses. When the "natural" power of the senses is established at the "foundation" of the world, the Wall of the Ruler can be breached, tunneled under, passed through, or converted into a ladder up to the mysterious heavens with the help of mature intuitive skill. The Wall of the Ruler is tyranny by the rational being. It will attempt to corral others into its service. This is not selfishness, rather, it is focused dedication to a single objective; killing the cow of submissive intuition in a search for rational truth is a response to assertive intuition. When Mithras realizes what he has given up, he goes with the divine wind of submissive intuition. The bull of the Taurectony is composed in the form of the lion in Leo, and it represents Mother Nature in the Kingdom of Heaven.


A Man Walks on Compressed WisdomTo understand the spirit nature of the serpent under the lion's feet, we have to look back to the place where the adolescent child was released from its mother's bondage. There we will see a cocky man with the flail and a scepter striding boldly in a wilderness above a serpent with an atef crown. This is an embellished crown of Osiris. It represents virtuous experience by rational means (white pin and feathers). The compressed serpent tells us that the virtuous experience was not received by wandering in the wilderness, it was received as stories told by the "Old Crow" earlier in the cycle of life. This matriarchal story teller is shown as the Crone below the back feet of Leo on the monument. This grandmother's child acquires a misunderstood belief that her knowledge is superior to all enemies and he will receive the reward of the heavens by virtue of her knowledge. This belief is the inspiration symbolised by the scepter in the left hand. The flail on the right shoulder implies courageous action. Together they demonstrate the words of Ps 23:4. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." When we return to the Leo lion icon, we recognize that the serpent has no more folds. In other words, the mysteries of the journey have all been unwound. Now we need to see how the Cocky Man became a Prince of Peace riding in the Kingdom of Heaven, with regal understanding of the meaning of the flail. Eventually, the child will receive the scepter again, and when it is received the second time it will be gripped by two hands extending from the gut. The power of the scepter is so great, that it must be held close to the bosom in both hands, for it is gut instincts in the form of mature intuition. Rational knowledge fails when we walk in a wilderness which our paradigms do not comprehend. This is the journey of life as identified on the Denderah monument. Faith in one's self is mandatory, yet treacherous. It is a great roller coaster with many hills and dales, turns and loops. The way of the adept is to hang on to the scepter of inspiration for dear life and abundant dreams.

Judgement of the Instincts of RationalityIn the beginning, the young scribe was filled with faith in its teacher. Such is the case with our instincts, for they were prepared for us before we were born. When we start to apply those instincts we put a hand to the plow to build a kingdom to come.

On the Denderah stone, the planet Saturn stands between Libra and Virgo. When the monument was designed the existence of the planet Pluto was not known. Saturn was recognized by the ancients as the "Ancient of Days." Thus, Saturn's position defines a Last Judgment. During the eclipse of August 11, 1999, the planet Pluto was located under the hand of Ophiuchus nearest Libra. This is the location of the hand of Ra holding the scepter on the Denderah stone between Scorpio and Libra. The position of Mars at the apex of the balance in Libra on August 11, 1999 tells us that it is the rational aspects of the cosmos that are on trial in the hall of the last judgment. The decision to be made is whether the rational being will be born to a new truth, or will it descend to the valley of shadows with a chance to dream a new dream in the dungeon of the Cosmic King.

The decision has two possible outcomes, as shown at Libra. One leads to the jackal at the hand of Tauret. This is a return to the material source scenario, for she represents the material aspects of motherhood in the solar system and the galaxy. It is the path of starting from the beginning, again. The second outcome is through Virgo who shows the way with the light of wisdom (Mercury) held toward the Kingdom of Heaven. This route will result in no more judgments, for it passes through the "ancient of days." Being born of the Virgin will lead the child on the balance to become a Prince of Peace in the Kingdom of Heaven. In front of Leo and on top of the Cow of Hathor, which symbolizes Mother Earth, stands the icon of Jupiter. The implication is that the Prince of Peace will become the Ruler of an abundant World, for Taurus on the other side of Jupiter is looking toward the Lion with a beckoning glance.

