The election of Bill and Hillary Clinton to serve in the position of the living King of Kings seemed to have come and gone while the electorate of the people was out to lunch. Their reign in the most powerful house on earth was bounded by a man named Bush. The reign also represented the last "kingdom" before the two thousand years were ended in 2001. So, it is quite clear that the idea of a usurping ruler and a restored king is not simply a conjuring in the imagination. The facts are reality. So, lets take a look at how the Clinton's were used to reestablish the concept of the kingdom of the first father.

In the zenith chart for Bill Clinton's natal moment, we can see the depth of his motivation. One memorable statement made by the man was, "It all depends upon what the meaning of is, is." On his southern meridian we begin with the serpent Apophis and the scroll, or nesting materials, in the mouth of Horus. The celestial icon of cosmic truth is aligned "on the record" with the man who toyed with the meaning of the word "is." But, above Horus is Seth. There is little question that the man Bill Clinton was a liberal. Anyone who can question the meaning of "is," has to be a usurping liberal.

To understand the Bill Clinton personality, we have to go back to the Egyptian vignette which illustrates the motives of Seth. The neters in the barque of the sun have meanings which can be summarized in the following image translations.

Seth and Horus are at the bow of the barque of the sun. Horus is the "little bird" on the bow pedestal. Seth is protecting his version of "truth." That version is that there is a great serpent which is slowing the barque of the sun, and that serpent is trying to consume Seth's dream. But, Seth is oblivious to the captain and the rest of the crew on the barque. Seth, by taking the "heroic opportunity" fails to realize that supraliminal and subliminal urges are pulling the barque over the serpent, and that the serpent is holding the barque off the bottom of the sea. This is the nature of a rational being. It focuses on what it knows, and doesn't have time for what it doesn't know. Had Seth simply taken a look at the "big picture," he would have seen that the serpent is before the "little bird" as a lesson in wisdom of the cosmos. 

This zenith meridian of Bill Clinton depicts a Good Shepherd saving a lost she-goat above a headless man. This was the experience, and the motivation of Bill Clinton. The sexual escapades of the man are a direct result of the foundation of his rational being. That is clearly shown in his nadir chart below.

The nadir chart is interpreted as the view of the child from heaven's perspective. In this view, the southern end of the meridian is swamped in the "trash heap of the world." This is how Bill Clinton began his life. His biological father had died, and his legal father was an alcoholic. The primary motivation which the childhood experience gave the man was to strive to be the "First Father." That motivation is shown with the comet Hale-Bopp at the back of the head of the Peacock and the Altar on the meridian under the tail of the Great Red Dragon. The nadir of Bill Clinton's natal chart is centered at the Cosmic Womb, between the stinger of the Great Red Dragon, the arrow in the bow of Sagittarius, and the foot of Ophiuchus. This man was seen from heaven as a person molded by rational gnosis (Sagittarius), controlled by lust (Great Red Dragon), and motivated to raise up the serpent in the wilderness (Ophiuchus). In other words, the last King of Kings before the end times were completed was a man with no recognizable capacity or legacy for being a First Father, but all the power to become a First Father.

All Bill Clinton needed to fulfill the quest for First Father status was the female power of the "life giving waters." This is how Hillary Rodham Clinton fits into the picture. The only significant constellations on her zenith meridian are Capricorn and Aquarius, and Cepheus, the King of Kings. But, that is all that was needed to make the man, Bill Clinton, into a First Father, so that she could be First Mother. When we look closely at her zenith, we see that it stood between the rock of Andromeda, and the feet of the Swan. She would be motivated by the desire to become the first woman in the position of First Father, or King of Kings. 

This is not the first time this has ever happened. For, when Amenophis III died around 1375 BC, he was succeeded by a pharaoh called Akhenaten. During the first six years of his reign, the record shows that it was his wife, Nefertiti, who was the master of all Egypt. This queen who would be king, had used a less than stellar man to effect the greatest empire that had ever existed. The effect she accomplished was the quickest self destruction of a sovereign empire on record. A similar result came to Hillary Rodham that came to Nefertiti. Nefertiti was cast into a lake of fire, and she, along with her consort, Akhenaten, was erased from the history books of Egypt. Hillary Rodham was cast into a lake of scandalous fire which caused her dominanting female perspective to be set back on its heals. 

Look carefully at the horizon circle of Hillary's natal chart, above. The southern horizon has the Stork, and across the river in front of the stork (right) is Sagittarius. His bow is aimed at Cosmic Gnosis, and the southern crown is at his feet. Beyond Sagittarius is Ophiuchus, the symbol of First Father. Around the horizon at the northwest is Bootes. This is the original position of the Good Shepherd, a man. Further around we have the Great Bear sitting on the horizon, and behind the bear on the northeast horizon is Auriga, the Good Shepherd at Mount Horeb. Finishing the circuit of Hillary's horizon we have the "bull of my mother," Taurus, the Whale of Jonah, and Jonah himself, Sculptor. The secret to Hillary's motivation is that she gives birth to wisdom (Stork-Sagittarius) by aiding the First Father to raise up the serpent in the wilderness (Ophiuchus-Serpens) to become the Good Shepherd on the top of the cosmic world Bootes-Coma), and on the esoteric mountain of Horeb (Auriga). Mixed within these four men in the heavenly hosts are five or six beasts; Stork, Serpens,  Bear, Lynx, Bull, and Whale. These beasts are symbols of the subliminal power which Hillary has been given. The conflict in the zenith chart is that Hillary must be a motivator of men, only to end up with the dreams of becoming First Father dashed to the ground (Sculptor). Neither the feet of the Stork, nor the dead man, Sculptor, are above the horizon. She can motivate, but she will not be able to "walk the talk." Why not?

