The evolution of Western Religion can be summarized in three symbolic vignettes. The first symbol represents the evolution through Ancient Egypt. The ankh is composed of an inverted tear on a horizontal and vertical bar. On the record, the Ancient Egyptians were the first great, and possibly the greatest, philosophers on Earth. They recognized that the only significant difference between humans and animals was the imagination. The ankh was their symbol of life.

The second symbol, Soloman's seal or the Star of David, represents the evolution of the word through the Ancient Jews. The descendants of Moses took the emphasis of Egyptian hieroglyphic scripture out of the mental and physical spheres and placed the emphasis on the relationship between the spiritual and material spheres. The Ancient Jews were concerned with the Creator and His creation, and how the Word transcended creation.

The third symbol represents the cross of Christianity, and the eternal sciences based upon time. The cross is symbolic of the crucifixion and resurrection of the Word of God in the form of a human lifetime. The result of this trial was the giving of the Word about time to all mankind, and releasing the god-kings of their mortuary responsibilities in the hereafter.

Mortal Mind Endures in the Eternal Body

The first vignette represents the mortality of the mind and the immortality of the body. The Egyptians used elaborate burial ceremonies and procedures in a successful attempt to achieve a high degree of immortality of the mind by summarizing the effects of the living mind in the form of the dead body. The mummy was then the mouth and the eyes of the mind which had once controlled the body. By preservation of the mummified body, the mind could speak and give vision for generations to follow. Today that function is carried out in scriptures.

Spirit and Matter Unify at Their Centers

The second vignette represents the unification of the Spirit of God with the spirit of man, and the ascension of the material creation as genuine evidence of the work of the Creator. Through the act of creation, material transcends the inert streams of chaos and chance into the evolutionary rivers of the will of the Creator. Though eternally in process, the boundaries between the spiritual world and the material world have been crossed many times since the Seal of Solomon was brought to the Earth.

One & Infinity Become Nothing and Everything

The third vignette is the first and the last. In the beginning was the One, symbolized as a bar, and the Infinite, symbolized by a circle on a line, like a ball on a flat surface. The One was at once infinite and unity. There was no discrimination, because there was nothing capable of discrimination. Within the garden of heavenly ideals, desire was conceived and discrimination was born, thus separating the One from the Infinite. However, the arrow of the divine Cupid's desire was brought into contact with the infinite. The contact was made in the mind of the living beast. The contact produced pain and sorrow, as well as delight and happiness.

The influence of the divine arrow distorted the nothingness of the Mind and made it into a tear. There it rested waiting for salvation, as an ankh. Eventually, the tear was offered up as a holy sacrifice. The tear of the holocaust was perfected as nothingness was separated from infinity. The trial of life was the process of the transitions of mind and body and spirit and material. The results of the trial are now the means for discrimination of the soul.

The third vignette represents the last, as One became Nothing and Eternity became Everything. The ingredients began as a circle, a vertical and a horizontal bar, and ended as a circle, a vertical and a horizontal bar. Nothing was created nor was anything destroyed, and yet by discrimination of the circle and the bars, it is clear that a seed was sown for repetition of the process. Everything that had been created, always was. Everything that had died remains alive. And the soul becomes that which discriminates the synthesis of its own being.


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