Teaching RighteousnessThis whole process of a judgment day is a direct result of the school book learning process used by the Teacher of Righteousness and the Crone. This approach to learning was implemented after Alexander "saved the world," with the library at Alexandria being the primary focus of rational learning. The ancients were saying that first impressions must be judged. To us they feel like absolutes, for we use our instinctive first impressions to measure our world. If we deny the Teacher of Righteousness, then we will have no basis for rational being. She stood upon the Word, and we trusted her voice. At the last judgment we will analyze our instinctive lessons and our rationalizations of them. It is through this honest self "analysis" at the "end time" that we are born again of the Virgin. Her spirit name was, and is, I Analyze. To achieve self will (Leo = I Will), it is mandatory that the individual be able to analyze subliminal feelings as well as rationalizations. Freud was given credit for this wisdom some two millennia after it was inscribed on the Denderah stone, with his Super Ego, Ego, and Id. The stone says that a Teacher of Righteousness in the form of a lioness will transfer the basic instinctive record, while the Cosmic Father will be the judge.

I KnowOn a precessional basis, the journey to rational truth begins at the mouth of the lioness (Sekhmet) passing through Cancer on a journey to the lion's kingdom in Leo. Humans are distinguished from the animals by the capacity to convert experience to abstract symbols and abstract symbols to memory. We are not distinguished with better senses than the animals. On the contrary, our system of learning requires substantial analysis to unravel the mystery of our abstract symbols. In the rapid pace of modern culture in the West, we corral our feelings as our rationality fabricates images of our reality. This leads to the eighth of seven kings. Without taking the time to analyze these kings of intuitive consciousness, we get lost in compulsions to achieve our dreams. Poor judgment continues until we come to a state of balance after a truly humbling experience. The Aquarius section on the Denderah monument shows the Great Shepherd with a Swan of satisfaction and eight bound images. This is a state such as, "I am satisfied with what I know." This rational satisfaction is a form of bondage which is caused when assertive intuition suppresses submissive intuition.

The eclipse of August 11, 1999 took place as the sun and the moon crossed the boundary between Cancer and Leo. Even if this message of Cosmic Inspiration were not factual, the message of the ancient adepts is unmistakable. The very fact that the ancient adepts could teach abstract symbolism throughout the ages makes their message a Cosmic Inspiration in and of itself. This is a process where the Cosmic Inspiration passes without shadow to enlighten a world of initiates who seek to understand the ways of Mother Nature. She uses her children to carry the message, for they are the message.


In modern science the apparent chaos of quantum mechanics can only be comprehended when the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle can be more fully understood as the messenger becoming the message. This principle says that scientific measurement cannot be made without altering what is being measured and producing uncertainty. We can effect and affect the message of abstract symbolism if our ignorance and lack of belief casts a shadow of untruth. If we cast no personal shadow, the message is Cosmic Truth. Thus, judgment day must come as a venue to eliminate the shadows we cast upon our own enlightenment. Remember that the shadow is the harbinger of the message when considering a solar eclipse, or a mental lapse. Analyze the shadow, and its abstract symbolism will come into the light of day. This can be done in an holistic way that gets around the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, but it guarantees no result to be completely righteous; the implication of uncertainty. The messenger follows a path which establishes the meaning of the message dependent upon the path. The way to overcome the ambiguity is to take all possible paths to the abstract meaning. The consensus of feminine intuition, though many faceted, is a consensus of finite perceptions, and can be rationally analyzed, one at a time. This is a sevenfold procedure in any metaphysics which realizes that only seven spirits of creation are possible. When the seven spirits of creation are not known, the paths cannot be exposed without completely altering and confusing the original message; the perception of chaos. The alteration introduces false perception and creates a shadow of its own. This process will be demonstrated when the Queen of Sheba and the Queen of the South are introduced below.

Time for judgement is at hand.
On the day the sun winked as it went into the Lion, at the opposite side of the cosmos from the judgment hall at Libra, Saturn and Jupiter were located under the feet of Aries. The ruler, Jupiter, and the Ancient of Days, Saturn, bound the house of the "I Am." On the Denderah stone, that is where we find the end of the road for the young scribe who becomes and adept under the sign of the "I Am," Aries. The adept holds the scepter with both hands close to the bosom. The adept does not pass the sensual Bastet, but follows her into eternity, for the end of the road in any search for truth is the doorway into the sensations of tomorrow. Bastet symbolizes nine lives for any sensation. The adept must apply reason to all "possible" lives to establish the best meaning for a sensation. Learning is a process which cannot be perfected, for some part of Amun will always be Unknowable. Even that which is known is just a record of sensations. The adept follows "common sense" with the perceptiveness of a cat to achieve life after death through the application of reasonableness. Reasonableness is the test implemented at the balance before Ra in the Hall of the Double Maati. The nine lives of Bastet include the seven spirits of being, the arrogant self aggrandizement, and the humility which comes upon acquiring cosmic wisdom. Thoth, the ruler of nine, is the rational wisdom which comes when humility overtakes arrogant self esteem. The ninth life of Bastet is certainty of wisdom.





