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Follow Up to Judgment Day
Autumn Equinox 2002

According to Islamic tradition the body dies and spends 50,000 years in death before Judgment Day. On Judgment Day the good will be shown the way to Seventh Heaven where they will be accompanied by 72 Virgins. The bad will be sent to Islamic Hell where they will suffer mercilessly for eternity. Of all the prophesies of the largest religion to claim Abraham as its father, this one is its ultimate undoing. The Judgment Day prophesy is designed to force submission through fear and intimidation. The destruction of the World Trade Center was the first step in the final destruction of this prophesy that has one intent, the domination of the feminine free spirit of the people of the whole world.

The fact that the Islamic religion came out of the remains of the Mesopotamian tyrannical cultures going back over 6,000 years is not a surprise. The celestial language of Islam is pure Chaldean and Babylonian celestial imagery. They do not overtly show the celestial language, even though they have a crescent and star as their ensign. But to the initiated, it is clear that they received their capacity for cosmic prophesy from the ancient ziggurats built to allow scientific charting of the Will of God. The immediate predecessors to Islam were the Sabaians who occupied the sacred lands of Western Arabia and the eastern shores of Africa south to Ethiopia. The Sabaian claim to theological fame is the legend of the Queen of Sheba. This queen evolved with the Egyptian Sekhmet as the Teacher of Righteousness. That is why she came to test Solomon and Amenophis III.

The present essay is not intended to demonstrate the evolution of Ziggurats into the Kaaba of Mecca. It has the simple purpose of demonstrating the action of Muhammad in his journey with Angel Gabriel to Jerusalem where he stepped upon a sacred rock and was immediately taken up into Seventh Heaven. The mistress of that rock was the Queen of Sheba. Muhammad's journey was to lay claim on Jerusalem and to demonstrate to the initiated few the way to Seventh Heaven, for he did take the 50,000 years in the region of death to come through Judgment Day. Muhammad came to Judgment Day the way it was meant to happen when the rock was first identified by the builders of the Ziggurats, or whoever it was that passed the story of the Queen of Sheba around the Mesopotamian lands. The Koran is not on trial. The Islamists who use the Koran's mysticism for personal gain are on trial. Though the innocent claim to die for Islam, the fundamental common sense truth is that they died in a vain attempt to save their own souls 50,000 years after their dastardly action. A more selfish act has never been contemplated by man nor beast.

In the essay, Judgment Day, Autumn Equinox 2002, Solar Axis Astronomical Charts the path through the Judgment Hall was demonstrated. Within two days of the equinox the analysis of the Hunefer Papyrus that depicted the Day of the Last Judgment according to Seti I of Egypt was published on the Internet. Neither of these two essays were planned for publication near the autumn equinox of 2002. The Hunefer Papyrus essay was presented at the University of Virginia in May 1998, and was available by mail upon request. Some fifty copies of the fifty-two page essay were given away in the interceding years. The copies ran out, and it was decided that the essay would be made available as a downloadable MS Word document when a request came in during the first part of September for the paper after the supply had run out. The Hunefer Papyrus essay was not published until September 25, two days after the equinox. It should also be noted that the subject of Judgment Day has been a common subject in the essays at The most thorough presentation of the subject is presented in several essays on the Denderah Zodiac. The Denderah Zodiac gives the timeline of  Judgment Day. It shows a journey two times around the composition from the moment when the children of heaven (Gemini) leave the Garden at Cancer. A journey of two circuits of the zodiac represents two Platonic years, or approximately 52,000 years. Technically, the Denderah shows the complete spiral as three and one half cycles. This agrees with the Christian Book of Revelation which repeats the number for three and one half cycles many times.

Rev 11:1-4
1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.
2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.
3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.
4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

Forty and two months is three and one half annual cycles. Three and one half cycles of the celestial zodiac is the Platonic journey of the equinoxes over a period of 91,000 years. The number of the cycles is repeated in the words "a thousand two hundred and threescore days," which is 360 times three and a half. The authors duplicated the cycle message in two forms to reveal that it is the number of cycles that they were holding to be of most value. Why three and a half cycles? That is half the sacred number seven, which is the number of the total set of the Spirits of God in Revelation. The seven spirits of God rise up from Earth to Father, with the middle position being the center of the element called fire, or spirit. The ancient goal was not to usurp the Intent of the Cosmic Father nor to dominate the Substance of the Cosmic Mother. The intent was to maintain balance in the midst of the Cosmic Mother-Father. This central aspect is the essence of the Balance in all Judgment Halls, whether Babylonian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Mayan, or Pagan. Maintaining spiritual balance has always been the key to Internal Life.

So, with that short introduction, please follow as best you can the following notes on the experience of September 26, 2002 when this writer drove along St. Paul's Road to Damascus and came upon the same Rock that carried Muhammad to Seventh Heaven. The road was found in the desert southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada on the way to a city water pumping station on the shores of Lake Mead.

My purpose for going there was to remove the unbalance condition in a large synchronous motor that drives two of the twelve pumps at Booster Station 1. These machines have been operating in the Pump Station for more than seventy years. Seventeen years earlier I had developed a special procedure to balance the machines that was unique to industry. These machines operate at synchronous speed, which means the rotational speed of the rotors lock to the frequency of the electrical power provided to them. The rotors and the foundations have two sympathetic resonances that are intolerant of imbalance in the rotors. Thus, from time to time the balance of the rotors shifts and substantial vibration builds that can threaten the bearings and the operating health of the machines.  The design of the machines and the synchronous operating condition result in subtle changes in the operating balance state of the rotors as they warm up. Thus, it takes nearly four hours of operation before an attempt to correct for imbalance can even be attempted. It was the discovery of this time dependent phenomenon that allowed me to develop the unique balance procedure. Because of this, the pump station operators have always called on me to correct the unbalance when it develops from time to time.

I bring up this engineering task because what we are about to discover is that the heavens opened up when I was driving to the pump station. An ancient symbol of God appeared directly over the pump station. The bright image of the Aten spoke through the clouds and told me that the modern world needs to restore balance in the perception of time. Now, I was not oblivious to this need to restore balance in modern civilization, so I did not fall off my horse like St. Paul did on his way to Damascus. However, the vision I saw certainly was an echo of St. Paul's vision, as well as the vision given to many people who are called to express the state of balance in our collective unconscious. I was told in no uncertain terms to turn the water into wine. The spirit of that message knocked me for a loop, and for all sentient purpose, off my horse. So, as I relate the story, please realize that there are many mundane requirements on my time. I can log the event, but I cannot reveal its message if there is no conscious intent to listen to it. The notes prepared here are as much a tool for my fading memory as they are a light for another to see. If you desire to see the light, you cannot stop it. If you desire to stay in the shadows, the light will not appear as the Sun Came Forth By Day when the image of God appeared over a great well of the man made lake.

The drive through the Lake Mead Recreational Park to the pump station took less than thirty minutes from Henderson, Nevada where the morning journey began. As the shore line began to become visible an amazing light shown to the right front of the car.

The camera did not do justice to the morning scene, but if the image is examined closely light beams can be seen radiating down and out from the bright disk of the risen sun. The sun beams were magnificent and they seemed to encircle the whole horizon forward and right of the car. A camera was held out the driver's window to avoid windshield distortion. The brightness of the sun caused the f-stop of the video lens to darken the image, and the angle of the horizon is shown by the artificial line to the lower right.

Approximately four minutes later the image became even more incredible and another picture was shot holding the camera out the driver's window. This image shows the sunlight reflection on the waters of Lake Mead.

