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Part 5: Queen of Sheba at the Wedding Feast in Canaan.
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A substantial and rigorous demonstration of cosmic synchronicity has been delivered with the turning on of the Tribute In Light. These words reflecting upon the freeing of Persephone from Hades were written during the presence of a Worm Moon and the Holy Week of Christianity while the lights shined from the city streets.  Let us consider the cosmic synchronicity when the last photon from the Tribute In Light enters the heavens. Thirty two days after and including March 11, 2002 is April 11, 2002. Where is the place where the last photon from the Tribute In Light travels for eternity? Let's take another journey around the horizon of New York when the lights became but a cosmic memory and see if the heavens speak with clarity, again. Click here.


At the instant the Tribute In Light is scheduled to be turned off for the final memorial of 911, the city will be at the eleventh hour of the night in accordance with the Eastern Daylight Time. At the instant the light is turned off, the final rays will fly toward the place known as the Happy Hunting Ground, the Elysian Fields, and Bethlehem.

It is a fitting tribute that the lights that memorialize the 11th of September 2001 should be turned off at the 11th hour for thirty two days, and that clearly was the intent of the designers of the memorial. But, it is very unlikely that the designers understood the cosmic significance to this action. For a close look at the path of the beams from the Tribute In Light indicates that they always came on in the house of the Good Shepherd and the Chariot of the Gods, and they went off when they arrived at the Elysian Fields and the House of Bread in the hand of She Who Faces Her Lord, Virgo. A more fitting cosmic tribute to lost lives of innocent victims and rescuers is not possible on this planet.








Moving in close to the zenith where the beams of the Tribute In Light vanished into the silent stars we can count the hours every night for thirty-two nights. During these thirty-two days between successive counts of the number eleven the vernal equinox and the Passover were celebrated. Seven Days after Easter Sunday the hours switched to daylight savings time. This had the effect of keeping the light within the bounds of the Good Shepherd and Virgin's Field. If ever there was a story regarding the restoration of Persephone, this has to be one of the greatest every written.

If we read the zodiac houses the message would be thirty two repetitions of "I Think, I Feel, I Will" as the light beams passed over Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, on their way to alpha and beta Canes Venatici, the Hunting Dogs of Bootes, who is the Herdsman, Plowman, and Great Shepherd. These dogs stand "on point" in the Elysian Fields. The alpha star was named after King Charles I, who had been executed by English anarchists in 1649.

This place where the lights went out every night for thirty two nights is the entrance to the meadow in which Persephone collected her blossoms day and night. The message is quite simple, "Come Back to Mother Nature and the Garden of Delights." In that garden a man tends the fields with his plough (Big Dipper), hunts with his two dogs, carries the shepherd's crook and steps above a rock in celestial Jerusalem. In other words, we are led from the Chariot of the Gods to a man and a woman who live happily ever after in a land flowing with Milk and Honey.












To more fully appreciate this nirvana of heaven's quest, we will start in the west at the Gateway of men, where Orion's belt rests upon the horizon. As we look around we see that Mars is aligned with the Seven Sisters of Jethro at the Pleiades just under the horizon, and Saturn is at the eye of the Bull. Perseus has the Medusa's head on the NW horizon as he cuts and runs back across the river. A second examination reveals that the sack of Perseus contains the missing head of Goliath that was taken by David when he crossed the same river above the house of the I Am. Beneath the mighty Orion is the animal of his brother, Seth, whose recalcitrant stance says he doubts the wisdom of the serpent who declares that the Sun Boat is carried on his back from the land of the dead. Horus gives the Serpent food for thought provided by the eye witnesses Isis and Nephthys (Canis Major and Minor).

In the center above the horizon the two lovers walk on the cosmic beach with stars in their eyes. Her star is bigger than his, because she has feelings for Mr. Right. We can see what is on his mind by the position of Jupiter.

She desires a man who will support and defend her dream of Kingdom Come. Her feelings at Cancer are illustrated in Hydra, whose heads signify life and death. Thus, the western horizon reveals the ultimate judgment, life, or death, for the sake of love.














IKing 10:1
And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to prove him with hard questions.

Matt 12:41-45
The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.

In order for the star struck lover's to retain the wealth of their new kingdom they must pass through through a judgment hall. At that place where the woman toils to deliver a man child, the greatest symbol of circumcision sits upon the southeast horizon. Above her knees is the rock in Jerusalem upon which all great men must ascend to Seventh Heaven. Below her knees is the fallen pillar at Golgotha behind the Ship of Truth, where pirates and Donkey Men fight against the dog guarding the Cosmic Womb at the altar for sacrifice of the beast. The analyst desires to weigh king and barbarian.













The dream of the Virgin Queen can be seen rising before the child that is coming in the east. She has never known a man, for her dreams are all emotional thought without rational perception. Upon the horizon is the celestial Father converting the boy on the eagle's wings into the Husband of the Virgin, so that she can become the Mother of God. She desires that the new king be a prodigal son, having abandoned the wild ways of the Donkey Man. She desires that he be a strong man capable of mastering the three heads of the Cerberus  of Hades. A defense mechanism from the underworld, the heads are the rational paradigm of the unconscious mind. Freud defined them as the super ego, ego, and id. The  Egyptians knew them as father, son, and mother. Modern pop psychology knows them as father, child, and mother. Astrologers know them as fixed, cardinal and mutable. Christians know them as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In all communications, they are the message, messenger, and medium.