Above the Ram and Fishes is a complex trinity composed of a goat, a baboon, and a hawk with the white crown on its head. These three represent material, physical, and spiritual consciousness, are ruled by the rationality if the ram, I Am. They are bonded to Aries and Pisces at the east fish with the Utchat.  This is the wall of the ruler of the I Am. Beyond the fish's mouth is a man holding a ram by its ears, as if preparing to sacrifice it. Under the ram is the body of a person who has lost its head while walking on all fours. These suggest that the subject of the trial to come will be rational meaning of the wisdom written upon the tablet of the Teacher of Righteousness and transferred to the body of a non-rational human, i.e. compulsive behaviors of material, physical, and spiritual being, symbolized by the goat-baboon-hawk identity at Aries. The Wall of the Ruler is an identity crisis, caused by the uncertainties of personal identity (Aries) and cosmic identity (Uchat).

Pisces WafflesThe eternal cosmic cycle begins again in Pisces once every 26,000 years when the vernal equinox passes a "solstice" through its lowest position relative to the galaxy. That is where it is today, and that is why the sun winked to a sleeping world as it moved into the Kingdom of Heaven on August 11, 1999. Death of personal identity, and rebirth of cosmic idenity are signified by the eclipse.

On the stone we see that the ancients have identified three aspects for Pisces. The left, or east, fish has an Utchat attached to it. The right, or west, fish has a woman with a boar in her hand. Between the two fish is a tablet with markings. These markings are the same as those upon which the Teacher of Righteousness stood at the initiation of the search for truth. The trial of rationality is why the man figure walks like a beast without a head. It is a test of rational wisdom never experienced. It is a battle of images that must be won to achieve the "common sense" position behind Bastet at the "Wall of the Ruler." The "Wall of the Ruler" cannot be crossed by rational beings. Thus, in life we must apply a test of reason to our rational father image (super ego) and our intuitive mother image (id) in order to approach the House of God with common sense (ego without fear). We are not the father image, nor the mother image, we are the child of reason, or we are lost in the abyss of their embrace as an ego with fear.

Sex and gender are not the foundation of rational or intuitive behavior. Rational-material power defines tyrannical masculine behavior. Spiritual-physical power defines charismatic feminine behavior. Common sense applied with balanced reason produces mature responses to situations in life that utilize all four aspects of power in charismatic assertiveness. The balance checks the relationship between self desire and cosmic desire. If the balance tips either way, it says the dream is not reasonable. The only reasonable outcome is that desire by the cosmic I AM be in balance with the desire of self identity. Any unbalance results in the creation of the shadow of unreasoned analysis. The unenlightened decision defaults to a repetition of the experience until another test of reasonableness is called for. This is the cycle of life and death of all compulsions. When the compulsions are overcome, eternal life begins and the cycles of life and death cease. The celstial place for this occurance is named the Moment of the First Occassion, for truthful cosmic awarness begins, and the end of Pisces is the location where the vernal sun begins its rise toward the upper world and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Eye of the Cow

In the eye of Hathor we have been given the essence of the whole story of the Cosmos. It is a Oneness which becomes two and then many. As the many transform in the evolving cycles of life, patterns develop. Eventually patterns recognized as an identity are formed into an "I Am." But, it is not until the trial of the first and final impressions is complete, that the tears on the eye of the Creator are removed. In Egypt, the word for tear and the word for people were phonetically similar. That is how people became the tears of Ra. Sekhmet was a hard ruler in the early days of every child's life. Eventually, she became a cow known as Hathor. Doubt in the benevolence of the cow made her into a bull, until revelation of truth could be acquired. Hathor is the conjunction of Hat and Hor, which means House of Horus. Horus is truthful consciousness in the Creation. Horus is the Living God.  Horus is Re's son. Horus is Reason. Horus is the light of the candle called life. He is shown standing as a candle on the axis of the temple in the monument.