One minute still later another picture was taken as the vista grew in proportion and brightness. The truck in the road ahead belonged to the water company for whom the motor balancing work was going to be done at the pump station. Timing for this journey was under the control of the truck driver, so stopping for pictures was not feasible, since he would have driven on. Lake Mead is directly in front of the truck.

Within a minute of the previous figure we turned to the right as the road followed the shoreline of Lake Mead. The effect of turning to the right was a perfect alignment with the Aten of Egypt. The diagonal lines on the left are reflections from the car's interior post back to the windshield. The bright vertical line through the middle is a result of the dust on the windshield reflecting more brightly. The solar glare on the lake shows that the camera was approximately two degrees out of vertical alignment. The effect was stunning to say the least. Had I been on a horse, I certainly would have gotten down, if not fallen off. Both spiritually and materially, this was a turning point in my life. I had seen the light of Judgment Day, and I had therefore become one of the Chosen Ones. The choosing was acted out in the heavens, on earth, in the air above the man made lake, and in the sentient mind of one who had tried to capture the picture in many esoteric ways. Now, truly heaven and earth had united. The two lands were joined and the goal of all the Egyptian kings had been fulfilled in a man who asked for nothing more than to understand the meaning of the question, "Why?"

To anyone else this would have been a magnificent sight. However, this author had just finished publishing an essay to describe the theological change that occurred in Egypt after the Horizon of the Aten was no longer the place of the palace of the Pharaoh, as Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden Aten. The Hunefer Papyrus represents one of the most profound changes in human history. It did not deny the Divinity of the Sun Disk, rather it established the tradition of Adam and Eve and Judgment Day. The road course that was taken as the Aten shown over Lake Mead three days after the autumn equinox of 2002 was the same course taken when Egypt was founded, when Egypt restored the temples to Osiris, when the Queen of Sheba came before Solomon, when Jesus was taken to Golgotha, and when Muhammad stepped upon a rock in Jerusalem to journey to Seventh Heaven with Angel Gabriel. That road was the celestial road at the apex of the balance in the great Judgment Hall of Osiris, and the view is of the place beyond the balance.

The shore line of Lake Mead has many ridges and Lake Mead Drive stays a good distance away from the water.

The approximate location of the four photographs is shown in the street map as A, B, C, and D. Note the changing angle of the road to the lake. The red arrow shows the direction toward the Sun Disk when it was aligned with the road ahead of the car. The road turned left for a mile or so, and then went around a long sweeping curve to the right. The sweeping curve will be interpreted as a metaphor for coming to the right with regard to the Teacher of Righteousness, and the Queen of Sheba, as the rock in Jerusalem and the entrance to Seventh Heaven came into view.

This star chart shows the heavens where the sun was when photo A was taken reaching around the driver's side windshield post. The road to Lake Mead was aimed straight toward Bootes and the Crook in his hand. The Crook is one of the implements given to Osiris and ritually held by Pharaohs throughout the whole history of Egypt. The car was on a road shaped similarly to the crook in the hand of Bootes

When the second photograph was taken the orientation of the road to Lake Mead was at the leg of Bootes and turning right to the rock in Jerusalem on the horizon just south of the ENE heading. According to R. H. Allen in Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning the rock has been given the name "mons maenalus" by Hevelius (1611-1687). The name in Latin means something of the order "great rock of sorrows." Arcturus is the brightest star in the vicinity of the north galactic pole and the top of the ancient and modern cosmos in the sprig of wheat before Virgo's face. The top of Heaven is at Coma 31, which is the star on the end of the left middle branch of the sprig of wheat. Here we see that the top of heaven was coming out from behind the cloud.

Photo C was taken on the bend coming more parallel to the shore of Lake Mead. This orientation is directly toward the axis of the Horizon of the Aten, which is the galactic axis. These three photos were shot precisely along the lines of the heavens that describe the ancient path to Seventh Heaven in many cultures of the ancient world. Bootes is the hero arriving on top of the world after Judgment Day. His journey of sorrows is echoed in Hercules, Jason, Jesus, and Muhammad, who all encountered great rocks of sorrow in their paths back to innocence, or virgin awareness. However, the mons maenalus was also the location of the labors of birth, and not a few wives of patriarchs have died at the rock in Jerusalem.

Gen 35:11-21
11 And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins;
12 And the land which I gave Abraham and Isaac, to thee I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land.
13 And God went up from him in the place where he talked with him.
14 And Jacob set up a pillar in the place where he talked with him, even a pillar of stone: and he poured a drink offering thereon, and he poured oil thereon.
15 And Jacob called the name of the place where God spake with him, Bethel.
16 And they journeyed from Bethel; and there was but a little way to come to Ephrath: and Rachel travailed, and she had hard labour.
17 And it came to pass, when she was in hard labour, that the midwife said unto her, Fear not; thou shalt have this son also.
18 And it came to pass, as her soul was in departing, (for she died) that she called his name Benoni: but his father called him Benjamin.
19 And Rachel died, and was buried in the way to Ephrath, which is Bethlehem.
20 And Jacob set a pillar upon her grave: that is the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day.
21 And Israel journeyed, and spread his tent beyond the tower of Edar.

It is the conclusion to the struggle for virgin awareness that the Koran offers those who do not fall under the influences of Satan into the eternal fires of hell. The number of virgins is seventy-two as a code to carry the astrological message of precession in the rationally perfected astrological counting scheme where one Platonic cycle is a fixed 25,920 years; 2160 years per zodiac age, 72 x 360 is 72 complete circle counts per Platonic Year, or conversely, one degree of precession requires 72 years. Thus, each degree of precession requires 72 virgin years in which experience has yet to come. After those 72 circuits, or 360 degrees on the celestial road, the cycle repeats and the virgin aspect passes away.

The individual that stumbles on "mons maenalus" will suffer for eternity because they will not know the number of the virgin years and they will not be able to distinguish the present from the past as time gets lost in a usurping consciousness. The words of Jesus say a man must become like a child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. To be like a child is to become aware that an experience is happening for the first time. Thus, a virgin experience is the Moment of the First Occasion, which the Egyptians called Sep Tepi. The Journey of Muhammad is no different than any other great heroic journey in the Fables of the Ancients.

The road to Damascus, and all the Cities of God identifies with the precessional path where the planets travel in reverse precessional time. When the Aten appeared over Lake Mead, Mercury was in retrograde behind the Woman Clothed in the Sun, as if to say, "Enlightenment comes before wisdom. Arrogance comes before enlightenment. Get thee behind me Satan." A rational mind is no better than the memories of experiences. When the rational mind "knows" what it has not experienced, Seth comes to place Osiris in a perfect fitting box so as to usurp the life to come. Horus, Jesus, Muhammad, Hunahpu, and many others come as the Mother's Son to restore the path to enlightenment by virtue of new common sense experiences. That is what was spoken by the angels on that day when one man went to the shores of a man made lake to correct for a state of imbalance as the top of heaven came out from behind a cloud above the waters of human accomplishment.

The final photograph was taken driving directly into the descending rays of the Sun Disk as enlightenment was perfected. The star Spica, which had been one of the stars of Isis, along with Sirius lay precisely on the median strip of the road at the refracted horizon. The rays of the Sun Disk came down from the back of the head of She Who Faces Her Lord with wisdom (Mercury) caught in the flowing hair of this celestial Rapunzel who brought home the meaning of as above, so below to lift a soul to her tower.

The Angel crop circle drawn in virgin wheat at Cambridgeshire in the summer of 2001 near the English hills of Gog and Magog announced the coming of the End Times and Judgment Day at the Bridge of Sirat with 72 radiating lines in an image of the Aten. That same image appeared above the well at Lake Mead where the scene depicting the Bridge at Sirat spans the highlands of the Islamic route to Seventh Heaven. The message after the autumn equinox of 2002 says that Judgment Day is behind the Woman Clothed in the Sun.