The answer to that question is shown in the view from the heavens toward Hillary's birth location. The nadir is located in the sails of the great Barque of the Sun. And though she has regal bearing of Leo at the northern nadir meridian, the "trash heap of the world" is beyond the feet of the Stork, and the Peacock on the south nadir meridian. And, most profoundly, the Leo-Cancer Boundary and the mouth of the Lion is filled with Pluto, the Lord of Darkness, with an abundance of Time for Rationalizing (Saturn, Mars). A Donkey Man with a phallus of cosmic proportions is going to cause her ship to suffer in a cosmic tempest because her Leo-Cancer Boundary is a corruption of feelings and willfullness. She will only do what she feels like doing. The Feather of Truth is just east of the nadir point, having passed her birthplace. The Scull and Crossed Bones are approachin her birthplace (the nadir stars move from west to east, left to right), and the Barque of the Sun her sails empower is just a Pirate's Ship. The Place of the Skull (Golgotha) and the Crossed Bones (Crux) are a Jolly Roger at the stern where her meridian crosses.

The message is not that Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton are misguided rationalists, though that is clearly to be a strong part of their legacy. The message of greatest importance is the association of the Cosmic Principle of the return of a son to the kingdom of First Father. The Tree of Life had been abandoned when Akhenaten and Nefertiti came to the throne of Egypt in 1375 BC. The peaking of the liberating forces of Seth in the election of 1992 AD was aided and abetted by forces outside the normal political intrigues. First, a "third party" man named Ross Perot, caused the Bush in the First Father position to be ousted by Bill Clinton's physical charm, and his idea, "Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow," without a majority vote from the people. Eight years later, the Clinton regime is ousted by the return of a Bush who gained more votes than Bill Clinton, and yet did not have a majority, either. Only, in the election of 2000, it is an antiquated "third party" man named Ralph Nadir who turns the Clinton regime upside down. Nadir does this running on a platform which honors the right to life of the environment, the very subject which Clinton's protégé, All Gore,  had brought to the forefront. The point is that the Tree of Life (Bush) was restored when the son of the First Father was placed on the throne by an act of the Supreme Court (Judgment Day), after the votes were influenced by the environment. We think we know what we are doing, and yet, we cannot even count our votes cleanly, nor grow more compatible with our environment.

These two people, Hillary and Bill, were no accident on the political horizon. They were a statement about raising up the serpent in the wilderness. This fact is clearly shown in the positions of the planets for Bill and Hillary. Bill's natal sun was between the fore legs of Leo, at Regulus. A very clear sign that a king was born. The boundary between Leo and Cancer is swamped with planets for his birth, with Pluto, the symbol of eternal being, sitting on the boundary. Mercury and Saturn marked the Crab, or more appropriately, the solar house of Kephera. They tell us that the moment of the rising Sun is at hand. The location of Uranus, First Father, precisely at the natal zenith meridian for Bill Clinton, is a message of intent to raise up the icon'a message regarding Original Intent. The Moon on the same chart was located at the true "1st of Aries" under the Medusa's head at the heals of Aries, a very clear description of the coming life of the child. The rest of the planets were all in Virgo's house, with Jupiter precisely aligned with Spica, at her womb; a king had been born. Venus was at the heart of the cosmic mother, while Neptune and Mars were behind her neck. They seem to be saying that rational (Mars) perceptions of the sea of emotions (Neptune) will be a pain in the neck for her (Virgo-Cosmic Mother, Hillary). Even so, the malevolent beginning for the man child declares that he was destined to be king. His task is shown by the placement of the planet Earth at the forward leg of Aquarius. The Earth would be saved by a man child unworthy of kingship by ancestry, but divined as such by the oracles of time.

Hillary's natal zenith chart gives a hint of her destiny, for the Earth was at the juncture of the "I Am," and the Moon was at the Bridge of Sirrah in the Tree of Life. Here self motivation (zenith chart) was to give the Tree of Life back to the women on Earth. Hillary's nadir chart shows that Saturn and Pluto had crossed the Leo-Cancer boundary into Leo, as Mars ensconced himself upon it. The time for restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand, and the boundary of feelings would be crossed by a rational being. Her natal Sun had just been born of the Virgin, and Neptune was in attendance at the neck of Virgo. The First Father, Uranus, was ready to cross into the heavens above at Orion's outstretched arm. But, for this woman child, there was to be a struggle with the Great Red Dragon. Within its claws were Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. Venus and Mercury were in attendance at the apex of the balance, a clear expression of the intent to maintain a balance with Love and Wisdom. Jupiter sat too close to the mouth of the Great Red Dragon, or the pincers of Scorpio, to assure that greed and lust would not vex the woman child's dreams.