In the Egyptian tradition the objective was to eliminate the tears by lifting the shadow of ignorance and bias from the soul of the crying child. This can only be accomplished by passing on the mysteries of the Cosmos to succeeding generations. The trial on the Denderah stone amplifies the need to analyze first impressions. Without truthful analysis, an individual can go down a path of compulsive habits. Modern psychology attempts to reveal a personality profile to an analysand so that "healthy self images" will be elevated above the negative archetypes. The difference in these two approaches is dramatic. Believing that the mind is an attribute of the rational material existence, the modern method relies on pure fantasy to establish a self created image that control the material existence. The ancient method relies upon the revival of cosmic awareness to give the individual "freedom of will" within the Cosmos. The modern system is the application of dogmatic "common knowledge." The ancient system was the experience of "common sense."

Monsters of the SeaThe Utchat on the east fish of Pisces sits upon the "Wall of the Ruler." This wall cannot be crossed by self identity (I am). It can only be crossed by the elimination of self identity and the acceptance of  the "big picture" within a true Cosmic Identity (I AM). Before the wall in the stars, Aries (I am, an image of Amun) attempts to leap over it, but becomes the sacrificial lamb. Above the wall Andromeda is bound to a stone and a Tree of Life. Below the wall in the stars, the material soul of the past life is placed at the roots of the same tree. That message is the essential message behind the Osiris-Seker neter and the constellation of the Sculptor at the bottom of the Cosmos. When everything in the past life is released, then a new life can begin again. This is the Furrow of Maat, and all seeds which begin to grow there have the opportunity to participate in her field at the top of the Cosmos. This path leads through Pisces Austrinus and Capricorn; the scapegoat which will restore the past king into the kingdom to come. On the Denderah stone, Pisces Austrinus is shown accurately under Aquarius. Cetus is shown as the back half of Capricorn (see second figure below). The joining of the whale and the goat are a metaphor for the union of body and mind, meaning I Use. For similar reasons the joining of the Centaur and the Archer in Sagittarius is a metaphor for the union of matter and inspiration, meaning I See. Elsewhere, the Centaur fights Lupus, the wolf, which is a symbol of the material beast, Anubis, thus giving his meaning to the Centaur. The essential revelation in these conjunctions of constellations is the joining of the four elements (water, air, earth, fire) within a Great Ruler in a personal creation. This is by definition a personal relationship with the Creator.

Mother's Milk, for CapricornOn the monument, the west fish of Pisces leads the way around the tribulations of self doubt and denial, for it carries the symbol of woman's intuition, which is a boar. Beyond the west fish stands Venus, emphasizing that mother's intuitive love will be restored in Pisces when the vernal sun passes under the wall at the east fish, to be reborn at the west fish. This is the journey of the equinoxes through the bottom of the path on the ecliptic. This aspect of Venus, as the love before the dawn of Aquarius, is the essential message recorded by many cultures of the world. It is mother's withheld compassion, that flows from the holy grail of Aquarius before the rising sun. This message of salvation is echoed in Revelation 2:25-28 But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star.

Before we return to the  celestial location of the winking sun, we have to look opposite it to see the other two planets. On the star charts for August 11, 1999, Uranus and Neptune flanked the constellation of the scapegoat, Capricorn. Uranus was just west of the Umbra and the Penumbra of the shadow of the Earth. Thus, the ancient god of the underworld was very well aligned under the world with respect to the sun. His companion, the ancient god of the sea, Neptune, was closing the door behind the scapegoat. Neptune moved into Capricorn in 1999 after spending five years under the place where the reborn king ascends into heaven on the wings of the eagle. By vacating this location known as the Gateway of Gods, Neptune is also saying that the time for a new beginning has passed.


Return of the Queen of the South |

On the Denderah stone Capricorn is surmounted by Mars. Mars is the symbol of rationality, and Capricorn is the symbol of utility. Together they are a statement regarding the utilization of rationality. Aquarius stands in back of Capricorn on the Denderah pouring water on a small fish (Pisces Austrinis). The vials of Aquarius are the vials held by the mother under the lion. This is a clear expression that the period of  mother's "tough love" was passing, and the withheld affection would be provided when the man reached the goat. The large fish tail representing Cetus the whale on Capricorn and Capricorn's inference on the ecliptic shores is an echo, and probably the original source, of the story of Jonah and the whale. They both indicate that a journey through the body of a whale will lead to the utilization of rational behavior.







Capricorn is located at the south axis of the monument, and it is this aspect of Capricorn and motherhood that was identified as the Queen of the South in another association with Ninevites.