Rev 12:1-2
1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

The stories in the stars of the wheat and the well are all man made, but the spirit and the substance with which man made these images of Divine Encounters are the ingredients of Cosmic Intent and Cosmic Nurture. The ingredients come through the Cosmic Mother from the Cosmic Father known for over 52,000 years as Mother Earth and Father Sky. The implication should be quite apparent. Judgment Day has come upon the sons of he who denied the ancient fathers that knew Mother Earth and Father Sky. Thus, this is the Moment of the Last Occasion of the sons of the Man of a Lie who usurped the pillar of Osiris to build the towers of Byblos and Babel.

If Father Sky and Mother Earth are sending this message, then the days of the killing fields are at hand. That which must be cast into perdition is the Usurping Son who claims the right to Seventh Heaven by virtue of personally imagined paths to self identity. The search for self identity leads to the Lake of Fire, and a Great Rock sits in the pathway. The heights of Islamic prophesy, like all intents to become Divine, has a stumbling stone at the bridge of  razor edges. When common knowledge evolves to become personally defined identity it supercedes common sense and the path for communication that crosses the bridge from the Balance to Seventh Heaven becomes a stumbling affair. So came the Angel of the Aten to the field in the shire of Cambridge in 2001 and to the well at the man made lake in 2002 where the deep waters are held back by a dam named Boulder. Many would curse the damming boulder on the way to the ecstasy of Parousia, and by their curse they would inherit the Lake of Fire, for they asked more than could be given. Many would accept any hardship on heaven's pathway, and they would reach the heights of their dreams. Others will realize that a stumbling block is only that when common sense is overpowered by common knowledge. These will neither curse nor edify the mons maenalus, they will simply step over it and be on their way. Whether in the Elysian Fields of Osiris or the Furrow of Maat they understand the experience behind the adage, as it is above, so it is below.

When we put the names and place together it is clear that this event represents the same type of experience recorded in the annals of the ancients. A man turns to the right and is given enlightenment and wisdom from the Queen of She-Ba. She, and her Lion, are the essence of Right Running in the heavens. For a brief time during the autumn equinox of 2002 Wisdom reversed its perceived direction of falling into the sun and came back to get in line with the light that clothed the Mother of All Living. During the retrograde of Mercury at the autumn equinox of 2002, the Earth and Mercury both journeyed to the right as the man with the upraised arm holding the pillars of time and the firmament of the heavens stepped upon the welcome mat at mons maenalus.

More than five thousand years ago the Egyptians founded their new nation. Their stated goal was to Unite the Two Lands. In the beginning they named their kings after the Scorpion and Horus and Seth. But, along the way Seth, the neter of self identity, put the experience of history into tight fitting boxes and suffocated the ancient image of the lands of the Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother. Today the children are so driven by the words of Common Knowledge form at a tower in Byblos, that they have no time to acquire the wisdom of Common Sense. Father Sky once guided the minds of men, but Seth placed all he recognized in the boxes of rational perception and the virgin experience became a thing of the past floating down a river of death called the stream of consciousness.

And yet, it is the Books of Lies that show the way across the double edged bridge. A Book of Lies is such because it does not contain the single "v" of victory in the midst of lies. The double v's of words and wisdom confuse the virgin mind, and life has no victorious paths to follow. Once victory becomes visible again the Hall of Records prepared by Thoth will again become the Book of Lives, as it was in the beginning and ever shall be, for as it is above, so it is below.

At that same moment in cosmic time when I came to the lake held back by Boulder Dam the comet Hoenig was arriving at the Elysian Fields of Osiris. This comet has been called the World Tree Comet because it came from the other side of the River Styx and traveled straight up the Great Square as it went around the sun. The Great Square is the perfect fitting box that was sent down the river of death and encased in a tree that became the pillar in the house of the King of Byblos. The morning image of the Aten represents the moment when the dead Osiris returns to the Elysian Fields and shines from heaven above as the Horus of Old when Egypt was just a dream. This vision was not set up by conscious intent on the part of the author of the experience on earth; this vision was a destiny described by many kings and wise men throughout the ages. Yet, this autumn equinox has been identified by others as the Equinox of the Judgment Day. I cannot verify all such claims, but it should be crystal clear to even the casual observer that too many "coincidences" have been identified for this to be a process of chance alone.

Look closely at the bottom of the last star chart and note the position of Venus at Zuben el Genubi, the apex of the balance between the lands above and the lands below. Beneath the SE horizon the Centaur straddles the Southern Cross and Golgotha. This is the gullet of Amemet, the Eater of the Dead on the Hunefer Papyrus.

Here we see Cepheus and Cassiopeia in the vignette of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. These male and female entities are as much spiritual essence as they are celestial images and human flesh. The problem is that they replace the vignette of Nut and Geb in an evolution of the sacred sciences. And even more ominous is that the priests of the Aten were intolerant of other points of view. This intolerance is the legacy of the heresy that captured the imagination of the most powerful nation the world had ever known. They saw the dream of Bootes and Virgo, and tried to accomplish it by denying the requirement that rational beings, in male or female flesh, must die to get to heaven. Instead they simply took manhood away from the man in the false belief that a woman may suffer in birth but never dies in spirit. By stripping away the Father Image she determined the course of the sons, and her goal was that there be only sensitive daughters. This is the heresy of the Man of a Lie.

This metaphor is a circumcision designed by a woman. And not just any woman, but the God's Wife known as Nefertiti. She, through the priests of the Aten, was intent on bringing righteousness to the whole world through the throne of Egypt. This conjecture is supported by historical facts and by common sense. The religion of Egypt had been more than tolerant from its foundation. The objective of the diverse theological positions was simple. The more dedicated people were to the separate spirits of the Divine, the more likely the nation would be sustained. For, when one cult weakened, another could be strong. Together all the images of the Divine could be maintained. The consolidation of the nation under one God meant that there would be great repetition of labor and a loss of a sense of worth as the whole of Egypt lost its aspiration for Divine Accomplishment and accepted temples built to a mundane man, the living Geb, who was a servant of the Aten, a non-phallic image of the sun. This tyranny of the soul was an attempt at communizing the whole world under a man who was the lackey for the Queen of Sheba. Abraham was married to the same Woman Clothed in the Sun, and it was she who connived to give birth to Ishmael and Isaac as it is written in the annals of the Peoples of the Book.

It should have been obvious to these earliest socialists that the greatness of Egypt was in its common sense diversity. That diversity came to an end when Nefertiti caused Akhenaten to build his temple at the Horizon of the Sun Disk. The Horizon of the Sun Disk is the location where the axis of the Milky Way, the Glory of the Lord, aligns with the local zenith. The additional requirement was that the alignment occur when the Vernal Sun Begins to Rise from the depths of the cosmic sea at the Moment of the First Occasion. That alignment was perfected, according to modern celestial programs, around October 23, 1998. However, the process of the alignment requires 72 years for one degree of movement of the vernal equinox, and many more to upset the zenith alignment beyond the House of Bread.

