May 30, 2001

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South View Without asterisms.

South View With Asterims.

North View Without Asterisms.

North View With Asterisms

East View Without Asterisms

East View With Asterisms

West View Without Asterisms

West View With Asterisms

Zenith View Without Asterisms

Zenith View With Asterisms.

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Jump to Presidential Election 2000, and watch the volcano Popocatepetl respond to the coronation of the modern King of Kings, George W. Bush.

Jump to Passover 2001, and see that the signs of the times continue to mark the journey of the hearts of man.

Return to The Story of the Return of First Father, as announced by the lunar eclipse of July 16, 2000.

Return to View Through the Grand Gallery and see what the ancients actually saw when the looked through the grandest hall ever constructed by a living creature on earth.

Return to View Through the Entrance Passageway and see why the grandest structure was prepared for the ages.

Return to Midnight at the Oasis and watch what the recent meeting of the American Federation of Astrologers could have seen when they celebrated the coming of Aquarius on June 9, 2000, just six days before the lunar eclipse that would herald the very moment they were celebrating.

Return to Khufu's Pyramid and witness the construction that tells the oldest version of The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Return to  New Giza, Age of the Fifth Sun and see the whole of the Egyptian heavens reborn. The Greeks, through Zeus, killed the Serpent which carried Ra through the Night. The Hebrews drove his serpent out of the Garden in Heaven. Now, with the whole cosmos of Egypt revealed, we can recognize that the Serpent of Ra was the Night Boat which carried Cosmic Consciousness through the dark wilderness in the still vital body of Osiris.

Return to the Mistress of Common Sense and see how a child's natal charts predict the coming of the Great Comforter, with the soul of the First Father.

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