Queen of Sheba Visits SolomonLuke 11:30-36
30  For as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also
      the Son of man be to this generation.
31  The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with
      the men of this generation, and condemn them:
      for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear
      the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than
      Solomon is here.
32  The men of Nineve shall rise up in the judgment with this
       generation, and shall condemn it: for they repented at the
       preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.
33  No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel,
      but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light.
34  The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light;
      but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.
35  Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.
36  If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light,
      as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light.

Stretching the cord with Seshat.These versus put into words what the Denderah architects put into stone. The axis of the Denderah stone is coincident with the axis of the temple. The clear implication is that the temple was designed to be aligned with human knowledge. The one with greater wisdom than the Queen of Sheba is the wife of Thoth, Seshat. Seshat is the Egyptian Fairy Godmother. Her powers of cause and effect for any affectation were legendary before the founding of Egypt. In a temple constructed during Hatshepsut's reign, queen Hatshepsut is shown directing Thoth to go speak to Seshat to find the answers to his questions. Seshat was the origin of all the wisdom of Thoth. Seshat was the essence of cosmic intuition, and the mistress of measure. Whenever a new project was undertaken, the Egyptian priests enacted the interplay of Seshat at the creation of the cosmos by the ceremony of the stretching of the cord. Her magic wand with its seven pointed star was the symbol which represented the source of all creative ideas. Being wise before Thoth, she was also wise before Solomon. Notice that the Great Man, User-Maat-Re, wears the atef crown in the stretching of cord scene in the adjacent vignette. He is shown on the temple axis as a man with Thoth's atef crown (previous figure). This is the meaning of the Queen of Sheba and her visit with Solomon. Solomon had stretched the cord with Seshat. Solomon's wisdom could only be tested by Seshat, the Queen of Sheba, for she was the first to become inspired and she gave her treasures to Solomon, i.e. User-Maat-Re. It is interesting to note that the name She-ba means feminine spirit in English. Without question, Seshat was the queen of feminine spirits.

The seven messages of Seshat are echoed in the story of the conquest of Jericho by Joshua's seven trips around the wall of the city, and by the seven soundings of trumpets. When any initiate can make the victory sound for understanding each of the seven sacred spirits, the complete Wall of the Ruler will come tumbling down. The four elements and the three ingredients for communication are the seven points on Seshat's wand. These seven are demonstrated at the boundaries of Aries and Pisces and Capricorn and Sagittarius on the Denderah.

Here we recognize in the modern Judeo-Christian scriptures a principle reflected in the Denderah stone. When the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon (sun-man, Great Ruler) she brought the power of intuition. After Solomon, the flower of woman's intuition was no longer admired. This is recorded in the words of I Kings, and on the whole east side of the disk of the Denderah stone.

Defrocking of Motherhood

I Kings 10:1-5
1  And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she
    came to prove him with hard questions.
2  And she came to Jerusalem with a very great train, with camels that bare spices, and very much gold,
    and precious stones: and when she was come to Solomon, she communed with him of all that was in
    her heart.
3  And Solomon told her all her questions: there was not any thing hid from the king, which he told her not.
4  And when the queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon's wisdom, and the house that he had built,
5  And the meat of his table, and the sitting of his servants, and the attendance of his ministers, and their
    apparel, and his cupbearers, and his ascent by which he went up unto the house of the LORD;
    there was no more spirit in her.

When it had come to pass that "there was no more spirit in her," Western Civilization crossed that boundary which is the deflowering of motherhood, and the loss of belief in fairy godmothers. The altar of four serpents became an altar of four rams. The Denderah stone tells us why. The scriptures keep the reason a secret, and imply that the use of intuition had no more value. All that was worthy of being known had already been learned, and the time for controlling action was at hand. Western Civilization had matured to the point where it had to attempt to make it on the record at hand; the Book of Life. This is the stage of adolescence. The consciousness of Western Civilization marched to a different drum beat as it began to be about its Father's Business.

Mother Nature was not silent in this process, for she broke the Denderah monument at the knees of the acquiescent mother and the barque of the stiffnecked ram. She did not destroy the monument to the greatest story ever told, she simply separated the tyrant's throne from the more complete story of life. This metaphor is possibly the most profound message in the temple to Hathor. It was not intended by the architects, for it was inscribed by the forces of Mother Nature herself.