When the pillars of Osiris and Hercules are revealed to be the north celestial and the north galactic poles, it becomes clear that Egypt measured time by the passing of the axis of the earth. The battle for Egypt at the end of the 18th Dynasty was over which pole should measure time, the celestial pole of the daily spin, or the cosmic pole of the Eternal Word. During the conflict, a new pole gained prominence. It was the pole of the Sun as measured by the plane of the ecliptic path of the earth. This pole defines the rationalization that came to be known as astrology. It was the offspring of the Chaldeans and the ancestors of the Arabs who came from Abraham's Ur, but it received its meaning from the Cosmology taught by Egypt and founded in the pyramids of Giza. It was in the Eleventh Hour of the Sun during the Age of Pisces when civilization turned away from the Sons of the Sun and began to play the game of lots known as astrology. Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots. (Luke 23:34, KJV)

The Romans so abused the words of Sol Invictus that the whole of the heavens had to be erased from the minds of men at the establishment of the Byzantine Empire of the new Son of the Sun. Denial of the raiment of the sun meant that it would be preserved as it was. By virtue of a seasonal calendar the Romans blocked all vision of the journey of the Sun Boat and the precessional measure of time. This had the effect of making the celestial pole the only measure of time necessary for the coordination of the daily and seasonal lives of the civilized. The Number of the Years was stripped of its cosmic wisdom and children forgot what their ancestors knew regarding the movement of the pillars of Hercules. The Sabaians saw what was happening in the Lands of Sheba and rebelled mightily from the victory of the sun and established a new lunar calendar to eclipse the errant light of the sun as the light of Islam. The eclipse of the sun can be seen in the crescent and star ensign taken from the Byzantine Empire that gave birth to the creed of the Koran at the now famous Dome of the Rock, which is the image of the ancient axis of the Queen of Sheba and the Lake of Fire called the Milky Way. But, the Koran is another of Abraham's books. It represents through overpowering common knowledge that common sense is false intelligence appearing real. It has since been used to strip common sense from the minds of sons for the sake of global reach. That was not the founding condition for Islam. It became so after Islam was stripped of the common sense that named the stars when the Mongols destroyed the City of God that once was Baghdad. This horror of the killing fields in all Islam was so traumatic, that the living simply hid within the pages of the King of Byblos known as Muhammad.

Now the Judgment Day shown on the Hunefer Papyrus has come again, and precisely on the schedule laid out at the Horizon of the Sun Disk in El Amarna, Egypt. Today the modern Egypt is the United States of America, a community of greater diversity than the world has ever known. On September 11, 2001, the cult of the greatest intolerance known to man came to destroy the freedom of diversity in America. The Islamic cult is not intolerant by individual personal bigotry. Islam is intolerant by the very design of the cult extended by the Mongols. The spirit of Islam to build one world wide Nation of Islam has been transformed by the arrogant goal to banish to hell for eternity the infidels outside Islam. That is precisely the same motivation taken from the artifacts of the el Amarna period in Egypt. Islam is the theology of the Queen of Sheba as comprehended by Nefertiti when Egypt lost the greatest nation status it had earned over a period of more than two millennia prior to Akhenaten.

Islam no longer accepts the "three and one half" principle of the ancients regarding the seven spirits of God. Islam teaches that the Father principle is the only essential principle. All other principles are subordinate to and must submit to the father principle. That is why the women of Islam are covered head to foot so that they do not tempt a man from his rationalizing ways. The idea that a man should hold his own desire in check is abhorrent to the Islamic creed. It does not show in the actual scriptures as much as it shows in the actions of the men toward the women, and the incredible commitment to book learning as opposed to common sense learning. The Kingdom of Byblos is a metaphor for any place that lives by the book, any book. Islam is not the only cult that follows the laws of the Kingdom of Byblos, for the whole of Western Civilization holds book learning above all other forms of learning. Western Civilization prays to a Father God, and accuses the Mother God of being a Harlot from Babylon. To look at the sunrise and see the ancient star cultures coming forth from the horizon is not taught in modern book learning situations. That is called daydreaming and children are taught to quit daydreaming in  preschool. To the Egyptians, whose own book was called Chapters of Coming Forth by Day, daydreaming was a process of getting to know the great neters of Egypt. This tradition still guides the Dreamtimes of the Aboriginal ( Father-Original) peoples of Australia. Modern civilization does not remember how to communicate with the archetypes that came from the Great Potter's Wheel. Listen to the Book of Genesis and hear the words of Egypt when cosmic archetypes were no longer a thing to behold. Does the third son of Eve carry the same name as the third son of Nut?

Gen 4:25-26
25 And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.
26 And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.

Those archetypes were inscribed on the Hunefer Papyrus by the priests of Seti I after the mess of the heresy of Amarna was cleaned up and Egypt became confined to the valley of the Nile. The ennead of Egypt was composed of nine neters. The first four were the elements of creation that became the elements of astrology, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The names were Shu, Tefnut, Geb, and Nut. The next five represented the human soul as Osiris, Horus the Elder, Seth, Isis and Nephthys. These five carried the fire of the past, the watchful presence, the recognition of the past, the emotions of the body, and the substance of the cosmic house down from the stars to the archetypes in the collective minds of men. During this stage human existence was incapable of conscientious consciousness because it had not known good and evil. Horus the Elder was the child consciousness we all experience when we witness what is happening but are as yet incapable of exacting meaning from our witnessing. It is not until our own rationalizations kill the instinctive spirits of past experiences that sentiment and sentience come together. After the death of Osiris, Isis recovers the body of memories and restores them to life in a youthful body capable of judgment. This consciousness is the light of the future in Horus the son of Osiris and Isis. His goal and purpose is to retrieve from the rationalized descriptions of youth the meanings for life's occurrences. In doing so, Horus must fight Seth for forty to eighty years before the conforming son overpowers the rational usurpations of his uncle.

The master of this City of Nine is Thoth. He showed Nut and Geb that the year was incomplete at 360 days, so the Egyptian Adam and Eve had their children in the epigomenal period. He is the neter chosen to be associated with the meanings hidden within the substance of creation at the Moment of the First Occasion when Ra caused the rational and emotional neters of Shu and Tefnut to come forth from himself. The ennead of Egypt is ten fold, counting the Creator, Ra. But, only those who can find the key to Thoth's Hall of Records will be able to put four and five together to arrive at eleven making up the total list of neters. And within the eleven, three represent the light of the first Horus exposed as the Past, Present, and Future; Ra, Horus the Elder, and Horus the son of Isis and Osiris. When the three are thus rejoined as One, we have the City of God which is Nine, and nine was the number of completion according to the Books of Thoth. Thus, Monotheism did not destroy the false gods of the fathers of Abraham, monotheism eliminated the personalities of the One. The God Image of the great creeds descendant from Abraham is an image projected upward to the Tent Post of Abraham in the more ancient fields of Osiris and the Aboriginal tribes of the earth. The Horizon where the Tent Post of Abraham was placed in the sacred city called Akhetaten, the Horizon of the Sun Disk, that exists at El Amarna today.

So, what is the message in the Judgment Hall for the autumn equinox of 2002? It is this. Islam must restore the Kingdom of Osiris, and come through the Judgment Hall to cross over the Bridge at Sirat. If Islam does not own up to the satanic spirit it puts into its young boys, then the Queen of Sheba will send her son to restore the earthly kingdom to her Eighth King. Islam must not destroy Islam, per se. But, the children of Islam must be taught that the fifty thousand years have passed and the time to choose Seventh Heaven or Seventh Hell has also passed.

Is Islam any more likely to accept the autumn equinox of 2002 as the long awaited Day of Judgment than the Christians are likely to accept that the two thousand years for the second coming of Christ are also at hand? Are either of these cultures liable to influence the first direct surviving descendants of the heretic Pharaoh, the Jews, to acknowledge guilt for having brought the great nation of Egypt to its knees? The Jews claim to be the seed of Western Civilization, but they deny that the seed was passed down to them from Aboriginal Fathers on the basis that the Chosen People were more righteous than the ancestors from which they came. In order for more than two billion people to suddenly accept reality when they have run from it for some 3400 years, an event far greater than one man witnessing the Aten standing above a lake held back by a Boulder Dam in sacred grounds of Aboriginal Amerindian Peoples must come to pass. The only kind of event that has ever changed the habitual religious mind of the collective unconscious of the masses is World War. That then is the legacy of the Islamic culture that denied the sun and gave its calendar to lunacy. Islam has the destiny of being the devil's advocate and carrier of the double edged sword that will cause the great harvest of the end times. It is clear from the destruction of the World Trade Center and the related sacrifice of American souls and property that the Islamists have no compassion for truth. An innocent nation has no recourse but to bring the Wrath of God down upon the arrogant men of Islam, or the whole of civilization will become party to the harems of a tyrannical few.