Luke 18:25
For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

If human life was simply a process of obtaining a virgin's approval without a trial and evaluation of the greatness of one's rational being, we would have remained animals like the other primates. That capacity for rational dreaming is what distinguishes the Abrahamic religions, and Western Civilization from all others, and it distinguishes the Wild Man from the Civilized Man. Abraham and his children abandoned the gods of their mothers, and created god in their own image. As arrogant as this may sound, it is only through the abandonment of God's Kingdom that we can ever gain the keys to Heaven's Gate. We have to be prodigal sons in order to come home again. If a child cannot distinguish the dreams from the reality around the dreams, the child will never mature. Upon receiving the Laurel Crown of maturity, the child becomes a mother-father, and is prepared to be a parent and partner of God Almighty.

It is in looking north that we see the whole purpose and accomplishment of the Tribute In Light. Rising above the horizon in line with the meridian is the spire of the North Tower. To the west side of the spire is the Throne, in the form of Cassiopeia. To come to the house of the King of Kings, it is necessary to first pass through the House of the Queen of Sheba. If her judgment is in the favor of the man child, she will become a Foxy lady, and the Swan song of the king will be played upon her Lyra. But, the Camel must past the needle of the North Pole before the Polaris announces the coming House of the King. After Polaris and the Little Bear have relinquished their place on top of the earth, the top of the world will belong to a King's Mansion and followed by a Swan and a Lyra for 13,000 years until the Pillars of Hercules return to bring the King down to earth. During these days of the Pillars of the Divine King, the vernal sun will continue to rise, as Atlantis continues its reign. During this time the Father of Man, Ophiuchus, will rise from the winter solstice to the summer solstice, as the Son of Man, Orion, falls from the summer solstice to the winter solstice. This dance will go on for several hundred thousand years before the story is changed enough that it can never be retrieved from the heavens.











We live with the south pole as far away from the dove of peace, Columba, as we possibly can, for 13,000 years ago, Columba sat perched upon the south pole like a bird on a merry-go-round. The direction the dove flies is the direction of the precession of the south pole, and that is why the Egyptians called their ancestors the Shemsu Hor, or Followers of Horus. They found the Phoenix sitting upon the Ben-ben five thousand years ago and tried to set the course for civilization to make it through the journey through the cosmic night in the body of the Leviathan they called Apophis. After the death of the Egyptian Solomon, Amenophis III, the world empire of Egypt was taken away from his son Amenophis IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten. Hi priests attempted to mount the throne of heaven using the word of man to perfect the rule of She Who Faces Her Lord. They called their new queen Nefertiti, meaning the Beautiful One has Come. In the short seventeen years they reigned as the monarchs of Egypt they defaced all the ancient temples of Egypt in an effort to rid the world of the memory of Osiris, Isis, and their son Horus. They initiated a monotheistic movement that continues to this very day. In the process of declaring righteousness to be the will of One God, there descendants destroyed many perspectives of the Word of God. But, the greatest damage was done to the memory of the Flight of Isis. By turning the Pharaoh of Egypt into an effeminate man, and by building temples to Geb, the neter of the mundane man, they hoped to give the intuitive nature of life the opportunity to pick the flowers in Persephone's field for eternity. In the process the vessel of truth sank beneath the waves, and She Who Faces Her Lord was forgotten. The remnants of the couple that lived the life of Adam and Eve established two nations. One with the sons of Isaac, and the other with the sons of Ishmael. The place toward which She Who Faces Her Lord reaches is called the House of Bread, which in Hebrew is Bethlehem. As the Tribute In Light shined daily in the heavenly transition from Elijah's Chariot to Bethlehem, the sons of Isaac and Ishmael were destroying the very city that carries the name Bethlehem. We are analyzing the Word of God where it describes the journey through celestial Bethlehem when the Tribute In Light is turned off. The purpose of the analysis is to reflect on Bethlehem above so that Bethlehem below may once again become what it was intended to be, the birthplace of the Light of Our World.

For now we are to take the test required of the Queen of Sheba. Can we journey through the trash heap under the earth and arise to a new calling where creation science and material science are subordinate to Truth. She is Mother nature, and if modern civilization cannot answer her questions, then the fate of our kingdom will be that of King Charles I. Perseus came with the Mithraic Mysteries of the Roman soldiers and bureaucrats, and they grabbed the Medusa's head as they cut and ran two thousand years ago. They avoided the Judgment Day at the Wall of the Ruler in Pisces by denying the children of Pisces their day in the vernal sun. For some 2060 years the vernal sun has risen in Pisces, yet it is still called the 1st of Aries. This gross injustice came as the will of man superceded the Will of God. And although, it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature, it was at her bequest that wise men like Newton, Einstein, and Guth, searched for the secrets of her ways. That test the Queen placed before mankind at the Dawn of Pisces has been passed with flying colors. We have come to know her material world. In the process, we have forgotten who we are. So, let us follow the Queen as she falls with Andromeda to the earth beneath the North Tower. Will the falling goddesses create the horrific sounds perceived by the Firemen in the North Tower lobby as living people perished in their ears, or will a stone be rolled away so that the Son of Man can yield to the Son of God as we abandon the search for the Gateway of Men and pass through the Gateway of Gods for the next 13,000 years of the rising Sun?


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