The self esteem advocates of the Age of Aries mentality chose to stop the merry-go-round  of precession. Astrology and religion as we know them in the West today, froze with the solstices in Cancer and Capricorn, and the equinoxes in Aries and Libra. On August 11, 1999 the solar eclipse began in Cancer with an earthly shadow cast toward Capricorn. It has made us aware that it is time to let the solsticial cross take its proper place. This action will also cause the equinoxes to move out of Aries and Libra. Ultimately, the 1st of Aries, which is the title given to the place of the vernal equinox for the last four thousand years needs to become the 1st of Pisces on its way to becoming the 1st of Aquarius as the heavens realign in the archetypes of the collective unconscious of Western Civilization. That realignment will not take place until the tyrannical collective conscious of Western Civilization acknowledges the cosmic furrow it has fallen into. The east side break in the Denderah stone separated the throne of tyranny from an Age of a Great Man at the south side, as it passed through the Age of Aries into the Age of Pisces. The restoration of the path beyond the break occurred at the location symbolic of the end of the Age of Pisces.

The Great Man's umbilical cord to Seshat, which is Western Culture, has now broken away, and it is time to get back to truthful cosmic consciousness once more. Capricorn has the spirit name "I Use." During the application of man made material laws and the implementation of his "order of law," the goddess of intuition makes her meaning clearly understood. When our laws fail us, we must resort to creative solutions. These always come to us by gut feel, or intuition, which are in the wand of Seshat, and the hands of Osiris-Seker, Sculptor.

An excellent example of masculine intuition was exhibited during the fateful voyage of the Apollo XIII moon shot. On the way to the moon the astronauts experienced an unplanned variance from the rational order they had imposed upon themselves and the spacecraft. In the fury to resolve the problem, individuals in the spacecraft and on the ground applied creative intuition to avoid a complete disaster. The fundamental problem was that they were creating too much carbon dioxide for the crippled spacecraft to handle. Their own breath was fouling the limited space they lived in. Using duct tape, and odd pieces of discarded materials they created a normally "unworkable" solution to the problem. When the "magic wand" of their intuition was tested, they got the carbon dioxide level to fall to an acceptable level. During these moments when lightening bolts of intuition are needed to proceed in the utilization of available resources, creative adepts are separated from tyrannical followers of law. Habits are broken. Lives are begun again. Book learning only prepares the neophyte to negotiate with the real world. The real world must be measured using common sense with the assistance of a lightening bolt or two from the wand of a magician. All great men learn that truth is the common sense of the gut. Like Osiris-Seker and Sculptor, they hold the cosmic staff close to the bosom in two hands.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, are axioms of experience. These axioms indicate that power tends to set aside intuitive skills in favor of known solutions. When rational power is lost, intuition takes over as the judgment day of the Great Man is passed, for at that moment the arrogance of greatness is as clear as the rising earth seen while Apollo XIII rounded the moon. The astronauts had used a magic wand and held on for dear life as the world came back toward them. With the magic wand, the flock of the Great Shepherd scatters, and each individual is released to receive cosmic powers. We have seen this happen with the breakdown of many tyrannical orders of law; most notably the Soviet Union and other communists countries. The Seshat axiom is that a little magic keeps the wheels of the cosmos in motion when rational power is lost. In other words, keep the faith and hang on for dear life, while common sense is restored.

Great ShepherdLook carefully at the complete circle of the Denderah stone above. At the perimeter of the wheel ,where Aquarius pours out the waters of the Cosmic Mother, are eight figures bound within a circle. This is a circle within a circle. It defines the habitual nature which is rational behavior. Habitual nature serves the Great Shepherd, but it is a Land of Bondage to the eight spirits within the small circle. These eight spirits are the kings of the apocalypse.

Rev 17:9-11
 9   And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads
      are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
10  And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he
      cometh, he must continue a short space.
11  And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Great Red Dragon of DesireArrogance is the eighth king, which is composed of excess faith in one's own knowledge. It is he who speaks with the voice of a dragon in Rev 13:11; "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." The beast that was, and was not, and is the eighth of seven, represents the aspects of the Great Red Dragon in a cosmos which has no Balance. When the sun winked as it entered the Kingdom of Heaven in 1999, Saturn and Jupiter marked the lamb. Mars and Pluto marked the victory over the unbalanced desire of the eighth king at the judgment hall. The Great Red Dragon's claws need to be transubstantiated into a house of judgment. As the Cosmic Ways are opened, an individual ceases to cycle through the maze of perdition in the hall of the final judgment. A properly initiated neophyte becomes an adept capable of walking on cosmic waters with Bastet using intuition to temper desire and to keep the Balance of Maat aligned with truth. Any future return to the judgment hall will be for different reasons, for the adept learns the lessons from Seshat's wand.