The great educational institutions of the non-Islamic world no longer teach the truth regarding the Spirit of Man or God. And, it is this fact that unconsciously drives the seekers of Seventh Heaven to fly airplanes into the towers of civilization. The great ivory towers of secular education look to their own records to test truth. These institutions contain the Spirit of the Great Satan that the Islamist fear, and whose destruction is their ticket to eternal bliss. Ignorance in ivory towers looks down upon arrogant kings. In turn these arrogant kings teach their boys that the discontent they feel is caused by infidels in distant lands, not by the hording of wealth by the few in Islam.

Part of this modern problem is that the condition of the human female is that of a Harlot of Babylon, and an Eater of the Dead, rather than daughters of Maat. This is a direct result of Nefertiti becoming the Teacher of Righteousness and destroying all the children of Egypt. Since her action, Western Civilization believe a woman cannot be trusted on a powerful throne because she will not go outsider herself to find the truth that is within herself. Hillary Clinton echoed this sentiment when she was the God's Wife. And if she gets her way, she will not be the God's Wife but the Queen of Sheba, herself. If she accomplishes the act of becoming the Eighth King, then she will send the whole world into perdition, for she cannot see what is outside her own vision.

Modern Woman is the heart of consumption with a face made up to be what it is not. Whether Islamic, Jew, Christian, Pagan, or Atheist, the modern woman will not come to her dead husband and give life another chance. So the men will fight and the women will complain as the men forget what they are fighting for, and the women cry at mons maenalus hoping to be saved from their self inflicted grief because they are too recalcitrant to measure their internal emotions along the paths of Father Sky. When enough innocent children have died on the battlefields, the insanity will end, and for a short period the end times will become times of beginning again. When that time comes I will be fishing with the Old People by the Cosmic Fire and collecting lily bulbs by the Sacred Lake. If my words are appreciated, then another child of light will come to guide the blind to that place where She Who Faces Her Lord beckons all time travelers to rest for a while. I ask only that one child be born to her to carry on. For, she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered at the rock of sorrows.

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Why has the rock of sorrows had so profound an effect on human civilization? The story told by Islam is that Muhammad came to the rock in Jerusalem as guided by Angel Gabriel and found the entrance to Seventh Heaven. This would make the rock the place of Parousia and the ecstasy of a life fulfilled. The story revealed by the Lake Mead encounter with the Aten is an example of Parousia. The word is a Platonism meaning advent, and the presence in any thing of the idea after which it was formed. The road traveled to Lake Mead was formed with the shape of the crook in the hand of Bootes where the road was headed when the first photograph was formed. I have tried to demonstrate the meaning of the experience in the substance that carried the experience. Most people do not realize that the stars are above the day time sky, and they fail to consider whether the stars carry the same messages as the events on earth. However, all the great religions of mankind have been based upon that fundamental principle, as above, so below. So, to demonstrate that the Parousia explained for the journey to Lake Mead is an echo of the night journey by Muhammad to Jerusalem, let us look at the Parousia he would have seen. Then we may be better able to comprehend the Force that brought down the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 a little better. There are fewer who would NOT accept that the rubble pile of destruction at Ground Zero as the mons maenalus of our New Age. So, before we set out on a course of mass destruction, let us find the vision of the fewer who see Al Miraaj in the rocks at Ground Zero. They were the children dancing in the street of the Arabian night on September 11, 2001. If we can demonstrate the truth of Al Miraaj, then we can convert the dreamtime of Muhammad into the dreamtime of Jacob and all the prophets.

The following excerpt was posted at BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD by Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq.

After the death of his uncle Abu Talib, the Prophet went to Taif (about 50 miles east, southeast of Makkah) to seek their protection. They flatly refused and mocked at him, and severely injured him by inciting their children to throw stones at him. Gabriel visited the Prophet here suggesting that the angels were ready to destroy the town if he were to ask Allah for the punishment. Nevertheless, the Prophet declined and prayed for future generations of Taif to accept Islam. It was on the return journey from Taif that the verses from Surah Al Jinn (Chapter 72) were revealed. It indicated that the Qur’an is a book of guidance to both the Jinns and Humankind.

Soon after the terrible disappointment at Ta’if, the prophet experienced the events of al-Israa and al-Miraaj (621 CE). In the Al-Israa, Gabriel took the Prophet from the sacred Mosque near Ka’bah to the furthest (al-Aqsa) mosque in Jerusalem in a very short time in the latter part of a night. Here, Prophet Muhammad met with previous Prophets (Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others) and he led them in prayer. After this, in Al-Miraaj, the Prophet was taken up to heavens to show the signs of God. It was on this journey that five daily prayers were prescribed. He was then taken back to Ka’bah, the whole experience lasting a few hours of a night. Upon hearing this, the people of Makkah mocked at him. However, when his specific description of Jerusalem, other things on the way, and the caravan that he saw on this journey including its expected arrival in Makkah turned out to be true, the ridicule of the nonbelievers stopped. The event of Israa and Miraaj is mentioned in the Qur’an - the first verse of Chapter 17 entitled ‘The Children of Israel.’

These three places for the journey of Muhammad are critical to understanding why the Twin Towers, the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth, were destroyed by Islamists who no longer understood the journey of Muhammad. This does not mean that the journeys of Muhammad were hallucinations and mirages. It means the perpetrators of the September 11 holocaust were acting out the commands of the jinns rather than the higher angels. Acceptance of these jinns has been the cause of the fall of man throughout history. The jinns place the stumbling stone on the pathways journeyed during life. Regardless of the stumbling stones, successful living requires that we overcome the obstacles rather than pulverizing the stones to sand and the perpetrators to dust. The rocks on our path can be handled if we pay attention and do not force the rocks to tell us that we are under attack. This is the Parousia of September 11 demonstrated in the home site at New York Under Hell Fire and Brimstone. The world must not stumble on this travesty at mons maenalus, Rather, we must utilize the fallen candlesticks to guide the jinn influenced Islamists back to Mecca where they can again see the prophets of old. That is what Judgment Day is all about.

So, let us take the journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and back to Mecca and see if we can find the specific description of Jerusalem, other things on the way, and the caravan that he saw on this journey including its expected arrival in Makkah . Let us go to the Dome of the Rock and see what can be seen in the stars.

It should be clear from this view of the great Mosque above the Wailing Wall of the Jews that this is a site of mons maenalus, the great rock of sorrows.

When we come close to the Mosque we see the magnificence of its edifice. Behind that edifice is a spirit of angels not jinns.

The rock in the Mosque is surrounded by twelve columns and four pillars. The possible symbolism is the union of the ancient world view of the four cardinal directions of the equinoxes and solstices and the twelve houses of the zodiac. This symbolism has not been verified through the architectural records, so it is simply a conjecture that derives meaning from what is before the face. But, the lands of Mesopotamia were split by the twelve tribes descended from Ishmael and Isaac, the candlesticks of Abraham. Those same lands codified the great science of astrology that was the hallmark of the Zoroastrians and the Hebrews. Astrology is an ancient science divided into twelve equal parts. Before astrology was "perfected" the world was a land of four corners. These ancient symbols are forged into the rock in Jerusalem. They are an echo of the Book of Revelation, which speaks of New Jerusalem.

