Statement of Intent to Encircle the Fields

The relationship between "Religion and Archaeoastronomy" is one of observation and memory. The first humans were the ones who sat outside in the evening and watched the stars go by. They mused themselves with stories about "visions" in the heavens. Many of those visions were of profound consequence, many were entertaining, many were dreadful tales, all were Jungian archetypal material. They became sacred. Religion then developed as a means of religamentation (Joseph Campbell). All native cultures can be identified by their methods of reconnecting the earth and the sky. What is crucial about any sacred site is the relationship between place on earth and place in the heavens. If that relationship becomes confused, then communication fails. This process of preserving the land-sky relationship is the oldest science known to man. But, it is a relationship that the animals, birds, fishes, insects, and all organisms hold sacred. It is easy to realize the necessity for migratory creatures to use the land-sky relationship to live their lives. However, if you ever watch a tree or a flower closely, you will notice how it keeps turning toward the sun, as well. It should not be a surprise that humans once did the same.

Modern science has the objective of breaking the spiritual bond between the sacred land and the sacred sky. It is dyslexic behavior caused by putting matter before meaning, fear before love, scared before sacred, C before A, sea before sky, death before life, survival before fitness. Our Western culture is dominated by this dyslexia. We left our sacred lands to follow our dreams over six thousand years ago. When we ventured onto the sacred lands of other cultures we replaced their sacred traditions with our sciences. This released the land from the grip of the native children, and from our own children. To avoid the horror of being perceived as invaders and imperialists, we told our children that the land was a bare "wilderness," and nothing but animals, fishes, and birds lived in the lands. This was a deception created only for the sake of the children of the invading hordes.

Now, we are taught by science that the constellations and the miscellaneous asterisms that gave rise to cultic myths are hallucinations by illiterate savages who did not have scientific understanding. That is a triple deception. The test of intelligence is not whether a mortal understands a particular secret esoteric code made up of the proper sequence of letters and numbers. The test of intelligence is whether meaning can be transferred through a medium from one being to another. When this test is applied to modern science, it fails dramatically with regards to sacred lands and sacred skies. The test of savagery is whether one ravenously consumes another. Do atomic bombs, cruise missiles, and modern television programs indicate high civilization, or savagery? And finally, consider the question of scientific understanding. Modern science destroys the sciences of ancient cultures, because of its own inability to communicate, and its inherent savagery toward the environment. Science is an arrogant boy out to rape Mother Nature. When science understands and then ceases that quest, the boy becomes a man, and Mother Nature becomes his daughter. This, too, is a sacred circle.

I could give any number of accounts to demonstrate the savagery of the modern scientific point of view, but that would simply be a mirror of arrogance, and cause the war to escalate. So, let me simply suggest that science is not what allows us to overpower our enemy, science is what we hold sacred with respect to beneficent life. It is not just a feeling and a spirit, for it must actively benefit life for as long as there is life. It is a code of conduct, a method of discovery, and a path to enlightenment. In this sense, all cultures are based upon sacred sciences. We must reverse the misunderstanding of Darwin's thesis, not because it is wrong, but because it induces savagery on both sides. If we do not do this, then the fit and the unfit will both perish in the subsequent wars.

This site was created as a location for image files related to general Ancient Sites. Progress is just a name we give to the time and place where we appear to be, even though the point of its arrow is not visible to us. Progress is definitely not the process of eliminating that which had been successful in earlier times. Competitive forces cause us to eliminate past success, but competition has a very savage aspect to it. This savagery results in strength. That result is what tips the scale in favor of misinterpreting Darwin's Origin of Species to be proof of a "survival of the fittest" savagery. Hitler and Marx both bought into this misinterpretation. I would propose that the Ancients had a better concept. Their concept was "growth of the greatest." In the visions of our descendants, are we to become baboons , or Great Chiefs? Whichever we choose, the choice is undoubtedly ours to make, and the time to choose is now.

So, if you would like to participate in the reconstruction of the ancient heavens, by all means do so. But, before another holocaust of an Ancient Site occurs due to some savagery masquerading as "scientific theory," remember that the ancients came first, and they had something to say. Any action which is destructive to the reparation of the ancient heavens is contrary to the goal of this thread. Whether we like it or not, the most Ancient Sites known to man have not changed significantly in 200,000 years. And even the changes that have occurred in the last twenty billion years do not alter the fact that the stars surround this land where life has come into being.

Finally it should be quite apparent that we all live amongst the stars. After our own sun has blown off all its planets, there will be a seed out there in the intra galactic void looking for a land to grow in, and start the process all over. When that seed ascends to an awareness that there are messages in the relationships between the stars and the land, it will record its sacred science in the dogma of its culture, for the sake of the religamentation of its descendants to its ancestors. Each one of us can create history, but not a single one of us has the power to erase meaning in the stars. Our power is to make our children remember or forget, that someone thought of their coming, long before their kingdom came. On that thought, let us embark on a journey to Kingdom Come. However you define it, the heavens declare their own glory.



Archaeoastronomy is Reborn

I now offer to this journey into sacred ancient sites, the stars of Easter Island, as they were worshiped before the vernal sun began to rise above the sacred land of the Moai at the bottom of the cosmic world. These are the people of the earth, they know that a man must swim in the sea, before he can find the sacred land. Sacred Moai statues once stood at the seashores facing inland on Easter Island. They were, and still are, a clear symbol of the faith humanity has in its sacred lands, and its ability to come ashore when the vernal sun begins to rise.

Resolve at the Bottom of the Sea

On the other side of Easter Island is the sacred place known as Akhetaten, or the Horizon of the Sun Disk. That place is depicted by a lady holding the flower of heaven in her hand. She is enchanted by the fresh cool aromatic breezes of the pasture. These will lead her to a sense of righteousness, which will result in the fall of humanity. This fall will occur, because she reclines in the green pasture at the top of the cosmic world and he, as shown in the Easter Island view, reclines in the sea at the bottom of the cosmic world.

Utopia on top of the World

If we can all help the enchanting lady to plant her flower, then the man can find enchantment at the bottom of sea. One day they will walk the beaches of the world together. But, before we can accomplish that task, again, we have to raise the man from the sea of the dead to the eagle's nest, where the fatherless boy meets the Great Chief, who has control of the wind and the waves. Then the soul of the modern world which has been split by the dyslexia in its perceptions can become one again. For,

As it is above, so it is below.

Pick up your bed an walk.

Grab your oars folks!
It is time to encircle the fields,
and make history.

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