Return now to that wink of the sun with a message which the Cosmos had prepared through the love of Venus and the wisdom of Mercury when the two greater lights of the heavens were hidden by the shadow of the moon.
Complete Story

It should be crystal clear when the sun went out in August 1999 at the boundary between Cancer and Leo that the solstice no longer occurs in Cancer. It should also be crystal clear that ancient adepts who could predict the eclipses of the sun and moon had to know that the planet Earth was a spherical rock circling the heavens around the sun. We cannot continue to look to the heavens during an eclipse and not realize that the stars of day in the summer are the stars of night in the winter. Why then do we declare these ancient adepts to be superstitious ignorant savages? Could it be that we need to focus on the ancient meaning of the boundary between the Lion and the Crab? Could it be that civilization, which is our monument to rational action, has broken away from the circle of life? Does Western Civilization need to return to Mother nature by sacrifice of it arrogant Father Nature?

Look at the brightest object in the heavens as the sun winked, and see the planet Venus. Is that the message? Should we become more conscious of love? The second brightest cosmic object in the heavens will be the planet Mercury. Is the moon telling us to see wisdom after we accept love? The other planets form a cross which is the ancient Aryan cross of the seasons. Are we being guided to adjust our perceptions to the true place of the seasons?

The heavens and the Denderah monument in the chapel to Osiris in the temple to Mother Nature can guide us, if we are not so arrogant as to believe the cosmos cannot speak for itself. We found Venus in the sky during the solar eclipse in the constellation of the Sextant. Is there a clearer message that love is competent to guide the stars?

For the sake of posterity.On the Denderah stone the Sextant is shown as the maiden Selket holding a bow in her hands under the front paws of the lion. Her arrow is pointed directly over the ruminating Hathor, through the double crown on the head of Horus, through the white crown on the Cocky Man, and directly into the center of the sun disk on the horns of the stiffnecked Ram. It seems that the heavens and the ancients have conspired to hit a "bull's eye" over a period of two thousand cycles of the earth around the sun. Extend the scepter in the hand of Venus to realize that it passes through the boundary between Cancer and Leo to the hand on the bow of the maiden. Try to imagine the improbability of these events. The one acceptable answer is that Love itself defrocked the Mother of us All. She guided the progress of civilization during two thousand years of denial of our cosmic umbilical cord, so that she could prove her wisdom to be far superior to any Great Man with assertive intuition. On the stone, Venus guided the hand of the maiden as her arrow was let loose to find its mark in the enlightenment of the stiffnecked ram. Two thousand years later, the heavens wrote the same message as Venus (love) returned to steer the stars.













Humility Earns the Magic WandBut hidden in the orientation of the north indicator arrow is the fundamental message of wisdom. After the breaking of bondage and the scattering of the sheep the monument reaches Thoth, a Humble Ram, and a serpent headed female. At the head of the Humble Ram is the arrow which was pointed through the breast of Tauret, the right foot of the jackal at the center of the composition, through Jupiter, the planet of dominion, and to the star between the horns of the Hathor cow. This is the symbol of Seshat being given to the Humble Ram as a magic wand to rule the earth as a Humble Shepherd.

From this metaphor for humility proceeds the sun headed man, Sol-o-mon, as a symbol for enlightenment. The man holding the light above the goose and the sun headed man is the constellation Hercules, and his light marks a parallel alignment to Seshat's wand. In the hand of Hercules, the invisible wand passes from enlightenment through the head of the goose (hieroglyph for son), the head of the prince at the balance, through the uterus of Tauret, through the head of Mercury, and the heads of the crab Cancer, the lion Leo, and serpent Hydra (previous figure). This superposition of the north arrow as a wand of Seshat says that humility will not only achieve dominion over the earth, but also dominion in the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyone who has taken the many routes to success, knows this metaphor as a precise statement of how enlightenment shows the way. It is the humble approach to destiny. The humility of acquiescence and the destiny of becoming a tool in for Cosmic Will. To the fabricators of the monument, this was not esoteric wisdom, for it is precisely what was accomplished by Alexander the Great in the salvation of Egypt. It was historical fact.