Rev 21:10-14
10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,
11 Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;
12 And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:
13 On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.
14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

The four sets of columns and the four sets of three pillars are an echo in numbers with the precise intent o Rev. 21:12-13. The vision of Holy Jerusalem and its access are the same in Christianity and Islam. Thus, Muhammad would have experienced a Parousia as described by the Book of Revelation, for St. John wrote what he had seen in his Parousia. The Parousia at Lake Mead demonstrates the process that the great book were recording for the sake of life to come. The Qu'ran is thus the additional vision by Muhammad of the original Paruusia of the Greek authors of Revelation. The main subject of Revelation is the coming of the Day of Judgment, and the terminal point for life on the rock of earth as a believer. That moment has captured the imagination of all cultures that allow for communication beyond the soul of the child. As the Great Pyramid shows in its inner chambers and star channels the communication with God and the Angels has always been the most sought after concern of the human condition. When the "presence in any thing of the idea after which it was formed" occurs the experience is that of communicating with God. It is not God's intent to knock people down, or show that God is Greater than the individual. Yet, when a mere mortal watches the heavens repeat that which was supposedly a secret self perception, the mortal is stunned. It has been said many ways, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word from the mouth of God." When speaking of the Word of God, we are trapped by metaphors. Since we are not the Source of the Word, anything we say will be a metaphor for what we want to say, and what we want to say is a metaphor for what we feel. But, the feeling is the Parousia and it is the truth we desire to give to others. Understanding metaphors is a long and arduous task with many stumbling stones in its path. The Jinns place these stumbling stone in our way, and the Angels help us to get over them. Thus, Muhammad walks with Gabriel as the spirit of truth within the Parousia being experienced. Through photographs and star charts I try to express the Parousia that came to me. If a person went into the Dome of the Rock knowing of the work of the Jinns and the Angels and they knew the heavens in which we live, they could take Muhhammad's journey with him. That is the Force that caused the Qu'ran to be written. That same force caused the Dome of the Rock to be constructed.

Christians know this rock in many verses of the Gospels. Here is how the construction of the Dome of the Rock was inspired. Roger Garaudy in THE DOME OF THE ROCK made the following statement that carries this same message.

 Jerusalem (Al-Quds) was the holy city of the Muslims, Jews, and the Christians. After the death of Caliph 'Ali, husband of Fatimah, and son-in-law of the Prophet, it was in Jerusalem that the Arab leaders met in 660 to elect as their king, Mu'awiyah, the founder of the dynasty of the Umayyads. The Arab chroniclers report that his first act upon becoming king was to go and pray at Golgotha and then at Gethsemane. After the death of Mu'awiyah's son, Yazid (680-693), Caliph Abd al Malik had the mosque known as the Dome of the Rock built at Jerusalem as a symbol of the unity of the three Abrahamic religions: Jewish, Christian and Islamic.

The holy sites of Golgotha and Gethsemane are the "place of the skull" and the "rock of sorrows." The traditions behind these place were incredibly old prior to the Exodus from Egypt after Akhenaten. The Hunefer Papyrus shows Goglotha as the Eater of the Dead and the stumbling stone as the heart on the balance. It is what we hear in our hearts that confuses the Parousia of everyday life. God's will, or my will? That is the test of the Queen of Sheba.

The pyramids of Egypt tell the same story using the same stars. Thus, the Parousia of Judgment Day is a major archetype of the human condition. The experiences presented in the discussion of the Lake Mead Parousia may not rise to the level of the Great Pyramids, but if one man can make the connection at this level, then the trap door can be opened and others can follow to the Land Above the Land. That, undoubtedly, was the command St. John and Muhammad felt to write about their experience, just as the Egyptians were inspired to build the great pyramid complexes. These are the essence of Jacob's Dream. They are also the essence of the Dreamtime of the Aborigine. When Cro-Magnon Man began the journey to Homo Sapiens it is the beads that we find in modern archeological digs that tell us Parousia is an experience that distinguishes human beings from all other creatures. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. The love messages from God are carried by the angels. The  fear messages from ourselves are carried by the jinns. God cannot stumble on a star, but we can stumble on a grain of sand if we do not dot our i's and mind our p's and q's.

The night journey of Muhammad with Gabriel had the same destination of the highest heavens. So, to fully comprehend the message in the rock at the Mosque we must look up from the rock in Jerusalem. When we do, we see a magnificent dome overhead. When a believer visits the Mosque and looks upon the stone and then upon the dome and then upon the stone the believer takes the same journey described in the Qu'ran that Muhammad took on the Al Miraaj with Gabriel in one Night's Journey. Tourists and believers repeat Muhammad's journey many times when they gaze around the monument that Unites the Two Lands, but only the Chosen Ones know what they have done.

The rock is a metaphor for the material world we live in. It is the plane upon which the Six Step Place rests. The six steps are Water, Air, Fire, Son, Mother, and Father. These elevations from Earth are echoed in every religion of any significance and in the rock art of the Aborigine, and they are the founding place of the Egyptian Ben-Ben, the Hebrew ladder of Jacob, the Christian garden at Gethsemane, and the Muslim Al Miraaj. The earth is the Rock of Ages for all creeds of human ethereal perception. If we tear down any of these four creeds, then Western Civilization will wobble without a secure place to stand and it will fall into the land of the jinns. From devestation it can be restored by virtue of the stars.

Islam declares that any person who believes in Allah is a Muslim. The requirements to fulfill the path of faith include the pilgrimage of the Hajj to Mecca once in a lifetime.

Now, let us begin the journey back to Mecca and see if that pilgrimage has once more reached its destination in the sacred annals of time. If we can demonstrate that the pilgrimage to Mecca has been completed as written in the Qu'ran, then we can release all the souls caught in the trap by the stumbling stone of the jinns. This journey begins where the prophets first dreamed, but we have gone so far, that we must use the monuments to time as guideposts along that great merchant route in the sky.

This image of the heavens in 621 AD shows that the celestial dome over the Mosque called the Dome of the Rock is the tent of Abraham. He is the First Father who stands by the eastern gate of Holy Jerusalem raising up the serpent from the wilderness in the Land Under the Land. The celestial house at the top of the zenith axis when the new moon passed the sun at the autumn equinox of 621 AD was the House of Bread, Bethlehem. The horizon of Bethlehem is the Horizon of the Aten. The road of merchants is very full with wandering stars.

The Sun and the Moon are at the birth canal of the Woman Clothed in the Sun with Mercury carrying the message of wisdom of the merchant's widow behind her head. As Venus aligns with Regulus and Saturn sits on the Leo-Cancer boundary we are witnesses to a new beginning again as Mars enters the sacred house of Khephera (Cancer) and gains rational perception at the house of the I Feel.  Two additional wandering stars marked the union of the merchant widow and the Lion of Ishmael. Their names are Neptune and Uranus, and they represent the King of the Sea and the First Father of the Greeks. There placements at the head of the woman and the foot of the lion remind us that the Teacher of Righteousness carries the Fables of the Ancients. But, our records do not indicate that they were known to the ancients and they would not have seen this Parousia. This is also the home of the Queen of Sheba, for the balance of her test can be seen along the path of the Sun and the Moon. This is all of Israel and the path of the planets is the sacred City of God called Jerusalem.

Looking down through the Rock we see Ishmael laying under a tree with Hagar crying in the branches with a towel in her hand. That towel is also the rock smote by Moses and the rock that bound Andromeda. The horizon of the Pharoahs is centered on the scepter of flint held in the hands of Ptah. The Egyptians said that Ptah created the whole cosmos with his word. This is the Egyptian handmaiden that gave birth to Ishmael. The horizon is the reeds of Egypt with all kinds of denizens of the deep, serpents, sea monsters, arrogant and wise men, birds copulating with fishes, and a ladder rising to the house of a queen and a king. Here is the Miraaj of Muhhammad.