These "signs of the times" illustrate one undeniable fact, the Heavens Declare the Glory of God. They also speak volumes in wisdom of the ages. The wisdom is that the battle between Seth and Horus, is the struggle between liberal and conservative perspectives. But, the time which is depicted, and the current sign of the times, is the return of First Father. Some 3175 years earlier, womankind had attempted to wrestle with God in the ideogram of the Aten. The reaction to the wrestling match was a total repression of feminine domination. Which is what Hillary attempted to restore.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti are the King and Queen of the heavens, Cepheus and Cassiopaeia. They are also Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham. The spirits embodied in these three couples are the same. They show on the surface that "father knows best." But, behind the sacred facade is the clear motivation that says, "it is not what is known, but who is known, that determines the course of time." The children are enthusiastic to learn the father's wisdom, but they will not accept it without the permission of the mother. It is the mother that gives the child the capacity to sense, and it is the senses and feelings at the Leo-Cancer boundary that establish the rational meaning behind all expressions. That is why Mars sat on that boundary in Hillary's nadir natal chart. But, we must see through the light, for which the Aten is a hieroglyph to cognize, and then recognize, that we are one, and time is just a game played by the stars. The game is recorded by the "signs of the times." The purpose of the game is the consumption of the fruit on the Tree of Life, for the sake of the seed to come. In this role, the man is simply "useful to the Aten," which is a feminine sign of nurturing benevolence. What could be more useful to a "Beautiful One Who Is" than to tell her what she wants to feel. This is the "heart" of liberalism in which truth is beyond slef judgment.

When the episode of Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham is associated with the "signs of the times," it becomes possible to see that Aten and Yahweh are one, though nurturing and anger differentiate their spirits. The difference is in how rational knowledge crossed the Leo-Cancer boundary between the Kingdom of Heaven, and the the Hearts of Men at the Gateway of Men. When rational knowledge is lost in a fatherless man, or confused in a mother of limited nurturing qualities, the Intent of First Father does not cross the boundary. When the Tree of Life is restored, symbolically or politically, it is the force of the Aten and Yahweh that empower the mortal experience. And, it is the battle between Seth and Horus that carries the messages of the Original Intent. When Seth returns to walk hand in hand with Horus, the Day of Judgment is at hand.

Seth is simply the rationalizations of the soul walking hand in hand with the master of material creation. The heart of Seth, though hidden in fantasies, has truth bearing fruit. When that fruit is placed in balance with Cosmic Truth, the heart of Seth is found to comprehend what the meaning of is, is. The record of truthful understanding is logged by the lord of the gate, Thoth, and truthful rationalizations are guided by the son of experience, the conforming Horus, to the throne of First Father, Osiris, at the ramp of reality.. 

Rev 3:20-21
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. (KJV)

When the Tree of Life is restored, Seth and Horus walk together, as liberals walk with conservatives, and the Lion lays with the Lamb. It is not always correct to conservatively do what has been done, any more than it is always correct to liberally do what has not been done. A liberal will sing, "Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow." A conservative will sing, "Hail to the Chief." But, on that day when the judgment of desired feelings becomes a matter of will, all truth results from experience. For, when the creation was conceived, it was conceived with certain intent. Recognizing the intent at conception is just a matter of communicating with the Signs of the Times, as First Father's vision is restored to the Tree of Life. If this were not so, then we would have Lieberman and Gore. The question still remains whether the future generations will carry the errors of their ancestors forever, or whether the lesson of Adam and Eve has finally been received, to guide us through the wilderness.

Post Script 8/25/08: Liberalism was the subject on April 18, 2001 when this essay was first posted, but after September 11, 2001, survival mastered the throne of the First Father. When the threat to survival approaches a conservative, the reactions are to restore what was threatened, as did G. W. Bush. Liberals would have negotiated and offered Al Quida a bottle of pabulum to not hit another tower. Once the threat to survival has been abated, then liberalism rises as if the threat never existed. The reaction in America to 9/11 has knocked Seth and Horis out of the Boat of the Sun. Now, it would appear that the pabulum seekers have gained the upper hand on the knowledge that G. W. Bush knocked down the Twin Towers and sent a hurricane to destroy the Big Easy. The followers of Horus have been "struck by lightening" tiwce, and the terrorists of 9/11 won an enormous prize in the bankrupting of America, which was their goal. As we begin the Democratic Convention, it would be a good idea to get a sponge to soak up all the spilt milk, just remember it did not fall from a breast, but from a powdery mix. After the pabulum seekers have denied the threat to America's Dream, look back at Egypt when the Liberals came to power and destroyed her empire from within. The sign all say that the children of America are sucker on an empty bottle of pabulum.

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