All cultures must follow this process to receive consciousness of the path of civilization and the assertive perception which leads it into the future. Consciousness of human knowledge and the application of assertive perception are represented in the three icons at the feet of Sagittarius. Together these guidelines can be summarized with the words, "Aim high with truth and valor, honor maternal and paternal sacrifice, accept guidance toward heaven's kingdom, analyze feelings wisely, and tomorrow's children will receive abundant life." It is an ancient story which is told on the monument and repeated on August 11, 1999 as the sun was eclipsed by the moon from Halifax to Calcutta.

Modern science in all it pragmatic wonders will never be able to duplicate what the ancients accomplished before the vernal equinox moved into the constellation of Pisces. It is not the lack of greatness in modern science; it is the belief in its own self worth that blinds modern science and causes it to cast a shadow over everything its paradigms reveal. When modern science reacknowledges that the Cosmos is completely capable of self expression, then modern science will be ready to begin the cosmic cycle again. Until then a rational arrogant man will cycle through the judgment hall of a single Maat and be lost in the habits of material compulsions. A few hearty souls will witness Cosmic self expression and sound trumpets to its glory. These souls will pass through the hall of the double Maat and be born of the Virgin. Her name is Hathor, and Seshat holds her magic wand.

If you have any doubt with regards to the veracity of this interpretation, then extend the arrow from the south edge of the north arrow  through the center of the composition at the right front paw of the jackal to the opposite side. This line passes from the guiding north arrow through the center of the composition to the star on the head of the ruminating cow of Hathor. It makes a wand with a star between two cow horns on its top. The line extends from the sun disk at the Humble Ram. It is aligned with the icon of jupiter standing above the cow of Hathor. The star is located in the position of Sirius, the star of Isis. The line extending from the Humble Ram indicates that Seshat has given her sign to the Good Shepherd. Since the Good Shepherd stands between Thoth and Seshat, this is their son, Reason. Reason has been aligned with the ruling body of the solar system and Mother Earth. Could there be a better reason for this monument's arrangement than to declare reason will rule? Listen again to the words of Revelation 2:25-28 But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star.

Heaven's Child Uses Common SenseWhen the sun went out on August 11, 1999 at 10:14 am Universal Time, the Virgin's hand was rising in the east with a flower for the world. She was deflowered  many times over the last five thousand years, but she never stopped providing great abundance to her arrogant children. She had returned from the Land Under the Land with a Red Pandanus from Polynesia, or a Lotus from Egypt, in her hand. She is also the lady whose hair approaches the feet of the Creator at the top of the world. In Babylon, she was a harlot, in Egypt she was Hathor. In the gospel of John 11:1-3, she was Mary, the sister of Lazarus. Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister Martha. It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick. Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick. Mother's Milk, for CapricornLazarus is El Asar, Geb, Osiris-Seker, Ishmael, Joseph, and Moses, all at the tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea. But to the individual who can see the  Elysian Fields and the pool of Siloam, he is any mundane man who fails to be inspired by a dream and drifts to the bottom of the world where a constellation called Sculptor holds a staff of life at its bosom. This is the staff of Seshat, with which spiritual rebirth is magically performed.  The miracle of Seshat's spiritual rebirth was illustrated in the words of Mark 16:5, And entering into the sepulchre, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment; and they were affrighted. The white garment which clothed the young man is the crocodile's skin on Tauret, the Milky Way. Listen to the message of the wise man from the east, who follows Bastet to the place where Heaven's Child sits. His message is quite clear if you can understand the signs of the times. There with the grace of God all of the children of the New Cosmic Age come and go. 

The ceiling monument in the chapel to Osiris at the temple to Hathor is a clock which shows the destination of all dreams. Those who are adept recognize that the monument was dedicated to a moment known and loved by people who worshiped Mother Nature. To them, that moment in the great cosmic cycle was called the present. Is there any other moment in which one should, or could, be grateful for a wink from the sun? The gift from Mother Nature to all living souls is the present. And this message is the messenger. Deny it, and lose it. Analyze it, and you can be born of the Virgin in a world filled with abundance. So, Love it with the grace and dignity it deserves. When your physical journey has finished, your Cosmic Spiritual journey will begin in the hearts of those who will come to know you as an ancestor. Then your present will be wrapped in a vision of the past. Fulfill the purposes of today, and your descendants will be grateful for you tomorrow. Deny your purpose for today, and you will be unrecognizable in perdition. If this walk in a cosmic wilderness causes you to be stressed, just remember the two thousand year old message of Venus on the Denderah monument and its echo when the sun winked on August 11, 1999. Today is yesterdays gift for tomorrow, so honor it as a present. If you do, then love will steer your stars into Kingdom Come.



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