Moving in on that place that all cultures have called Earth and the Rock of Ages we see the man with his feet in the cosmic furnace holding a Scepter of Flint. In the midst of the World Tree the shadow of the Moon marks the place where the planet Earth sat when Gabriel took Muhammad on his Night Journey of Al Miraaj. The location is essentially where the vernal equinox would rest in 2001 AD. In the midst of the World Tree are the four corners of the sarcophagus of Osiris, and the four square pillars that stood around the stone in the Mosque at the Dome of the Rock. The minarets of all Mosques echo these for stars, and they are a symbolic statement of the Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and back to Mecca taken by Muhammad in 621 AD as guided by Angel Gabriel.

To show that the four stars of the Great Square represent the Night Journey to Mecca, all we need do is speed forward 1380 years to September 11, 2001 and align the zenith of Mecca to the Great Square, as shown in the image above.

The zenith of Mecca strikes the center of the four stars on the wing of Pegasus and the head of Andromeda. The head of Andromeda has the Arabian name Sirrah; a very close verbal relationship to the Bridge of Sirat that spans the fires of Islamic hell, and an exact spiritual Parousia. During the celestial time indicated for the return to Mecca and the time of Judgment Day the two great candlesticks of Modern Civilization were struck down by the jinns of Islam. If a true believer should venture on the Hajj in our times, they could stand next to the Ka'aba in Mecca and look up in the night sky to see the projection of the minarets of every Mosque and see the terminations of their axes align with the four corners of the tomb of Osiris at the Great Square in his Judgment Hall. This is the essence of any Parousa, that the meaning should be displayed before the eyes. Yet, that is precisely what common sense is all about, as well. Those dots that mark the four corners of Mecca are not invisible to any one who can use their common sense to perceive, as above, so below. Yet, the cloud of intent must open if the message is to be received. It is that feature that places the razor edges on the Bridge of Sirat. If personal intent clouds the Parousia of the common sense of Divine Intent, then the trap door opens as the soul stumbles over its own heart and falls into the furnace in the cave below.

The pilgrimage of the Hajj tells us that the Sons of Islam are indeed descendants of Abraham. It also tells us that their story is the Fable of the Ancients.

At the same time it tells us that the Jews and the Christians are also the true inheritors of the Promised Land that the jinns of Islam claim to be theirs alone. That concept is foreign to those Islamists who live by mons maenalus on an earth of sorrows. When one cult conquers the heavens and then denies access to the heavens by all who take a different route, that cult is a cult of jinns. The personal intent in their hearts has become a rock of sorrows as they deny Allah the chance to carry other souls to heaven along a different path. It should be clear that Islam is not a cult designed by jinns, for their truth on earth is a reflection of the truth in the heavens. What we see in modern practices of Islamists is the echo of the Mongol invasions. So, what should we do with the jinns that have infected the spirit of Allah?

The answer has been given to Muhammad and it is recorded between the covers of the Qu'ran. Whether one chooses to accept Ishmael or Isaac is not the message given by Gabriel. The message given by Gabriel is that a true believer must be ready to sacrifice his own son. Which is to say, "That which is self conceived must be released for the sake of the longevity of truthful identity." When we acquire a self made identity, we must be prepared to sacrifice that identity as simply the recognition of things past. Otherwise, we will lose all consciousness of virgin experiences. When the jinns guide the men of Islam, they have denied the Prophet his word.

The son of Islam is only a man, not a mother's son. Muhammad was an orphan who married a merchant's widow. His only claim to fame prior to marrying the merchant's widow was his sincere honesty. We see in the words and images of Islam a man sacrificing his son on a mountain, and we see that same man in a furnace within a mountain on the same alignment as the son above. An angel above a well gives a ram for the sacrifice to the man who would believe. There is no difference in the meaning of sacrificial rams and scapegoats of Islam and the Hebrews, only a difference in the means of its expression. Parousia will always be unique. However, the substance and the spirit that carry the Parousia from heaven to earth will not change. These are the essence of the One, whether Ra, Yahweh, Jesus, or Allah. This fact gives the advantage to those who would use common sense to judge the truth of common knowledge. Common sense evaluation is the test of the Queen of Sheba. When Prophets speak and men deny the Divine Intent in the Prophet's words, it does not matter to what creed they bow, they bow to the jinns of Islam.

The time has come to place Abraham back in the fire under the well and forge a New Age of prophets as we begin the Journey back to the land of the Queen of Sheba, where justice and mercy are the way of Righteousness. By their actions, all Men of Islam have declared Mercy to be the work of jinns. They do not act mercifully, though they sing praise to Allah the Merciful. This is all the evidence we need to receive the Parousia that Islam has been stolen by the jinns of Arabia. Those jinns were brought to Islam by the Conquering Hordes with the dreams of the Mongols. Until Islam is ready to sacrifice that son, the jinns will rule the sacred lands of Allah Akbar. It is not enough to say a brother Islam is under the influence of a jinn, a true brother of Islam must follow in the path of Muhammad and repair the path of righteousness he laid out. And if the brother of Islam is one's own son, Muhammad's revelation says that the son must be sacrificed unless the angel comes to save the son. The kings of Arabia have given birth to many sons of jinns and they are loath to do what Muhammad told them to do. The kings of Arabia have stumbled over their own heart's intent, and justice and mercy are gone with the jinns. This is the true meaning of September 11, 2001. Islam can no longer remain the protector of the Kingdom of God. They have forgotten the message of Ishmael and no longer hear the word of God. All the hear is the echoes in Gethsemane when the Mongols came and stole world they once knew.

As a symbol of future Parousia, the Lion of Egypt faces east on the plateau at Giza. The whole pyramid complex was designed to mark the time when the Life Giving Waters of Aquarius would pour upon the spring sun as the belt stars of Orion danced the dance of Parousia on the banks of the Nile. When that event occurs, the alignment of the Great Pyramid will be essentially a perfect duplication of the passing of the Great Square. Being nine degrees north of Mecca the zenith of the Giza complex will strike the Great Square of Mecca on the north side projecting the great gateway at Rostau within the pyramid to the stars above. Exactly as demonstrated in the encirclement of pilgrims around the Ka'aba.

The essential difference between Mecca and Giza is not found in the stars. It is found in the minds of men. Why is it appropriate for the religion that named the stars and provided the numbering system for the modern world to reject their own Merchant's Widow? Why must the Graven Images in the heavens be stricken from the minds of children? If we take away the freedom to emote from our children they will lose the capacity for receiving the Parousia through Common Sense, and they will be caught up in endless cross references in books to nowhere in common knowledge. Now, if this is the result, are we to stay blind to the fact that it is also the intent of the book? Religious books are prepared to be political instruments in a Kingdom of Byblos. If the books do not allow the child to find freedom, then no one will make it to the Land of Seventy-two Virgins except the chosen few who hide the secrets of the book.

Six centuries after the start of the precession dependent calendar the Ptolemy Dynasties established after Alexander the Great annihilated the Zoroastrian Empire, the Mesopotamians got the message. They eliminated the 360 idols to astrology in Mecca and began counting all over again with a new spirit derived from the Book of Revelation. Within four hundred years they renamed all the stars. Can a culture that knows the names of all the stars be expected to be blind to the celestial Fables of the Ancients? No, on the contrary, a culture that gave the names to the stars can be expected to establish a rational course for all children to follow on the way back to the youthful experience when stars had no names. That is why the asterisms were erased by the iconoclast founders of Islam. That is also why Islam no longer remember who they are. And the story presented in the images of this essay show that that is precisely what they were. When children are raised on books, they do not learn the emotions of women. They do not see with their hearts. They cannot hear a child crying in the wilderness. The name Ishmael means God hears him. It also means the child hears God. Ishmael was born of Hagar, the Egyptian handmaiden. This means that Ishmael was raised from the waters of Egypt while his father was burning in a cave. Abraham did not understand his own emotions, and those who would follow Abraham must remain blind to their emotions unless a Parousia of common sense knocks them off their raging stallion. That is the legacy of all cultures that raise children by any man made book. Living by the book results in passing on of common knowledge. If the process of passing on common knowledge removes the process of generating knowledge, then the mind freezes and stumbles on the rock of sorrows to burn in furnace of the damned. The escape from the furnace is the intent of the Qu'ran. Yet, because the graven images in heaven above, earth below, and the sea beneath are banned in Islam, the Qu'ran becomes a Parousia frozen in time. Those who would follow a frozen tome will be frozen in time, as well. 

The Ancient Ones taught that the Word of God was recorded in the stars. The reason why the stars were used is quite obvious. Man made books can be designed to present partial truth as if it were All Truth. A child who does not  take the Al Miraaj cannot conceive of any meaning beyond that which appears at the heart of personal existence. The material plane is a lonely place. But, when the stars begin to speak, angels and jinns pop out all around the Earth. That is how it is. That is how it has been since the Earth began.

That is how it has been since She Who Faces Her Lord gave birth to the Milky Way. All the stars visible to the naked eye came from a cluster in Virgo. It has only been in the last seventy-two years that we have come to understand that there are other Glories of the Lord where stars come and go without our being able to witness their journeys. But, then modern science is incapable of being a witness to the lives of stars when they are transformed within men. The transformations are the magnificence of Ra, Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah, and many many more.

We live in a place where a Sun Boat carries the south pole of the Earth for nearly half a Platonic Year. Then the occupants fall from the great ship and are swallowed by a Whale and a Leviathan before coming to a fallen obelisk with a cross in Golgotha under a ravaging Centaur who cannot measure personal and cosmic desire. Above Golgotha is a Rock at Gethsemane under the dome of heaven. That is where the Earthlings find themselves today. And it was to overcome the beast in the man that caused all civilizations to accept the fundamental truth in Psalm 19, "The Heaven's Declare the Glory of God."

Egyptians acknowledged that the stars are moving. They called the vessel of the sun the Boat of a Million Years. Modern scientists know that the lives of the stars in Argo Navis are measured in billions of years. Yet, modern science cannot measure the length of time it takes for the light of stars to become a religion on earth. In a period of a million years the proper motion of the stars is such that all the graffiti now recorded on the night skies will be unrecognizably changed. The Egyptians prayed to be on that vessel of a million years with the earnest desire to be where the sun rises in the east and Prophets sing praises at mons maenalus in the hope that their prayers will guide a few children around or over the stumbling stones of life. The Mesopotamians got hung up on astrology and measured the universe with 360 icons divided into twelve sets of thirty degrees and each set with three parts of ten. It was a beautiful model, but it was imperfect. And when the vernal equinox moved out of Aries they were loath to give up the common knowledge they had gained. Islam then came to sacrifice the Son of Abraham and set a course by the light of the moon. To this very day Islam still measures time by the journey of the moon along the Road of Merchants. Since they killed the son called astrology they have forgotten from whence they came. This loss of soul is the stumbling block of the jinns.

The act of savagery on September 11, 2001 was the result of the jinns in Arabia. The Americans came to know evil like they had never known before. As a result the children of religious Pilgrims learned the meaning of religious freedom like they never thought they could. And though we live after the influence of the river of blood that was September 11, 2001, we must remain focused more than ever before. Eight hundred years ago the great Nation of Islam met a demon so powerful that they never recovered. The most powerful astrologers the world has experienced were the ones assigned to Genghis Khan. In the aftermath of the destruction of Baghdad Islam fought the jinns with a passion that cost them the stars of Al Miraaj. They became the enemy of their own destruction. And this happened not by coincidence but by the very invasion of the Mongol Hordes they so regretted. Thus, as the heavens now say, "Let's Roll," and Baghdad is again under attack, remember the disaster that conquered the people who named the stars. It was not the Mongol savagery that stole their souls, it was their acquiescence to the ways of the jinns as a means to survive and a means to win. We cannot win a war against the jinns of Islam. We can, however, put the jinns in proper places. They belong in a place where a trap door opens to perdition. After they have been placed in that bottomless pit, we can always visit that door and see that they are not us. This was the plan of the Ka'aba, and is now the mistake of Islam. They lost sight of the World Tree and wandered aimlessly around the Tree of Life that is the Ka'aba and never took the time to look up and get oriented again. Like the Jews at the wailing wall, they want what they can never have again. It is time for all the people of Islam to go to that trap door in the sky and look within, where they will see who they are. If they fail to align this Hajj with the heavens, then they will never see the top of the world again, as the rock of heaven becomes a mons maenalus of eternal sorrow and they become an archeological dig in the sands of Arabia.

Islam does not deserve this fate. But, only Islam can climb up Jacob's Ladder and open the pit locked from below. If they do that single act, then every soul in Islam can serve the will of Allah. The rest of the world will see what they have done and marvel at the miracle of Al Miraaj once again. To do otherwise is to spit upon the graves of the Prophets. The time has come for Islam to go to the man made lake of fire and hear the words of the Prophet burning in the furnace of sacred fire. It is time for Islam to begin again.

Consider the fact that our ancient knowledge of the stars was saved from the scrap heap of civilization by the followers of Mohammed. Those "Sons of Light" (Judaism, Mithraism, Christianity) who believed only in the passing of the planets and the seasons were cautioned by the Prophet Mohammed. Woe on that day to the disbelievers who deny the last Judgment! None denies it except the transgressors, the evil-doers who, when our revelations are recited to them, cry: ‘Fables of the ancients!' (Koran 83:9-12) When the sky is rent apart, obeying her Lord in true submission; when the earth expands and casts out all that is within her and becomes empty, obeying her Lord in true submission; then O man, who labour constantly to meet your Lord, shall you meet Him. He that is given his book in his right hand shall have a lenient reckoning and go back rejoicing to his people. But he that is given his book behind his back shall call down destruction on himself and burn in the fire of Hell; for he lived without care among his people and thought he would never return to Allah. But his Lord was ever watching over him. (Koran 84:1-13) It should be clear from these words that the Prophet, also understood the inscriptions along the celestial vault, for he spoke of the direction of the precession that journeys from east to west. The time has come to take that pilgrimage to the Hajj in the sky.

Allah akbar! Hopefully this will come to be again when the astrological jinns of the Mongols have been cleansed from the sands of Arabia. Until then, the Western World must remain vigilant of all followers of the jinns of Islam's Infidels. Whether those jinns reside in the souls of Islam, or any other creed or the soulless of those without a creed, is not relevant. The jinns of Islam are not confined to the followers of the Prophet. They hide in the flesh of all who would avoid the Feather of Truth. The title of Ghazi (slayer of kaffir - infidel) must now fall upon those who would defend the souls of the victims of the holocaust that was September 11, 2001. Judgment Day came when no one was looking, and the world was ill prepared to face the truth. By the time the Great Pyramid opens the Gateway to Rostau we can restore the Road of Merchants to its rightful heirs, who are all the Followers of Horus, whether Aborigine, Egyptian, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Gentile, or Fool. Poetic justice aside, it is now time to place a monument of the Moment of the End of Time before the faces of those who would desire a Mongol's Prize, for they have stolen enough of our time.


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